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Kim Ki-Duk

( Film director)

Photo Gallery Kim Ki-Duk (12)
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Biography Kim Ki-Duk
photo Kim Ki-Duk
Date of Birth: December 20, 1960
. Place of Birth: Bonvin site, north of the province of Gyeongsangbuk, South Korea

. The founder of the movement "divisive and unique", which has become a leading company in contemporary South Korean cinema.
. After studying in Paris, Kim returned to Korea and began working as a screenwriter
. In 1995 he received the Grand Prix of Writers Guild of Korea. His first directorial work was a low-budget picture of the "Crocodile" (1996). Reception at the beginning of the first scene was tumultuous. After the release of each new picture of Kim praised to the skies, as critics and viewers for the complexity of the characters of heroes, shocking series of visual and unexpected conclusions which he did.
. Kim heroes are people from the lower strata of society, of which one had not previously spoken
. In extreme cases, violent struggle and the grotesque, Kim laid bare in mind the innocence of heroes. After his paintings were shown at several international festivals, the name of the director became famous, and his work drew the attention of the general public. The picture was "bad guy" was seen in Korean cinema 700000 visitors, followed by the popularity of the director went to new heights.

The success of the producer was assigned a high estimate of a number of paintings at international festivals. The film "Samaritan Girl" received a silver branch for Best Director at the 54th International Film Festival in Berlin, "Empty House," a special award for Best Director at the 61st International Film Festival in Venice.

. Filmography:

. 2007 Breath / Soom / (Nom? Palme d'Or 2007)
. 2006 Time / Time / (opening film at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2006)
. 2005 Bow / Hwal / (58th International Film Festival in Cannes - which opens the picture in the category "Un Certain Regard")
. 2003-Iron / Bin-jip / (61st Venice International Film Festival - special award for best director and three other awards, the award Vittorio De Sica)
. 2004 Samaritan Girl / Samaria / (54th International Film Festival in Berlin - a participant of the competition program, the Silver Bear for Best Director)
. 2003 Vienna, Summer, Fall, Winter ..
. and Spring / Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom / (56th International Film Festival in Locarno - party competition program, the Small Jury Award, a prize of Don Quixote, prizes CICAE / ARTE and NETPAC)
. 2002 Coast Guard / Hae anseon / (7th Pusan International Film Festival, which opens the picture of the 38th International Film Festival, Karlovy Vary, party competition program; Awards NETPAC, FIPRESCI and Karlovy Vary)
. 2002 bad guy / Nabbeun namja / (the 52nd International Film Festival in Berlin, party competition program)
. 2001 Address Unknown / Suchwiin bulmyeong / (58th International Film Festival in Venice, party competition program)
. 2000 Real Fiction / Shilje sanghwang / (26th International Film Festival in Moscow, the party competitive program)
. 2000 Island / Seom / (57th International Film Festival in Venice, party competition program)
. 1998 Hotel birdcage / Paran daemun / (49th International Film Festival in Berlin, the category view)
. 1997 Wild animal / Yasaeng dongmul bohoguyeog / (17th International Film Festival in Vancouver)
. 1996 Crocodile / Ag-o

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  • Kim Ki-Duk
  • Kim Ki-Duk
  • Kim Ki-Duk
  • Kim Ki-Duk
  • Kim Ki-Duk
  • Kim Ki-Duk
  • Kim Ki-Duk
  • Kim Ki-Duk
  • Kim Ki-Duk
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  • Kim Ki-Duk

Photos of Kim Ki-Duk
Kim Ki-DukKim Ki-DukKim Ki-DukKim Ki-Duk

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Kim Ki-Duk, photo, biography
Kim Ki-Duk, photo, biography Kim Ki-Duk  Film director, photo, biography
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