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Julio Iglesias

( Singer)

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Biography Julio Iglesias
photo Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias (full name Julio Josц? Iglesias de la Cueva) was born in Madrid in 2 hours. night 23rd September 1943 in the old and the now defunct hospital MesцЁn Street Paredes. He is the eldest son in the family of a prosperous gynecologist, a member of the Medical Academy, Julio Iglesias Puga and Maria del Rosario de la Cueva Perinan (better known as "Charo"). I have a brother, Julio Carlos. Ancestors of Julio Iglesias on the paternal line (my grandmother and grandfather Manuel Ulpian) comes from the Spanish province of Galicia. His father, Dr. Iglesias, born in Orgense. On the maternal side of his grandmother, Dolores de Perinan heiress of a noble noble.
(Her uncle was the Marquis Perinana, and cousin, as the Marquis, for 20 years has been Spain's Ambassador to the UK). Julio family lived on the streets Altamira in Madrid, where he spent the first three years of his life. In 1946 they moved to the street Benito Gutiц?rrez house 27 and lived there until his marriage in 1971.
At school Julio liked to be in the spotlight. The future singer grew up in difficult times, when the country was led by the dictator Franco was on the verge of economic collapse. Peers guy mostly worried about where to get food, but Julio was already wanted to become a special. He grew up in a happy prosperous family gynecologist and mother a housewife. His brother, Carlos wanted to go in the footsteps of his father, and Julio fond of music, dreamed of becoming a successful lawyer and diplomat.
Julio was in high school Sagrado Corazones, then graduated from a Catholic college Sv. Paul, where Padre Akselmo, chorus director, Julio after attempting to perform "Ave Maria" very categorically advised him to do anything, just not singing. And he gladly switched to football, which has achieved outstanding results in 15 years, was invited as a reserve goalkeeper in the Youth of the most famous football club of the country - Real Madrid. Being in their 19 years old law student at Madrid University and a member of the elite youth clubs, . Julio traveled to his native Madrid to "Renault Dauphine" the latest model at the time and dreamed of becoming a second Ricardo Zamora (famous goalkeeper of Real Madrid CF),
. And, apparently, some time in Spain appeared to have a brilliant football player, and the world would never have heard the song of Julio Iglesias, but not for nothing that they say: "There would be a blessing in disguise ...
22 th September 1963 at 2 o'clock, the day before her 20 th anniversary with Julio had a misfortune, nearly costing him his life. When he was in the company of 3 friends (Enrique Clemente Kriado, Toto Arroyo and Pedro Luis Iglesias) rode with a small town fiesta Mahadagonda, which is 20 miles. from the capital at its "Renault Dauphine" in Madrid, he lost control and the car at full speed and overturned and fell on a steep slope and crashed into a tree ... Fortunately, three of his friends escaped with only a slight shock and minor injuries. Julio also appears in the Madrid clinic "Eloy Gonzalo with a fractured right leg, severe trauma of the spine and badly damaged the left side of his face. After first aid he was allowed to go home. But a few months later he developed pain in his back, and January 6, 1964, he was unable to get out of bed. He said of that time: "First of all, I felt fear. For those people around me, I tried to understand: I will survive or not. Later, . I realized, . that I will live, . I started to think how to live ... "In order to determine the cause of the disease, . it tested the hardest method of diagnosis - spinal tap, . when no anesthesia was administered in the spinal fluid and a long needle through X-rays followed her movement,
. The diagnosis reads: cyst of the spine. Emergency operation lasted eight hours, but the result did not give: his legs were not moving. Doctors believed that he was doomed to "a lifetime of paralysis". For more than 1,5 years, Julio remained paralyzed. The first six months he was virtually bed-ridden. There was no hope that Julio will be able to walk again. A young man falls into a depression. Fear to be a burden to the family dominates. "I do not have no body, no muscles, he recalled later - only the brain was strong as a bull". But not resigned, saying doctors, . it is better not to torture myself and get used to a wheelchair, . Julio takes an unexpected nature of the minions of fortune: paring down the dream and overcoming pain creeps across the room at night (that did not know doctors), . trying to get back on track, . shtudiruet books on neurology, . and when the first improvement on 12 hours a day walking on crutches, . developing feet,
. I will beat serious illness, which reminds me now of only a slight limp and a small scar on the face (so he always asks to photograph themselves with the right side).
"I was not born a singer, I became to them" - likes to repeat Iglesias. It is in the hospital because of forced inactivity, insomnia and painful experiences of his poetic and musical talent gets its development. Julio the night listening to the radio and wrote poetry - sad, romantic poem on the meaning of human life, for which he comes into this world. Eladio Magdaleno - a young nurse who was caring for Julio, once brought him a guitar so that he was not bored. Julio began avidly studying it. By the time he had no intention to be a singer, bearing in mind Padre Akselmo. "Lying in bed, I did not have enough human warmth, communication, and I began to look for them in music. I just wanted to have fun, - shared once memories of the singer, but the music struck me as a storm. It completely changed everything around me ". And it is on a hospital bed he wrote his first song - "La Vida Sigue Igual" (Life Goes On), which became the manifesto of his will to live and pass to future musical heights of Olympus. "You will soon see me at the festival," he assured his mother sitting in a wheelchair.
