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Photo Gallery ZIMIN Julia (18)
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Biography ZIMIN Julia
Zimin Julia was born July 4, 1981 in the small town of Krasny Kut, Saratov Oblast. She lived in the village Krasnokutsk zoovettehnikuma five kilometers from the Red Kuta. About her family, she says: 'Family I consists of four people - my mother (Zoe G.), father (Aleksandr Petrovich), I and my sister (Lena). My mother is a teacher at the school where I studied. In fact, she chemist and biologist, but now teaches in the elementary grades. Dad - Veterinarian. She teaches at the veterinary college major subjects - Latin, therapy. My sister graduated from the department, the head of the national choir and the Faculty of Arts. She was older than me, already married and have a son '.

As a child, Julia adored to imitate: 'In our town there were many interesting characters, and all of them do not even know by name, but by nicknames. They are what I have portrayed. Adults were delighted. 'And show us Mary-princess - they asked for every time you see me. - What goes Tolia - Red - cap? ". As has already been to portray a certain, I climbed on a bench and sing your favorite song: 'And I ditch the white daisies on the fly, I'll wreath, woven into the sun'.

. In the second class of Julia entered a music school, been studying there 7 years, was an excellent student round
. 'My mother was proud of me. But one day everything changed, literally been turned upside down. I am frequently in the local culture house, where she worked for my sister. I was drawn rehearsals, concerts, stage, applause. There everything was really. I have rarely appeared in the school, ran away from school, worse than learn. In grades 10-11 teachers, meeting my mother at school, asked: 'Zoya G., where is your daughter? ". 'The only place where it can now be found - a house of culture', - she replied '. In general, since childhood, I decided to become an actress. I'm still in school, teachers said: "I do not need your mathematics, chemistry, physics - I'll be an actress". And why all this actress? I've always liked literature, Russian, song, music '.

. Institute

. In 1998, when Julia graduated from the school, no one even questions where it will do: 'Of course, in theater, but what? The choice was made quite by accident
. Once I heard on the radio, as the head of the department and acting dean of the Saratov Theater Institute talked about their school, talked about the requirements for entering. I recorded everything I needed, and a few days later went to do. One. And there is confusion, all with their mothers, who run around: 'Here, eat, do not worry, drink mineralochki'. Horror. In general, I entered '.

Familiar Julia still can not believe that the girl from the remote province was able to stay in Moscow. And how! Spring 2003 passed the last final exam. Villages with a friend, classmate Anya Telitsinoy, on the train and went to Moscow. They stopped at a girl friend and began to walk to listen to the metropolitan theaters. Soon he was offered a job in the 'Cool Theater' in Belarus, and in children's performances, and in serious plays. Future artist rented an apartment.

Once in the dressing room to the theater Julia approached actor, who was busy in one-off performances and asked for a photo. He said that he started a new long-playing project, a sort of "meksikanschina" and that her ?? fits directly into the ten -. Naturally, Julia gave a photograph. It has already handed out all of their shots in a row for the agencies, but to no avail. About a month later, she telephoned the assistant director and invited to come, not yet on trial, but only to meet: look, so to speak, into the camera, introduce. Julia arrived, told a story, sang. Then another month passed, and she was invited to audition. Then she auditioned for the role Lyutsity and Carmelites'.


The series 'Carmelita' on channel 'Russia' - is our response to the Brazilian 'soap operas'. A huge number of series, almost Latin American passion, love triangles at every step ...

On the role of a gypsy Carmelites been tried 200 actresses. But the director chose a girl from the town of Krasny Kut, Saratov Oblast.

'I came to sign a contract for Lyutsitu. I was interested in this role. I think: Carmelita - positive, but negative role is always fun to play as something more dynamic characteristic. It seemed to me that this is in my spirit, I can. A few days after signing the contract I get a call from the studio and say that they would like to try again for me, but the role of the Carmelites. I came. With Aleksei Ilyin we rehearsed the scene in a hotel room. We have it, I think, played decently, and then the director called me and said that I am now - Carmelita. Naturally, I was glad. Still, the first, the most vigorous, the joy was when I was adopted at Lyutsitu. The upsurge of emotion was a time when I still got in this series. I have long wanted to play in such a project, I love this culture, and everything that is connected with the gypsies, Spaniards, Italians. (Laughs) And now I have to "improve" has gone - I now Carmelita!

