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Edward Norton

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Edward Norton (Edward Norton)
Edward Norton was born in Columbia, Maryland.
Education: Graduated from Yale universtitet

Quote: "Frankly, I do not believe that I would become an actor with 15 million fee, whose charisma or whatever you call it there, makes people stick to the seats in the auditorium. I doubt also that my face ever appears on the promotional posters to any movie:

Not often that an unknown actor gets from complete obscurity into an abyss of Fame. For example, participates in the film, which removed some kind of superstar and has the audacity to collect all the credit for this film. But exactly what happened with Edward Norton, who made his debut in film in 1996 in the movie "Primary Fear", which also starred Richard Gere. First game is now Edward Norton has saved from collapse (the producers find the actor for his role took an awful lot of time), and then later turned it into something worthy of attention, unlike many other paintings

. How to explain this momentary rise of the young actor at the top of the cinematic Olympus? It was not his own bonds, . or appearance of clever talk show, . or photographs on the covers of magazines stylish! Neither the Herculean efforts of his agents, . nor good looks will not help here! Explain all this can be only one: Edward Norton can play both, . as few people can today,

. So who is this newcomer out of nowhere, who has earned comparisons with the times by Dustin Hoffman film "The Graduate" and a young Robert De Niro?
. Edward Norton believes that the actor should be judged on his game, and not by the appearance in the society pages
. And he literally avoids talking about his family, habits, and that he likes or dislikes. "The less you know about it, the more coveted his game" - he says.

Edward Norton as I remember it myself, he always felt in his propensity for acting game. He first appeared on stage at the age of five and eight years already asked questions like "Why should I get in this episode?" While studying at the prestigious Yale University, he was already in full part in student productions. After graduation, Edward Norton for a time worked in the organization Enterprise Foundation in Japan, which dealt with the housing of people with low incomes and was, incidentally, was founded by his grandfather.

Edward Norton, returning back to America, stayed in New York with the firm intention to meet here its theatrical fate. First, Edward began working as a waiter, and in his spare time attending plays, acting classes and casting in unimportant theaters. Finally, in 1994, the young enthusiast drew the attention of playwright Edward Albee, whose plays were "the New York theater company. After listening to at the very Albee and artistic director of the company's Norton was involved in another world premiere of Albee - play "Fragments".

At the same time in Hollywood had problems with a set of actors for the said movie "Primary Fear" with Richard Gere. First, the role of Aron Stemplera, humble chorister who is accused of murdering the archbishop of Chicago, planned a rising star Leonardo di Caprio. However, Leo refused to participate in the film, and film crew began searching the actor for this role literally on all continents of the planet. After the sample was more than two thousand people! The problem is in the exterior of the actor and in the presence of a certain accent. Edward Norton, with his image of an innocent young man, gave a brogue, which was immediately taken to the role!

. Immediately after the first successful trial information on its success was leaked to the newspaper, . and after a short time, Edward Norton has been a part of the ensemble cast of the new film of the famous Woody Allen's "Everyone says, . I love you "in the role of the heroine's boyfriend, Drew Barrymore,
. But this year, shooting for it is not over. Another classic of world cinema, Milos Forman, invited him to participate in his film "The People vs. Larry Flynt" on the role of lawyer and friend of Alan Flint Ayzekmana. Reviews of his colleagues in the film were great. Norton is a man with an amazing heart and soul. He seemed to come from old Hollywood. It is classic, he's a genius "- admired Drew Barrymore. Courtney Love, widow of Kurt Cobain, who played in "The People vs. Larry Flynt" and another time to meet with Edward Norton, second: "Edward than anyone I have ever met in show business, his integrity and intelligence. He's just an outstanding actor and a man ".

Glory descended on Edward Norton at the very time when his family was going through hard times. His grandfather, the renowned architect James Rouse, who built many famous buildings in America, died in April 1996, and the following year died from the operated brain tumor, his mother. Popularity of Edward possible to arrange a special screening of the film "Everybody says I love you" in Baltimore, listing all money from tickets to the account of a research center at Johns Hopkins, where his mother operated.

Amazing ability to Edward Norton to play in various Role helped his successful game in such diverse films as "Shuler" and "American History X", where he played the card tricksters and artist-supremacist. The latter role was nominated for an Oscar. Finally, in 1999 on the screens out the famous film of David Fincher's "Fight Club", which finally and irrevocably confirmed Edward Norton as one of the leading actors of our time.

However, such recognition has not stopped him from the temptation to try himself as a director. Did he deserve recognition on this path? At least, the famous American critic Kevin Maynard argues that "Norton directorial debut" Keeping the faith "gain confidence having fun!"

. And that's what he thinks Edward Norton about his successes and work:

. - Were you surprised by the success of the movie "Fight Club"?

. - No
. In general, I was happy to withdraw it and tried to dispel doubts about David Fincher on his future kinodetischa. I think that the film touched many people

. - And what do you think when you gossip about in some magazine: "He was not successful works since the" Primary Fear ", and he asked for the role of 5-6 million dollars?

. - I know many people believe that, like me, get paid just for anything
. But basically it is because the director demands that the actor had paid this money for appearing in his film. I believe that without a great deal of money can do much.

- And what you find in a director's work, which is not in an acting career?

- Sick liver. Gray hair. Horrible stress. And a lot of pleasure from the fact that you lead, as a conductor, the whole orchestra of many people, with their myriad of ideas, issues and findings. This is a wonderful feeling when you realize that you have incorporated all of this.

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