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The Brothers Grimm

( rock band)

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Biography The Brothers Grimm
photo The Brothers Grimm
In spring 2005, the musical firmament appeared immediately two supernovae, two red sun - With 'Brothers Grimm'. Twins Borie and Bones is a seventh sense - a sense of melody, which makes the seven notes in this music. Both brothers compose and perform songs that penetrate directly into the heart.

'Brothers Grimm' is good theater. Speech romantic-hooligan twins is the public sense of inexplicable delight and mild insanity. Kostya and Boris is not just organically appear on stage, they are really great musicians who do not need to prove it. Intriguing and pure voice, dynamic and technique, combined with the rock-n-roll drive - believe them immediately and unconditionally.

They easily captured the territory of pop music and feel there is quite confident. This phenomenon has already happened in the late sixties, when the brothers Gibb of the Bee Gees, against the backdrop of the global wave of psychedelic rock released their romantic hit single Massachusetts, who led the British charts. It seems that the spiral of time begins a new round of.

His style is defined as the musicians 'make-up rock'. 'Grim-rock is not peculiar Smurov and depression - that defines your style musicians, - our motto - no more sadness We love the beautiful melody and use a lot of backing vocals - all this gives the legacy of the notorious 'Russian rock'. Grim-rock - a flexible and fluid - we are not going to use before the end of the life of any successful 'chip' or, for example, to exploit the social problems'.

Sturm fortress media 'Brothers Grimm' started with radio. Less than a month of their track 'second half' was in T OP 5 'Hit Parade of the two capitals' Radio Maximum, confidently held there for several weeks. The second and main program hit Brothers - 'Eyelashes' now 3 weeks is not leaving 1 seat of the same chart. Today the song is heard on the waves 'Russian Radio' and radio 'Silver rain'.

However, intrigued by the audience wanted to see these 'Brothers Grimm'. In just two months of the forum on the website www. grimrock. ru to the twins came over 1600 messages. The brothers came first fans who came to love music, not the poster-pop idols. And in the middle of a cold spring in the theater Stas Namin held secret speech, tickets for which can not be bought for money. Evening April 21 from the semi-dark room theater scene looked at 250 pairs of glowing eyes. Lucky managed to get to the end of the quest, get a coveted ticket to the image of one of the twins, and found the second half, get to the first concert for them, the First.

May 21 'The Brothers Grimm' took the stage the most significant music festival Russia - MAXIDROM. Send not in the status of newcomers, but as a major musical event in 2005.

Shooting their debut video 'The Brothers Grimm' - 'Eyelashes' held on May 16 near the Moscow International House of Music. Directed by Elena Kiper, filmed for Smash, 'Litmus', '2 va airplane' and 'Draw'. The long-awaited movie has appeared in television at the end of May.

Recording their debut album 'Brothers Grimm', held in the best studios in Moscow, Kiev and London, has been completed. The release took place on the day of birth to twins - June 6. That same day, a presentation of the disc at home brothers - in Samara, and June 10 Kostya and Boris presented its record music club in central Moscow - B2. 350 lucky people were able to get to this concert for free, buying a record autographed by 'Brothers Grimm' and presenting it at the entrance.

In the seventies, the Revolution Sex Pistols to the ground destroyed the foundations of culture, opening a new view of art. Today in Russia, popular music is in ruins, slowly dying without the influx of fresh blood, and therefore the mission 'The Brothers Grimm' - creative. They have already begun to conquer the hearts of millions. But above all else: these twin enough power and talent to write a new chapter in the history of our music tomorrow.


Name: Brothers Grimm

Birthday: June 6.

City: Samara. 'In Samara, a very creative atmosphere, all very good songs compose it there'

Education: High school musical. He graduated from the Music and the Faculty of Education of the Samara State University.

Girls who like: interesting

Attitude to bad habits: 'The most harmful habit - all while trying to quit smoking'.

Attitudes towards 'easy' Drugs: negative. 'Marijuana divides people and alcohol in reasonable quantities together. In our strong Russian traditions, and there is nothing from Jamaica '.

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Photos of The Brothers Grimm
The Brothers GrimmThe Brothers GrimmThe Brothers GrimmThe Brothers Grimm

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