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Brittany Murphy

( Actress)

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Biography Brittany Murphy
photo Brittany Murphy
Full name: Brittany Murphy (Brittany Murphy)
Occupation: Actress
Years of life: 10/11/1977 - 20/12/2009
Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Height: 160 cm
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Education: Secondary school of Herbert Hoover in New Jersey
Additional Information: Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown

Brittany Murphy was born November 10, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia. Her father was a criminal authority, had three convictions for racketeering and thefts, he left the family when her daughter was three years.

Brittany's childhood passed in Edison, New Jersey. This girl went to school, Herbert Hoover, and here learned to adapt to circumstances and to overcome difficulties that helped a great deal to her in the future.

The first time Brittany showed her dramatic talent in 9 years in local theater. She played and sang in the musicals "Les Miserables" and "The real Rosie". And to 13-year girl's got its own manager, and she began to take samples from the various commercials. At the same time aspiring actress has signed its first contract to participate in the advertising Pizza Hut, for which the mother and daughter had to move to Burbank, Calif.. Sharon, before worked in advertising, resigned from work and all of herself without the rest devoted daughter, making every effort to Brittany to succeed in show business.

Even after moving to California Brittany starred in reklae Pills Skittles, and also played the first, albeit small, role on television - the show "Blooming" (Blossom, 1991). This work helped Brittany to get a bigger role, the role Brands Dreksell, in the TV series "Class Dreksell" (Drexell's Class, 1991), though the show lasted on TV not too long.

Can say that role-a breakthrough in the movie was great for the role TEI Brittany Fraser, classmate and friend of the protagonist in the performance of Alicia Silverstone, in the teen comedy "Clueless" (1995). This young actress was able to demonstrate various aspects of his talent, to show that she can play comedy and dramatic roles.

But even already made it to the big screen, Brittany continued to work on TV. And her efforts have not been overlooked. In 1998, for the execution of the main female role in the television drama "David and Lisa" Brittany was nominated for Young Artists Awards.

In the late 90's Brittany continued to act in and a lot of the movies, and television. However, the most noticeable of its work in these years was the role of Daisy Rendoun, patient clinics for the mentally ill, in the drama "Girl, Interrupted" (1999), which played the major role Vanona Ryder and Angelina Jolie.

For a truly great roles for themselves Brittany came up only in 2001, when he co-starred in the thriller "Do not say a word", where she was partnered by Michael DOUGLAS. In this picture, Brittany played Elizabeth Burrows, patient psychiatric clinic in the hands of which have unwittingly lives of the main characters.

After the thriller "Do not say a word" Brittany played the main character in the pictures "Eight Mile" (2002), "Just Married" (2003) and "Uptown Girls" (2003).

Although most Brittany to depict on-screen girls caught in difficult situation, suffered huge test in life is a cheerful and easy, loves people and communicate with them. Easy it tries to apply to his work in film. "I do not read the script a million times - says Brittany - I do not like to analyze the situation, my main desire - to do everything without any effort".

In addition to the dramatic talent, Brittany Murphy has a wonderful voice. Even in the early 90's she performed as a soloist own rock band Blessed Soul. Tracks in this group and Brittany's voice can be heard on the soundtrack for "Girl, Interrupted," "Walking with the guys on the cars" (2001) ... In 1999, Brittany confirmed the role of rock legends the 60's, singer Janis Joplin. They say this role claimed Courtney Love and Emily Watson. Later, interest in this role and showed unexpectedly zapevshaya Renee Zellweger. But the film project about Janis Joplin has not yet taken place, still being negotiated with the relatives of the singer on the use of its creative heritage. However, Brittany is hoped that someday she will play Janice and sing her songs. Well, while Brittany wants the title role in the musical "Cabaret" and "Sweet Charity".

Even Brittany loves jazz, especially the songs of Cole Porter, as she liked lyrics Bjork and The Rolling Stones.

Her best friend Brittany - Vanona Rider. And she is friends with Drew Barrymore, with whom starred in the film "Walking with the guys on the cars".

Her life was always associated with films. At school Brittany got acquainted with Jonathan Brandeis, a young teen star of TV series SeaQuest DSV (1993). On the set of "sidewalks of New York" (2001) she began an affair with actor David Krumholtz. They said that on the set of "Eight Mile", she met with Eminem. However, at the end of this film it tied close relationship with Ashton Kutcher. Together, they filmed the comedy "Just Married". They were seen everywhere together, they looked quite happy couple and their mutual friends thought that things are moving the wedding. But the surprise of many Ashton suddenly appeared in husbands experienced and more mature beauty Demi Moore! Brittany was going through difficult break with Kutcher, but found the strength to forget inconstant lover. January 9, 2004 Brittany Murphy announced her engagement with the talented producer Jeff KVATINETSEM.

She loved sweets, especially eclairs with low-fat milk.

Brittany loved dearly her mother. Britanny died from unexpected cardiac arrest on 20 They still live together in their home in Los Angeles.

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Brittany MurphyBrittany MurphyBrittany MurphyBrittany Murphy

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    Brittany Murphy, photo, biography
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