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Chernikov Larissa

( singer)

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Official site: http://www.chernikova.ru/
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Larissa Chernikov - born August 17 1977. She grew up and studied in Moscow.

In 1990. After the 8 th grade entered the Music College at Gnesin branch of the National Singing. After the second year (1992) was credited in the Folk Song of Hope Babkina.

Appears first publication of Larissa in the newspaper "Culture" with photographs of her in the Russian national costume. In connection with the tour activity and the lack of "Gnesinka" distance education moved up in the "Institute of Culture". Upon graduation he worked as a teacher in music school.

In 1996. Larissa marries and takes her husband's surname, becoming Larissa Chernikova. Start the solo variety activities, writing the song "Lone Wolf" in the style of "techno" and removing the video for this song. The song became a hit and a long time hallmark Larissa Chernikova.

Immediately writes a song and removes the second clip "You're my star flight ...", as in the style of" techno ". Works with music producer, Sergei Obukhov (previously worked with the singer Lika Star).

In the same year, Larissa recorded his first music album "Lone Wolf" (Records, the company "Union") with the same name the song. Album becomes a hit - "Russian super-techno". Larisa also wrote music and lyrics to some of his songs, leads an active concert and touring activities, dancing during the performance of his songs with dance group. During the recording of their songs in the studio Larissa itself performs the majority of parties, henchmen.
In late April 1996. Moscow is formed fan club Larissa Chernikova.

By the summer of 1996. Larissa zapisyvet second album - "Give me the night", with the song of the same name, which, together with the song "Oh, do not laugh" are hits and took the first music charts. This album Larissa posvyaschyaet husband, who died tragically in the spring. Despite befell her grief, Larissa takes himself in hand and continued his creative work. Makes a video for the song "Oh, do not laugh," is a favorite with the public.

Autumn 1996. Larissa Chernikov Sergei Obukhov breaking contracts. Larissa change the composition of their dance group. Starts to work with another producer.
Spring and summer of 1997. removes the clips on the new song "Love the plane" and "Secret," also became hits. Shifts in their work towards the style of "pop music".

In August 1997, Mr.. released his third album, "The Secret", recorded at the studio - "Media Star".

Since the autumn of 1997. and the spring of 1998. Larissa Chernikova works at a Moscow radio station, Open Radio "(102,5 FM) leading weekly broadcasts. Writes comic song in a fashionable style of "Euro-dance" - "Greedy" in two versions oranzhirovki. At the end of the year and writes isponyaet song "Who?", Also dedicated to the deceased husband. In 1998, many working in the studio recording of the phonogram to the concerts dedicated to the famous lyricist and music to songs (E. Martynov, I. Matete - new song "Remember and do not have to ..." - and others)

. In 1998, writes soundtracks and removes clips of new songs, "Who?" and "One drink"
. And at the end of autumn - in the song "Do not awaken! (Not come)". In spring 1999, writes soundtracks and makes a video of a new song "I Shura - sweet baby".

Larissa is involved in numerous television and radio programs, gives interviews to the press, appears on the CIS countries and abroad as a solo program, and in numerous "teams" concerts.

Currently, Larissa Chernikova writes new songs and is considering the release of the album "The best!" (Best). Today Arsenal Larissa - about 60 songs.

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Photos of Chernikov Larissa
Chernikov LarissaChernikov LarissaChernikov LarissaChernikov Larissa

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  • Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! lpaovnqbcfhpc
  • sol for Chernikov Larissa
  • Sucks full. mediocrity. tried yehat expense figures and grandmothers, but failed. So vanished. Slavaa God.
  • Alex for Chernikov Larissa
  • I like her songs, I grew up in the 90 th. Pity nebylo opportunity to talk to Larissa.
  • Luda for Chernikov Larissa
  • a very talented singer. I have all her albums. I know all her songs. but unfortunately, it was very rarely appear on the screen. very much like to hear her new songs, new interviews and kotsertnye program. And I would gladly bought a collection of video clips to her song
  • Alex for Chernikov Larissa
  • Maybe more like, filament coming from the tour round .... I hope very much:)
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  • beautiful:)
  • Anonymous for Chernikov Larissa
  • You me very very much I listen to all your songs Please send your Yuin for ICQ
  • Eugene for Chernikov Larissa
  • Larissa you are a woman on which the eye can not withdraw.
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  • Nicer girls nevidel.
  • Anonymous for Chernikov Larissa
  • Beauty
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  • CoolGirl:)
  • Sergei Knyazev for Chernikov Larissa
  • In love to bits, would very much like to go to your concerts! Irrespective of whether you Larissa?
  • Vladimir for Chernikov Larissa
  • Unclear, the change of date of birth with 17.08.74g. on 17.08.77g. a whim of journalists or of Larissa, and who from that which is, as they say in Odessa.
  • annoyamous for Chernikov Larissa
  • She has a very Dark side and she love use and abuse men and give nothing back. Her mom teaching has left her with no heart and ability to show no love.
  • Jorvik for Chernikov Larissa
  • She moved to Galveston Texas after she fled Russia, I know because I met her as a child and she had a son named Michael/Kirill. Mother from Estonia and her became friends. She remarried a man in Texas, who was of low status/not rich. I swear to God, I am 15 and me and mother were talking about her.
  • Her Husband for Chernikov Larissa
  • I married Larisa in hopes that I could show her how to trust and open her heart up to love again. One has to face one's past experiences to free one's soul and start to live again and create a relationship with a partner. Love always
  • Anonymous for Chernikov Larissa
  • A Narcissist will only appeal and be nice to get a partner or family members to feel empathy, allegiance, loyalty at he beginning of the relationship then the narcissist projects their narcissist's wounds on to him and make the partner feel at fault and guilty.
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    Chernikov Larissa, photo, biography
    Chernikov Larissa, photo, biography Chernikov Larissa  singer, photo, biography
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