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Lomonosova Olga

( Actress)

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Biography Lomonosova Olga
photo Lomonosova Olga
Born 18.05.1978, Donetsk

Early years in the sports school

Life Olga Lomonosova can be compared with the slalom, saturated abrupt. Judge for yourself.

Olga was born on May 18, 1978 in the city of Donetsk in the ordinary Soviet family (father - a builder, mother - Economist). Childhood girls ended already in kindergarten. It all began with the fact that once it came to the coach, selected children for the school of rhythmic gymnastics. She then found Olya incredible flexibility. Began daily training and competition ... Later the school added to the sport and the usual. But the girl was coping well with everything, and even studied to be excellent.

In 1986, the family then moved to Kiev. And after a while ten Olu identified in the School of Olympic Reserve Irina Deriugina. For girls it was a real test of strength. About that period of her life she remembers:

'It was a serious test. For example, to teach me how to pull the leg, the senior girls were kept under my outstretched leg needles. Stop what you like. And the daily routine at the training camp was as follows: rise at six. Puts on all sports suits, which have, because the room is cold, and lying on the floor, doing 36 exercises - and each of them 36 times. Three day training. Hour for lunch, then - stretching exercises. Put you on a log and stretch. Orie plenty - no one is listening. And for all disobedience - punishment. Late for training - punishment, the patrol found someone in the room under the pillow biscuit - the entire room punishment. We lived, among other things, five people in the room. And the punishment - 200 'double' jumping rope. I once jumped so - hands were erased in the blood, and no power to stir. So it stood there, motionless, before Deriugina until she congratulated me on what I finally realized what a real job '.

. Perhaps because of Olga and would make a real gymnast, if not the case:

. Ballet School

. Olga summer with their parents usually rested in Miskhor
. And so, during the next holiday, someone advised my mother to try to give Olga in ballet school. My mother, herself a child who dreams of becoming a ballerina, with pleasure follow that advice.

Initially, it was decided to send the girl to The St. Petersburg Vaganova School. Before the selection committee Olga proudly stated that she is a candidate for Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Vain. It turned out that in the Vaganova School gymnasts are not welcomed.

But, returning to the capital of Ukraine, twelve Olga easily entered Kiev State Choreographic School. Here, under the guidance of a remarkable teacher, pupils of the St. Petersburg school Valeria Ivanovna Suleginoy Olga finally emancipated, becoming a real white swan. Since then, their future is tied exclusively to the scene.

Olga Lomonosova successes have not gone unnoticed, and after the school invited her to work in the Kiev Opera and Ballet Theater. But on the penultimate course, came to Kiev famous Stuttgart Ballet with the production of William Forsythe. Olga, along with other fellow students dared to approach the director of ballet and ask his troupe. Of all the girls director chose two - Oksana Buriak (daughter of legendary football Kiev 'Dynamo' Leonid Buriak) and our heroine. Girls guaranteed tuition fees at the Stuttgart School of Choreography and place in the company after graduation.

And once again intervened in the fate of Olga's case.

Moscow. Musical Theater

In 1997, before leaving for Stuttgart Olga met in Miskhor (again, this Mishor!) With Alexei Yakubov and hope Berezhnoi, artists 'Satyricon'. Girl men went to visit them in Moscow, where he suddenly fell in love with one of the actors. True, this novel is over fairly quickly, but the desire to go to Germany have already lost. After talking with the actors and directors, Olga wanted to stay to live and work in the capital.

Olga's mother was not against, soberly considering that Moscow is closer to Germany. But my father did not approve of fickle daughter.

Nevertheless, Olga, in 1998 after graduating from college, went to Moscow and settled in the Music Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko. For admission, she had to lose weight on a few pounds, as chief choreographer of the theater Dmitry Bryantsev felt the weight of Olga through chur redundant. But soon she re-gained weight, and it ceased to publish on the scene.

Began one of the most difficult periods in her life. Olga, one time fallen into a depression, even endeavoring to drop everything and go home. However, the fighting spirit still prevailed.

Imperial Ballet

Olga did not sit idly. She suggested his candidacy in different theaters. And, finally, her lucky - it took in the company of the Imperial Ballet Gediminas Taranda. There it 'dimensions' nobody troubled. Moreover, before going on tour to France, Olga was invited to replace a soloist, sang in the performance Ludmilla 'Ruslan and Lyudmila'. The role was necessary to learn in just three days. And Olga managed.

It seemed that the life of Olga Lomonosova, finally, came the long-awaited happy period. Again the case!

During the week the theater performed successfully in the French city of Avignon. In the New Year's scheduled to speak at Cannes. Before that, the artists decided to visit the Mont Blanc. Well, who would have resisted the temptation to sink to the famous mountain on a sledge?

Olga recalls: 'I decided to roll down from this mountain on a sledge. How to manage it, I did not know, but did not have the retard Silenok. Entered the ramp, sled in the air upside down, I am of them fell and fell back on the ice. When I came to myself, I understood that I do not feel the body. I see the blue sky, blue eyes genes, I hear, he asked me to move my foot to make sure that the spine was intact. It was very painful, but I wiggled. Most interesting is that when I pulled up the hill, Taranda persuaded once again to slide on a sledge that there was no fear. And I'm alone with him - Taranda ahead, I'm back - slipped again from this mountain: '

Before Cannes able to take a girl on the bus, placing her in the aisle on the boards. Then he called the doctor, did cauterized, but it did not help. The actress could not lift his leg, even at 45 degrees. Still, Olga, showing strength of character, came out on stage and his party ottantsevala.

