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Jodie Foster

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Biography Jodie Foster
photo Jodie Foster
Jodie Foster (Jodie Foster).
Jodie Foster was born on 19/11/1962 in Los Angeles, graduated from Yale University (specialty - literary criticism).
Hollywood knew and knows a lot of wonder-child. Some of them grew into big stars, the majority was setting, so plainly and without having to climb. But there is hardly another, by the time of receipt of the first Oscar for the film "Accused" (1988) - in 26 years! - Is already considered a veteran of film, because their backs were twenty-five serious work as the episodes, and in central roles.
. Jodie Foster was born in a family cinema, . his father did not know, . as mother, . Evelyn "Brandy" Foster, . Hollywood Agent, Press Relations, . left her husband, . taking three children and Jody, . about the upcoming appearance at the light which it at the time and did not suspect,
. The younger daughter was a child prodigy: she barely passed three years, when she surprised everyone suddenly read aloud all the signs at the zoo. My mother gave it to a school for children sverhodarennyh, . parallel it debuted on the television program Big Brother and the reviews are very professionally represented the three-year flirt in commercials, . thus making a considerable fraction of the family budget.,
. Early successes have not done Jodie Foster zaznaykoy
. It's just too early to learn how to earn their daily bread, and since then sees his work as both a profession and as a source of pleasure.
. The first role on the big screen - at the age of ten - in the film company Disney's Napoleon and Samantha "(1972) - did not differ nothing special, except for scars on the abdomen, left after a collision with a lion on the set
. It was followed by similar, pale picture, while in 1975. Jodie Foster does not appeared in Martin Scorsese in the form of a strange girl in the movie "Alice Does not Live Here Anymore". This is a prelude to the subsequent meeting the director and actress in the famous "Taxi Driver", where Jodie Foster brilliantly performed tragic role - underage prostitutes. The character was fundamental to the career of actress. And because the screen it for the most part accrue to the images of victims, paradoxically contrary to its appearance - the image of a strong modern woman with a hard, piercing eyes of steel Eyes. So, . what, . if in "Taxi Driver" hero Robert De Niro as a result of a chain of events, and - in many ways - his meeting with mutilated GIRL-society prostitute to undermine the presidential candidate, . then in reality "in honor of" Jody has been committed very real attempt on Ronald Reagan: the offender said, . that went on this, . in order to attract her attention,
. Jodie Foster is now considered to be embodied symbol perverted perception of Fame Hollywood star.
. To get the role of the heroine in "Taxi Driver", 14-year-old Jodi had for 4 hours with a psychiatrist, arguing that it is quite normal, and can play a prostitute
. Then followed a whole series of roles, "Bad Girls": "Carney" (1980), "Hotel New Hampshire" (1984), and subsequently women "Shadows and Fog" (1991). At the same time, Jodie Foster, herself a well-known chaste behavior, refuses to appear in the nude, as in "girl, who lives down the street" (1977) in its ribald episodes duplicate older sister. Among these images of the actress allocated polusvetskaya "Marukh" of amusing parody of the gangster film, all the heroes of which are teenagers - "Bugsy Malone" (1976).
. There are among the roles of actress and ideal images, in which she embodies a kind of unattainable romantic dreams: "Five Corners" (1988), "Stealing abode" (1988)
. Although these roles Jodie is not too convincing, . they fairly accurately reflect one of the incarnation of its identity, . which is a bi-unity of the victim - most reveal more fully in "Taxi Driver" and "accused", . where the heroine is subjected to violence of an entire gang, and a fighter against evil - in fact paid off the same with all the murderers and perverts in the face of one of them next Clarisa FBI agent Starling in "Silence of the Lambs" (1991) - and got it for another Oscar.,
. Jodie Foster in this movie avenged many of his heroines, and thousands of poor women affected by maniacs
. It undertook that proclaim in a speech on receiving the first Oscar: "Cruelty might be very human, - she said then - it may even be cultural, but it can not take ..."
. Jodie Foster fate itself was prepared for the role of "accuser and nisprovergatelya" cruelty
. First, because it was repeatedly subjected to it on the screen, but, according to rumors, and outside. Secondly, because Foster deliberately provoked this cruelty. Thirdly, because of her personality, appearance and shape combines the incompatible: cynicism, voluptuous sensuality and intellect.
. Probably, to some extent this has created a conglomerate is not too happy childhood, glimpses of which occupy the directorial debut of actress, the movie "Little man Tate" (1991)
. In this picture, it comes to an unusually gifted child, nurturing a single mother, according to teachers, which is hampering its development, and therefore obliged to put his son in a specialized school. Autobiographical tone marked as episodes telling about a young hero, and those where the role of his mother appears itself Foster. Perhaps in part a sense of nostalgia and forced the actress to turn to a new craft and become interested in the script, which, according to studio wit, lay in the firm much longer than he lived in the light of his character.
. Jodie Foster lives in Los Angeles, but her apartment in Paris - a tribute frankomanii - the result of education received in a French lycee, the actress knows French so well that all her roles overlap in that language itself
. Almost all trips to the world she is accompanied by his mother, which she considers her best friend.

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Jodie Foster, photo, biography
Jodie Foster, photo, biography Jodie Foster  Actress, photo, biography
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