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Baro Hassan

( Wrestler)

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Biography Baro Hassan
photo Baro Hassan
Hassan Baroev born December 1, 1981 in Dushanbe (Tajikistan). At 12 years old sister led Hassan, quite an adult, in the section of freestyle wrestling. A few months later, he comes to practice, but somehow was never able to feel this struggle. Came home without emotion, without impressions.

Then because of the tense political situation in the republic, the family moved into Ossetia, and Hassan began classes Greco-Roman wrestling. At the first competition and lost very upset, but the train did not stop.

A year or two, and the result is 'gone', there were medals, Hassan was in Russia's national team: first - in youth, then - in junior, then - in the adult. For seven years he worked his way from beginner to Olympic team member country. In the 99-m, Hassan began to come to Moscow to train. In the national team of Russia in 2000. In favor of the UK 'Torpedo' and North Ossetia. Student of the North-Ossetian GUFK.

President of the Republic of North Ossetia Dzasokhov after the World Cup-2003 solemnly handed Hassan Baroevu honorary medal - 'To the glory of Ossetia'. His coaches, the best specialists not only in Russia but also the world level, led by Gennady A. Sapunov, president of the club 'Torpedo' Alex Kim. First, a personal trainer was Vladimir Uruymagov.

World Junior Champion in 2000 and 2001, European Junior Champion 2002, Champion of Russia 2003, 2004 and 2006., Olympic champion 2004, world champion 2003 and 2006 and Europe in 2007, silver medalist of the World Cup 2007.

Spring of 2008 won the "silver" at the European Championship, giving Yuri Patrikeyev, Krasnodar boyfriend in favor of Armenia. A few years ago with Patrikeev Baroevym claimed the ticket to the Athens Olympics and competed for the non-parallel, but very honorable title of the heir of Alexander Karelin. All agreed the final championship match in Russia, which opposed agree on the status of the current champion: Baroev - peace Patrikeyev - Europe. Baroev convincingly took up, went to Athens and won games. All were happy. In Patrikeyev that to everything else at odds with the then-head coach of the Gennady Sapunov. Sapunov, hardening of the Soviet people, obviously not going to descend from the hands Patrikeyev, always had the reputation of a fighter how talented, and so independent, but sometimes wayward, his antics. Yuri kicked around for another year, and then accepted the offer of Wrestling Federation of Armenia. And a few years later, got a chance to be quits with her abuser than skillfully used.

Today Hassan is already in the final of the Olympic tournament in Beijing on Greco-Roman Wrestling. His rival in the fight for "gold" will be world champion Cubans Milan Lopez. In the semifinal Baroev, clearly saving power, defeated Frenchman Yannick Shtepanyaka with minimal advantage - 2:1, 1:1 (win on the last effective actions).

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  • Baro Hassan
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  • Baro Hassan
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Photos of Baro Hassan
Baro HassanBaro HassanBaro HassanBaro Hassan

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  • Kykla for Baro Hassan
  • I very much want to meet with Hassan. Help ...
  • Guipago for Baro Hassan
  • Why all the beautiful men so far from me?
  • kiwi516 for Baro Hassan
  • Can I get an autograph. Sincerely Nicholas.
  • tanya for Baro Hassan
  • Let's be friends !:)
  • meti $ ka for Baro Hassan
  • HASAN, you moldets.nastoyaschy dzhigit.esli would not you, Russia has failed to such successes in the fight.
  • ilovelove for Baro Hassan
  • Tell me please, why such injustice? I love him more than life, and he does not know about me ..
  • 'BEAUTY' for Baro Hassan
  • Hasan - you are my life, I love you very much. I live in Vladikavkaz, here's my number "89282454226" answer me, I beg you. Ilonochka With Love. "I LOVE YOU"
  • 'BEAUTY' for Baro Hassan
  • Merry Christmas my love! Baro - do you dream of my life!
  • Iron chyzg for Baro Hassan
  • Hassan Baroev one of the people whom I really respect him, keep it up!
  • S for Baro Hassan
  • HAS for Baro Hassan
  • I also love you.
  • Darginka for Baro Hassan
  • Girls forget Hassan! You want it all as a dog's paw 5! Looking for a simple guys, but he is not for you !
  • Hans for Baro Hassan
  • without knowing the person you have no right to speak and write all sorts of abominations, let everyone know that I know him personally and talk with him and it's a real man who in this world should be as much as possible
  • Anonymous for Baro Hassan
  • pschmsm
  • Anya for Baro Hassan
  • I love wrestlers! But you most п¦я¬я-яTпTп¦ )))))))
  • Alena for Baro Hassan
  • Girls, remember and dream about Hassan. He has a girlfriend, I very much hope that they all will be well.
  • VIKING for Baro Hassan
  • Behold the root, . not illusions. ____
    Ossetians do not like, . because they need a lie, . but their ambitions truth can not suffer: Hassan Baroev not Ossetians and they can not be, . If you examine his roots, he probably comes from one of the Indigenous Peoples of the Great Caucasus and most likely from Cherkessia or Nakh peoples,
    . Ossetians as the lower classes of the human race has never in its history were not noble and could not be, . and the more powerful or beautiful physically, . all, . now that is noble in Ossetia is Cherkessia or Nakh peoples, . but those who are lost in history and no longer knows himself-Errant!,
  • VIKING for Baro Hassan
  • You can go from the truth and now also, . but the truth from you will never go away: The Ossetians have always been the most vile liars and the most cunning jackals, . do not have a single drop of pure, . you're the branches of the breed in the whole universe and you are still waiting for very severe penalties,
    . You deserve the destruction of both branches of a nation abandoned to the Caucasus, as the dirt you'll be washed away by rain just retribution and flows in mountain rivers of the Caucasus. In the future you will be left of even the slightest memory and the Caucasus will blossom and the fragrance is stronger and more beautiful.
  • Zagi for Baro Hassan
  • Hassan, you malorik! I respect your sport and yourself! from my heart I wish new victories and first place! Allah is with you!
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