In 1966, when 23-year Julio has finally recovered, he wanted to continue his studies. "Higher education has become for me, then kind of return to life, but not a vocation," - he admitted once journalists. To dispel sadness son, his father sent him to a year in England to improve the English language, first in Remsgeyt, and then to Bell Language School in Cambridge. Once Julio went with friends in a beer bar at Cambridge Airport, where the tables were a few guys. One of them played the guitar. Julio asked his instrument and sang popular at the time of the Cuban song "Guantanamera" - about an unhappy love girls. While he was singing in a pub deathly silence reigned: the visitors, setting aside circles, listening to a stranger. Once Julio stopped singing, there was applause in the hall. This was the first performance in front of the audience Iglesias and his first "fee". Then, very often he appeared in the bar on weekends, singing Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, The Beatles ... And there, in Cambridge, he met a French student Gwendolyn Bollor, who becomes his girlfriend and one of the musical success. (The song, which he dedicated to her - "Gwendolyne", will bring him a 4 th place in Eurovision, and his name is recognizable more than 400 million. people. worldwide). In 1967 he re-entered the Faculty of Law, I rate the University of Madrid with a determination to finish it. But along the way he does not leave hope to start a music career.
In 1968. not believing in their own strength, he brought his first song in Madrid recording studio in search of a singer, who agreed to perform his music. He was stunned when the manager asked him: "Why do not you are doing it yourself, you are also a good voice?" The answer was, "Because I am not a singer". But Julio still sent his song to the contest and never regretted it. Superstitious Spaniards like to conclude between themselves a bet - good luck. As once confessed to his fans Iglesias, "I promised my father that if does not win the competition once and for all stop singing and get a law degree"
. And now the 18 th July 1968 Julio Iglesias, . unknown if a novice, . brilliantly wins national song festival in the Spanish resort town of Benidorm with his song "La Vida Sigue Igual", . immediately won three awards: "Best Performance", . "For the best poems" and "For the best song! Immediately after the speech, he signed a contract with Columbia Records,
"I pulled a voice from the depths of my soul and began to sing," Julio recalled his first statement. Unable to stand on stage, he was incredibly happy to have the fact that the audience does not run into it ... So in Spain, the singer appeared, quite similar to the idols of the public end of the 60's. Julio always went to the scene in a dark suit, white shirt with black tie. He gesticulated very little during the singing, which led to recriminations and even ridicule journalists, accustomed to the more temperamental manner of execution. However, students, and especially students have been delighted by Julio. After his weapon at the scene and there were no gestures and movements, and its enchanting, providing a really hypnotic effect on his voice, once heard that you have never and no one can confuse. Bewitching voice timbre Julio Iglesias immerses you into the depths of true love and passion that makes him empathize with the joys and sorrows. And that is why it is so romantic image of liked the audience.
Since the bet was won, then Julio took a sabbatical at the University, and his father, resigned to the choice a son, helped him with the release of the first plate. "Luckily, fortune smiled at me, and I stand before you not as a lawyer, but as a singer - then joked Julio.
But the one I helped Fortune Iglesias become famous and rich? Hardly anyone, even from close friends saw him lying on the couch watching television, idly spend time on any picnic or toured the country as a tourist. Since then, his career began to develop rapidly. Iglesias has successfully represented Spain at the Eurovision competition, his songs have become national hits: "Gwendoline", "Un Canto A Galicia" ... Just a few years it took Iglesias to become a Spanish singer? 1 and certainly the most famous Hispanic performer in the world. He begins a long time to tour abroad, and with triumph in favor of Europe's most prestigious venues: at the Paris Olympia, in London's Odeon. Students from different countries like the Spaniard, many songs from her repertoire singing in their native languages. This not only increases the audience of the singer, but also significantly increases the sales of copies of his drive.

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  • Irene for Julio Iglesias
  • I love Julio as a singer and as a man! I really hope to visit again on his concert.
  • Victoria for Julio Iglesias
  • I love the creativity Julio Igllesiasa and I dream to go to his concert PLZNKOMITSYA with him personally! Julio, I love you! You're very talented!
  • igan for Julio Iglesias
  • Love for Julio Iglesias
  • This is a talented singer, I just adore his songs.
  • Olga for Julio Iglesias
  • Balde! VAHHHHHHH!
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