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Biography Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise). Full name: Thomas Cruise Mepoter IV. Born 3/7/1962 in Syracuse (pc. New York).
Tom Cruise is sometimes called "the biggest star, who rose in the 80 years" among the actors male. Tom Cruise has become one of those who are able to attract the audience by the very fact of its participation in the film. His youthful charm and an angelic smile that drew a dazzling white teeth, won him fans all over the world, especially among young. In Hollywood, talking about him as the new Cary Grant.
In Cruise has his own image, he is persistent, motivated guys who know what the feeling of fellowship. Work, work - that's the meaning of life for his heroes. Sometimes they are able to behave recklessly, losing his head, but under the ostentatious bravado conceals a tender, Vulnerable soul. Despite the outward confidence, they are confused, sometimes naive boys.
He created я?п?п©п°пІ proved to be very attractive to young people, that made Tom Cruise a real idol of the decade. He is charming, and likes girls, he - "a guy", and this attracts the boys. He has neither overly bright personality, nor incomparable beauty, so jealous of him (and he certainly envied) is kindly without feeling any anger or hatred. Tom Cruise in fact the same as all the ordinary guy, just a little more successful.
Childhood had been difficult: parents divorced when he was 13 years old. Mother (a teacher and actress) to work, sparing no effort to somehow feed the family. Wore the same clothes his cousin. At age 17 he entered the seminary to study for the priesthood. In an effort to achieve recognition of their peers, the young man was in sports, dabbled in football, hockey, wrestling, skiing and tennis. Injured in one of the tournaments in wrestling, he became interested in other types of extracurricular activities, and discovered the acting profession.
The involvement with film began with a picture "Endless Love" (1981) dir. F. Zeffirelli, followed by quickly followed by "Tap" (1981), which opened up new young actors, and launched another wave of films about teenagers and for teenagers. Hollywood once again realized the importance of young viewers and had taken off for them.
Tom Cruise in 1983. plays a major role in "risky business", which became highest grossing film of the summer of that year. His character - rough son of wealthy parents living with them in full agreement. The future is predetermined by the young men: he is destined to become the leader. But, left alone (parents had gone to rest), a rich teenager drowns car into a lake, turns your house into a brothel and spends the night with a girl of easy virtue.
. This fun tale with a good end, where the hero is allowed with impunity to do anything to him or chose to, could not attract the attention of the audience
. Tom Cruise has now firmly taken its place among the most promising and charming young actors of America. Later, he will play in another "fairy tale" - the movie "Cocktail" (1988). Brian Flannegan - bartender, a virtuoso who owns all the preparation methods and pouring cocktails. Of the poor guy, chasing after money, he turns into a proud and noble husband, and then her husband is very rich girl who at first seemed to him as a modest artist. However, no internal development of the image failed to show. Young also (and this time also the owners of bars) came from a painting's delight, apparently because of the abundance of its popular music, songs and dances.
. After the past few unnoticed ribbons on the screens released film "The most sophisticated weapons" (1986), collected 350 million
. U.S.. The film centers on a young pilot "hothead" who in his free time chasing safety on the highway on a powerful motorbike, playing volleyball on the beach, having fun with friends, loves the girls.
In 1987. Martin Scorsese invites him to appear in "The Color of Money" with Paul Newman. The prospect to work together with the "living legend" appeared Cruz is so alluring that he immediately gave his consent, in spite of severe fatigue after "the most perfect weapons' shooting which lasted 10 months and 6 days a week. "The young always have something to learn from the older" - such is the credo of the actor. He and Newman here represent two different generations, two different approaches to life. On the one hand - canny billiardist. On the other - his student (Tom Cruise), an inexperienced, "green" chick who comes to the delight of Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando. The cast was magnificent duo. Tom Cruise wants to be in the spotlight, and with bad direction is sometimes done by partners. When the director skillfully directs it, it turns out such a successful work, as in "The Color of Money". Tom Cruise at the beginning of his career, starred in films, did not require much acting skill: all solved appearance, the young enthusiasm. "Rain Man" (1988) was for him in some ways a turning point, requiring the actor's manifestation of competency, because here it has become a partner of the famous Dustin Hoffman, as the script demanded a showing of psychological character development.
. Charlie Babb - small entrepreneurs engaged in trade in cars
. He is young and energetic, but not too fastidious about the means. Tom Cruise brilliantly copes with the task, showing how his hero, tsenivshy only money, understands that such tenderness, warmth, normal human relationships.
. As if wanting to prove that its value is not only attractive in appearance, Cruz agreed to play in "Born on July 4" on the autobiographical book of Vietnam veteran Ron Kovika
. The role does not fit in completely turned to the traditional Cruz я?п?п©п°пІ, and such a departure from the norm is always not safe. "I want to learn new. "I can not rest on our laurels" - explains its decision Cruz. Here he is deliberately stressed ugly, but plays masterfully, forcing the viewer to empathize with acute psychological drama become eager young patriot in spiritually and physically war-torn soldier. Tom Cruise very seriously prepared, long talks with director Oliver Stone, I read a lot about the war, the long hours spent in hospitals, went along with Kovikom the street in a wheelchair. For this role, the actor was nominated for an Oscar.
The next movie should have been an ideal approach to this artist, because he acted as co-author of the script, without it the picture would not exist. Tom Cruise in "thunderstorm days" - a charming race car driver. The film is similar to the "most perfect weapon": the same speed, danger, the proximity of death. But the general atmosphere of the other. There was a student, not fully aware of the risks, there is an experienced, mature, facing the choice. But the actor does not have enough good director, he is "not live" on the screen, he can not turn your character into a modern hero, the character is no development. Also remove the Cruise is also not too good. And yet, despite the lack of enthusiastic reviews from critics, from a financial point of view, this picture was more successful than "Born on July 4". Tom Cruise is an actor, a meeting which is looking forward to a young audience. Cash collections from his last four films were 1 billion. 35 million. U.S.. As a performer, he does not stand still. It traces the evolution of certain stages: education ( "risky"), . absorption of senior experience (working with Newman in "The Color of Money"), . course morality, . read by Dustin Hoffman ( "Rain Man"), . experience of suffering and grief ( "Born on July 4.),
. Despite its popularity, the young Prince of the screen has not lost his head on the success of
. Material well-being for him not important. He has long refused to limousines, security, chic clothing. (However, in recent years he still has to resort to the services of bodyguards.) Girls proclaimed Cruz is the sexiest actor. And he has his ideal woman: she must be brilliant, always good, energetic, imaginative.
In 1987. Tom Cruise married actress Mimi Rogers, who over his three years. The marriage was short-lived and ended in divorce in 1990. Cruz did not stay alone: 24 December 1990. He walked down the aisle with another actress, Nicole Kidman, Australian by birth, which is half a head above him. They met on the set of the film "The storm days" (1990). And continued partnership in "Far and Away" (1992).

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Tom Cruise, photo, biography
Tom Cruise, photo, biography Tom Cruise  Actor, photo, biography
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