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Uma Thurman

( Actress, Film and Television)

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Biography Uma Thurman
Uma Thurman (Turman Uma).
Actress, Film and Television.
Uma Thurman was born April 29, 1970 in Boston.
For a long time lived with her parents in India. On his return from abroad, was admitted to Boston University, but soon moved to New York. While Uma always complained of his appearance in New York, she became a model. Its high. plane figure perfectly consistent with the standards of modern modeling agencies. In 1987. Uma Thurman has signed up for acting class. Teachers immediately appreciated its flexibility, intelligence, the propensity for humor.
. Uma Thurman started acting at age 16 ( "Kissing Daddy at night"), and became famous when she was 18 years thanks to the film "Dangerous Liaisons" (1988)
. She plays a young person Cecile de Volanzh, who had just stepped threshold of the monastery. Joining the upper crust, Cecil only at first seems pathetic supernumerary, but soon begins to carry on their own game. Although the acting ensemble Liaisons Dangereuses "consisted of the famous American actors, . debutante entered her easily, . demonstrated, . how tempting it may be absurd, . lanky heroine and how many carnal pleasures promised communion with her,
. Very similar role of the young maidens, flirting with the charm of its older fans, Uma Thurman was cast in "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen."
. Herself an actress in a series of their roles highlights the film "Final Diagnosis" (1992), . fascinating story of, . as the two sisters with criminal propensities conceived to send to the other world doctor, . penetrated and the mystery of the murder of her husband's older sister (Kim Basinger),
. Although close to the luxurious Basinger Uma Thurman at first seemed nothing more than ugly duckling, just in front of it stops at the seductive diva, who can easily fool the doctor who sent her sister behind bars.
. In general biography Uma Thurman is going well
. After 10 years of work and the film she starred in 17 films, although in her repertoire is dominated by the role of the second plan.
In the "Month at the Lake" (1995) she played a young beauty, Miss Byamont for which an elderly Englishman casts its companion. However, the main in this film is just this middle-aged lady in a brilliant performance of Vanessa Redgrave.
. In "Beautiful girls" (1996) Uma Thurman is one of the five beauties living in a small town and are in constant competition with each other
. A similar situation is depicted in the Western "And the girls-cowboys sometimes sad," which tells about the four adventurer in the Wild West.
. In an amusing comedy "The truth about cats and dogs" (1996) she played neighbor vet giving advice on the radio pet owners
. Her voice falls for a young photographer. Afraid to disappoint her, the doctor sends to visit his neighbor - a beautiful, but incredibly stupid blonde Noel. Her role as time and performs Uma Thurman.
Although, as a rule, the actress is not accrue to the principal role, its presence in the film is always significantly. The most vivid example - tape "Henry and June" in which she played the wife of writer Henry Miller. It is so interwoven with the way this stupid, sick, hysterical women, it is difficult to imagine that the real Joon Miller could be some other.
. After the "Liaisons Dangereuses" and "Henry and June" the most prominent picture in the biography of Thurman became the film "Boulevard Fiction" (1994), superparodiya to the criminal genre in American cinema
. Thurman plays a woman - vamp. Blue-black wig, scarlet lips, vskinutye eyebrows, giving rise view, meaningful, meaningless remarks. Accompanied by the "employee" her husband's assassin Vincent, Mia goes to a nightclub, where the dance contest. Vincent played John Travolta, now fairly pogruznevshy. No grunting, he takes off shoes, Mia is immersed in dance. Its weedy figure twisting to the tune. Incredibly long fingers expressively otschelkivayut rhythm of the dance. A couple of wins prize. But the evening ends badly. Searching through drugs, Mia was almost despatch. In the finale of this exciting episode, Mia is transformed into an ordinary 24-year-old girl who is afraid that the all-powerful husband learned of her tricks. Tarantino's film is saturated with the characters, each of which makes fun of your own on-screen image. Willis, Travolta, Keitel creates brilliant parody of the role played before, and Uma Thurman is not inferior to them in anything. Something similar happened with the movie "Batman and Robin", . in which the actress with humor and extraordinary artistry performed the role of a fanatical defender of nature, . turned into a dangerous and treacherous beauty Poison Ivy, . vengeance on the people for their "barbaric attitude to the environment",
. This film-tale ingeniously uses unusual external data actresses - tall, expressive creative movement. Although next to her were taken many grandees of American cinema, its present, she became a heroine, Uma Thurman, Poison Ivy, beautiful but very dangerous.
. For the most Uma Thurman's future is not associated with the movie, she is going to go to university and get a bachelor's degree, as dreams about her father
. She was married to British actor Gary Oldman. Their marriage lasted 18 months and broke up due to the extreme of irreconcilable differences.

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