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Alyssa Milano (Alyssa Milano)

( actress, singer)

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Biography Alyssa Milano (Alyssa Milano)
Alyssa Jayne Milano was born on 19th December 1972 in Brooklyn, New York. She had a fairly normal childhood until about 7 years. But after looking once with parents Broadway play "Annie", Alyssa firmly decided that he wanted to be an actress. In eight years, she debuted in the role of July in the "Remuneration Tony", and a year later appears in the off-Broadway play "Jane Eyre", then in one-act play "tender offer" and many others.
. In 1984, at the age of twelve, Alyssa began working on television
. For eight years she played Miselli Samantha - the daughter of Tony Danza in "Who's The Boss". This was the role of sympathetic and intelligent teenage girls (dream of all parents), for which the young actress was awarded three times in the category "Best Actress".

Over the years, Alyssa co-starred in many films. The first film with her participation came when the actress was only ten years ( "Old Enough" with Danny Aiello). The second work brought Alyssa to have "bigger" star - Arnold Schwarzenegger. In "Commando" has played his daughter Alyssa Arney, which my father had saved from most of these villains. At that time, as it has only just showing promise as a future TV stars, it drives already in full out in Japan. Total Alyssa has recorded five albums and one platinum single,. Once at a concert as much Alyssa gathered 40 000 spectators!

After the episode, "Who's The Boss" came to an end, Alyssa for some time lost. Probably, if not several roles in television movies, nobody would have more of it and did not notice. America lost interest in the "too cute to be a real" Samantha.
But then something happened that completely changed the direction of her career. First, at the urgent advice of a friend Alyssa had her silicone breasts. True, the novel with said boyfriend soon ordered to live long, but silicone breast remains. After this operation, the image of Alyssa radically changed, and therefore appeared a good chance to get the role of "posochnee". The most noticeable work of Alyssa at the time, perhaps, we can assume the role of sex predator in the "accident of Love" (dir. - Amy Fisher).
. Suddenly, it ceases to perform the role of "good girls" and plays a variety of heroines.

. For a while Milano is removed entirely in video films, . pursuing one goal - to put on public display a bust of actress, . but, . Despite this, . Alice managed to add some seriousness and acting talent to their roles, . otherwise all these films would have looked just as candid and unobtrusive pornography,
. Thus, in one of the films, "Embrace of the Vampire" Alyssa has appeared almost naked for half of the picture. This was the story of a vampire, who was to have time for a week to seduce a virgin (Milano), or perish forever. High level of special effects, along with the ubiquitous naked body Milano, made this film a kind of cult classic. Another "favorite" fans - "Poison Ivy 2: the role of Lily. This is a story about a young girl who reveal their sexuality to the worst possible way, and therefore possessing a dangerous force.
. Recently, Alyssa began again to appear in many popular films, where, surprisingly, has managed to remain clad
. In "Fear" with Mark Vahlbergom and Fig Viterspunom she played the role of a girl who was neither good nor bad, but somewhere. Then Alyssa appears in the thriller with Daisy Glory, comically providing us with the college life of the nineties. Utopia ( "The number of victims") - one of the first roles where Alyssa was no longer a teenager and college student - she finally reached adulthood. Recently, during a season Milano play popular television show "Melrose Place".
. And one of the last film clearly shows the bright future of the actress: "Hugo Pool" - independent film, . which turned out very well - probably, . was something of a little respite, . When Alyssa had to establish itself as a serious actress,
. It seems she decided to move in this direction and further, as it now plays a lot of mature characters.

After the "Who's the Boss?", It is limited to music and became a star in the early 90th. Alyssa Milano has released 5 youth pop albums that have become more than a very popular in Japan and Europe. In fact, quite a lot of people in these countries think that it is a singer, actress and only then!

In 1999, Alyssa married Sidzhina August Tate, leader of the rock - the group, Remy Zero. However, they divorced 11 months later.

Alyssa Milano co-starred in many films, but in particular has made great popularity by playing Jennifer Mancini in "Melrose Place" (1997). She was in the show 2 seasons, and then it pokinulaa - September 19, joined the Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty in the new show Aaron Spelling, "Charmed".

. Filmography:

. 2001 Lady And The Tramp II - Scamps Adventures
. 2001 Diamond Hunters
. 2000 Buying The Cow
. 2000 The Women Of Charmed
. 1999 Blink - 182: The Urethra Chronicles
. 1999 Jimmy Zip
. 1998 Goldrush
. 1998 Charmed
. 1997 Hugo Pool
. 1997 Spin City
. 1992-97 Melrose Place
. 1997 The Outer Limits
. 1996 Fear
. 1996 Glory Days
. 1996 Public Enemies
. 1996 Jimmy Zip
. 1996 To Brave Alaska
. 1995 The Surogate
. 1995 Deadly Sins
. 1995 Poison Ivy
. 1995 Deadly Sins
. 1994 Embrace Of The Vampire
. 1993 Confessions Of A Sorority Girl
. 1993 Double Dragon
. 1993 Conflict Of Interest
. 1993 Candles In The Dark
. 1992 Where The Day Takes You
. 1992 Little Sister
. 1989 Speed Zone
. 1988 Dance 'til Dawn
. 1986 The Canterville Ghost
. 1985 Commando
. 1984 Who's The Boss?
. 1984 Old Enough

. Albums:

. Locked Inside A Dream - (1991)
. Do You See Me - (1990)
. Best In The World - (1990)
. Look In My Heart - (1989)
. Alyssa - (1989)

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Photos of Alyssa Milano (Alyssa Milano)
Alyssa Milano (Alyssa Milano)Alyssa Milano (Alyssa Milano)Alyssa Milano (Alyssa Milano)Alyssa Milano (Alyssa Milano)

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