I clearly remember my first day of shooting. It was June 1. I asked someone from the boys, where today we will take. I was told that we were going to the stables, and I'm going to ride a horse. Moreover, it was my first shooting day in my life, so I still have never sat in the saddle is not! Naturally, I was worried all the way. I remember being sat on the horse, left the stables, and Rychkov (A. Koltsov) I shouted "Wait". I had a lot of emotions. On the same day I was first asked to give an interview for the Novgorod TV. In general, I had a lot of openings on the first day '. - Said of the beginning of filming herself an actress.

Before the premiere series of Julia's parents worried and worried. When the film ended, called Julia and asked her mother: 'Well, how? " Zoya G. confused and could not utter a word, just crying and kept repeating into the phone: 'Julia ... Julia ... '

On set still worked, and such legendary actors as Fursenko, leech, Pearl, Morozova. Irene B. Morozov and Julia all made friends easily. Morozov gave aspiring actress wise and experienced advice, but Yulia it's always a pleasure listening. With Alexander L. (Fursenko) at Zimin, there were few common scenes, sometimes they do not even have met on the set. With Lyalya Pearl and Nicholas Lekareva were on excellent terms, there is always something discussed and consulted. Julia to the advice of more experienced actors always listens.

Their role Julia treated very critically: "I superkritichna to his. This, of course, well. But sometimes my friends say to me: "Julia - a bust, you are dissatisfied with everything". I think that everything, even turning his head, we could do better. I have not watched TV series, in the process of shooting, we do not show the footage, only on "ozvuchke" I have some pieces saw. But to sit and watch - no. Well, I can not. I do not like all. When during the filming, I ask to show what happened, the director said: "Julia, do not need it, you are still dissatisfied, and to perfection, we do not bring home '. Mom, I have that critic. At first she liked everything, from the first series she was delighted. Then she phoned and said: "Julia, you will follow you!" You had it and then do! And now it is something all do not like. She was unhappy, that I was so sad and crying all the time. My mother wants me to be a cheerful and playful girl, as in the first series'.


Free time the actress is very little. Julia reads a lot, likes to play bowling. Of the music styles are very fond of jazz in all arrangements of classical music.

From the literature - Zoshchenko, Chekhov, Remarque.

Certain style of clothing has. Actress like all sophisticated and feminine. She likes pretty dresses and heels, but also classifies the jeans to your favorite outfits. Julia liked the gypsy costumes in the series, although participation in the selection of dresses and ornaments she has not taken

. Theater

. Favorite work in the theater: 'Blood Wedding' Lorca, where Julia played the role of mother in law of Leonardo (performance diploma graduates in 2003 theatrical faculty of the Saratov State Conservatory).

. Life

. For a long time, "yellow" press attributed the Yulia affair with a gypsy performer role Miro, Vladimir Cherepovsky
. In some media it was about even held a wedding, but in reality, Julia Zimin still not married.

The actress feels nevlyubchivym man: no memory of your first kiss or first love. Even during his student years she had no time for novels. For Julia has always been the main - to achieve something in life, career.

. Now Julia has appeared a young man from the actor's environment, but on the marriage speech is not yet.

. Creativity

. Roles in the theater

. Education and diplomas

. 'Mad Money' A
. N. Ostrovsky
'Slave' A. N. Ostrovsky
'Ordinary Miracle' E. Schwartz
'Blood Wedding' F. Lorca
'Family ghouls' A. N. Tolstoy

'Cool theater'

'Family ghouls'
'Hero of Our Time' M. Lermontov
'Woe from Wit' A. Griboyedov

Prodyussersky Center Omitra

2006 - 'Storm in a teacup' E. Scribe


2004-2005 Carmelita - series
2007-International Students
2007 I - Sergeant
2008 Court
2008 Monte Cristo
2008 Strip Club
2009 Carmelita 2

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  • Julia Zimin and Vladimir Cherepovsky
  • Family Zimin: Pope Alexander Petrovich, Julia, her sister Lena and her mother. 1984
  • Zimin school on the last call. 1998
  • Julia with her mother in Turkey
  • ZIMIN Julia
  • ZIMIN Julia
  • ZIMIN Julia
  • ZIMIN Julia
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  • ZIMIN Julia

Photos of ZIMIN Julia

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