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Julia Roberts

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Biography Julia Roberts
photo Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts (Julia Roberts). Born in 1967 in g. Smyrna (pc. Georgia) in a family of actors. Her mother and father led the amateur school drama, and brother Eric was a known film actor.
Julia Roberts - one of the youngest film luminaries of the early 90-ies. Tall, thin, with long arms, angular, with an overly sharp facial features, it does not match Hollywood standards. Julia Roberts could be called ugly, if ... no eyes. Black, shining, expressive, big bright eyes, covering not only the person but the entire look of the actress, giving him a rare, like the shimmering, fragile beauty. The appearance of Julia Roberts would fit much more thoughtful student of an intellectual than relaxed movie star. But fate would have it so that it was Roberts became a sensation in 1990, it made her Hollywood star? 1 and named the sexiest movie actress of the time. But Julia looks at itself differently. She - a versatile, which can play any role, including the erotic.
Success came to her early, at 23,. Yet earlier in her life had been five hard years.
Julia Roberts, having left school at seventeen, and determined to become an actress, leaves his hometown and goes to New York. Works in a department store clerk and patiently waits for a change in his life. The happy event came along, when her brother began to look for a partner to the role of his sister's hero in a western 'blood red' (1986) Peter Masterson. Of course, dreaming of movie Julie besides looks a lot like Eric, went more than others. And although the band of Italian winemaking in California XIX century in the box office was not successful, for Roberts participated in it was a decisive. She saw, appreciated, and began to shoot. In 1988. on the screens came three films with the actress. After a short episode in the TV movie "Crime Story" (1988), was an episodic role of girls who were interested only dancing and men in the film 'Satisfaction' (1988) John Freeman. This way she played passionately, bright and ... literally came under fire prying newsmen for her love affair with the actor lime Neeson. Since then, rumors and speculation about the real and imaginary novels, Julia became a train stretching for her fame. Perhaps the hype around the name of a young actress to some extent podogrela the public's attention to her debut starring in the film 'Fantastic pizza' (1986) Donald Petrie. Here, Julia Roberts has successfully developed what it was already scheduled to 'meet' - a young, temperamental beauty, from which the mad men. The charm and vivacity captivated the audience Julia Roberts. Thanks to her picture in the U.S. box-office champion was the 1988.
Participation in melodrama 'Steel Magnolias' (1989), Herbert Ross, Julia has opened up new horizons. After roles merry beauties she first got the opportunity to express on the screen of suffering and pain. In this psychological film, which tells about the fate of several women living in the province, Julia has created a memorable image of a young diabetic girl, for which was nominated for 'Oscar'. A year later, her participation was released the film, a genre which tends to the same extent as a comedy and a melodrama - 'Pretty Woman' (1990), Gary Marshall. In the story about a modern Cinderella story, this role fell to the novice prostitute Vivian, and a rich, handsome prince - a businessman Edward performed by Richard Gere. Almost repeating the story of Eliza Doolittle draggle-tail, suddenly entered the apartment of Mr. Higgins, Roberts, with a brilliant sense of humor plays with a situation where poverty is faced with a wealth of. Thinly nyuansiruya transitions from one tone into another role, the actress protects important thing for her in his heroine - the vulnerability and sincerity of feelings, human dignity. In pursuance of the role of Vivian Julia was again nominated for 'Oscar'. And although the prize, as well as for the 'Steel Magnolias', was not awarded, the movie was waiting for an enchanting success, and Julia Roberts learned the whole world
. Next picture after this triumph was the tape 'Flatliners' (1990) Joel Schumacher, . where she played the role of Rachel, . medichki, . practices with their colleagues in the hospital and used risky experiment, . associated with the attempt to penetrate the mystery of life after death,
. Collected, . concentrated, . almost somber, . heroine of all time, solves the question: whether to continue such experiments, . not better to stop in time? The drama intensifies as Rachel and love the movie line, . emerging from the difficult relationship with one of his colleagues,
. Roberts, a partner in this picture was Kiefer Sutherland, about her novel, which a lot of media buzz
. After 'Flatliners' Joel Schumacher immediately began to take off Roberts in the new dramatic role in the film 'Dying Young' (1991), . where she created a psychologically complex portrayal of women, . entangled in feelings between the two men, . one of whom is terminally ill,
. In the same year she won the audience yet another masterly played by women's plight. The film 'Night of the enemy' by Joseph Ruben Giulia - unhappy wife, forced to endure unloved husband, and torturing her with his jealousy. Fans of the actress hoping that for this role, Roberts will again be nominated for 'Oscar'.

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Julia Roberts, photo, biography
Julia Roberts, photo, biography Julia Roberts  Actress, photo, biography
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