Upon returning to Moscow, Olga for a long time could not walk at all. During this period she was again supported Taranda. When she was a little better, he just pulled it out again on the scene, saying: 'You go with us, will stand in the crowd, I do not care what you gonna do, you should just leave, because you need it'. In recognition of Olga Lomonosova, it is in the crowd in 'Giselle' it revived.

Admission to the Shchukin School

Still Olga realized that the ballet should be tied. What next? Her friend ballerina once noticed that Olga's talent dramatic actress. It is for her advice, Lomonosov Moscow State University has filed documents in the Shchukin School. And not for nothing. After listening to it, passing the first, second and third round, were immediately taken to the competition.

Rodion Ovchinnikov, who took the examinations, he advised the girl, read a passage from the 'Mistress into Maid' Pushkin, choose another product. According to him, this monologue was not suited by temperament, Olga.

Meanwhile, Olga has attempted to do in other college theater. GITIS it immediately rejected. In Schepkinskom school, she reached the third round, but then decided to leave itself. In the Moscow Art Theater School all went well, but she, as a citizen of Ukraine, offered to pay for tuition.

In short, Olga returned to the Shchukin School, where after the temperamental reading the story 'In the Ravine' A.P. Chekhov, was adopted at the rate of Rodion Ovchinnikov.

The first work

Initially, it was not easy. Olga even overcame doubts, whether it is the field. But by the end of the first year she realized that she likes to learn.

After the third course aspiring actress was invited to appear in full-length film 'Death Tairov'. Olga says: 'Boris Blank - a difficult director, he shouted at me, and I steeled, because a number were the real stars - Demidova, Petrenko, Kazakov. When YSU only talked with me, I was happy. Mikhail still remembers me, recently invited me to sample in his painting. Nice. From what I have believed in, shoot a movie, all I was in college obtained. <...> And could well finish school, not open. I have no particular expectations not filed. "

Another important step in becoming an actress was the role of Cordelia in the play 'King Lear', which the University has played, learning from the third year. For this role she had to shave one's head shaved. Part with oblique oh how easy it was! But his colleagues on the performance Maxim Sukhanov, Viktor Sukhorukov, and persuaded the actress in need of. It turned out that they were right. University with its role successfully handled more than.


In 2003 Olga graduated from the Theater School. Shchukin. At the graduation performance 'beautiful people' (TC 'On Strastnom') acted as an actress Natalya Petrovna.

After graduating from University College Olga was admitted to the troupe of. Evg.Vahtangova. Here she played in the performances: 'King Lear', 'Don Juan and Sganarelle', 'Caligula'.

. Keira Voropayeva and other roles

. In addition to the 'Death Tairov' Olga Lomonosova co-starred in several films: serials 'two loves' and 'Children of the Arbat', Victor Merezhko thriller 'Red Room' (the main role - Catherine)

Finally in 2005 the actress was invited to one of the main roles in TV series 'Not Born Beautiful'. Olga to play Cyrus Voropayev, a jealous fiancee hero. The actress says: 'When I took on this role, he immediately said: my heroine is not unique bitch. Bitch - a simplified way '. This approach to the role allowed to make it more lively and attractive. They helped Olga to work and excellent relationships with other actors. With Gregory Antipenko they were more familiar with the school, and with Julia Takshina friends on the set.

The role of Kira Voropayeva was for Olga Lomonosova stellar. Often in conversations of even well known - Cyrus, the actress is not like. She mostly did not wish to remain hostage to a single image, since its capabilities are much broader.

This is confirmed by her new work. In the series '9 months' she happened to play a surrogate mother who bears a child for an Italian family, and then realizes that can not part with him. During the filming of the actress had to wear a plastic bill stomach, which hurt crashed into the body, interfere with walking, sitting. 'But despite all these inconveniences - recognized Olga Lomonosova - I realized that motherhood - is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a woman, it is the mission with which she comes to earth'.

. Another interesting work of Olga Lomonosova - the role of presenter Alina Lavrov of the series 'Goddess of prime time'
. Its heroine - strong woman, which should show a hefty strength of spirit to not break down under the onslaught of intrigue, threats and blackmail.

. Life

. The first marriage of Olga Lomonosova proved unsuccessful, and the actress does not like about him remember.

. Currently, Olga lived happily with a famous director, Pavel Safonov.

. Despite his profession, Olga University - not a public person
. She still loves ballet, but also recognizes that happy to be involved in design or decor.


2001 Cobra. Antiterror
. 2004 Death of Tairov
. 2004 Two-love
. 2004 Children of the Arbat - series
. 2005 The Red Room
. 2005 New Men
. 2005 One shadow on two
. 2005-2006 Not Born Beautiful - TV series
. 2006 9 months
. Goddess of 2006 prime-time - series

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Photos of Lomonosova Olga
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