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Marc Anthony

( Actor, singer.)

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Biography Marc Anthony
photo Marc Anthony
(see all) Marc Anthony
growth of 1.69 m
September 16, 1968 Virgo 39 years
place of birth New York, USA
all 28 movies
genres of drama, music, documentary
wife Dayanara Torres Delgado (divorced)
... three children
Jennifer Lopez
... two children
first film in 1975
last film in 2007

Marc Anthony is one of the most successful American singers of Hispanic origin. And although he sings more in Spanish than in English, to win the United States he was able to quickly. He has a huge number of fans, among which, for example, a colleague on the scene, Jennifer Lopez, recently published marry him.

. Antonio Muniz was born in Puerto Rican family in New York and was named in honor of the once famous Mexican singer
. The point is that Pope Mark Felipe was a passionate lover of Latin American music in general and of this most Mexican singer in particular. It was he who began to teach his son and all his numerous brothers and sisters to sing, play different instruments and the nerves of neighbors in El Barrio, Latin American neighborhood of New York. Mark quickly grew fond this occupation - to act with songs and dances, . - So he never missed an opportunity somewhere in the guest to stand on a stool and impress hit some eminent singers like Ruben Blades, . Hector Lavoe and Willie Colon.,

. Probably, Marc Anthony and would continue their touring activities of the apartments of friends, if he accidentally noticed producer David Harris, who has long wanted to find some young talent
. David took Mark as a backing vocalist for various projects. Soon after, Mark began to appear on the vocals in a fairly decent and well-known in Latin America, groups like Menudo. Even David said that we should do something with the name, because the two Marco Antonio Muц?iz in Latin America will be too small. Thus was Marc Anthony - in fact, just Americanized, for better assimilation audience, the version name of the singer.

. The idea to release a solo album by Marc Anthony gave his friend and disc jockey Little Lou Vega, with whom they were in 1991, worked on the soundtrack for the movie "Istsaydskaya history"
. Together, they quickly recorded a record "When the Night is Over". One song, "Ride on the Rhythm", was on the top of the magazine "Billboard".

With their second album, "Otra Nota", Anthony entered the repertoire of salsa. Rather, he was forced to do so producers: Ralph Mercado and Sergio George, who before and after Anthony unrolled pile of popular artists. But most of all it has influenced Juan Gabriel with his song "Hasta Que te Conoci". Hearing it, Anthony was agreed at all - even salsa, merengue even though Jaga-Jaga some kind, just to perform this very song. But producers still insisted on their: salsa.

So Marc Anthony found his style, and did not a bad choice. Salsa - a mix of Cuban rumba, Caribbean samba, Argentine tango, and even an American rock, jazz and swing. In other words, a very broad field for activities and experiments. Fiery salsa, which, incidentally, means "salt", Anthony seasonings tearful ballads, dance motifs and Latin America and the exotic tion. And his fourth album "Contra La Corriente" ( "Upstream") received a Grammy in the category "Best tropi-ment Latin American album.

. On the fifth album Marc Anthony decided to show themselves in new capacity and sang in English, leaving thus a challenge to other Latin American angloyazych-nicks, and, above all, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez
. The album, which was called "Marc Anthony" - apparently, that no one is confused - went double platinum.

Releasing greatest hits album "Desde Un Principio" ( "From the beginning"), Anthony returned to his salsa in the album "Libre". However, on the record there was a place for bolero "Caminare", written together with Emilio Estefania, and even for the beautiful ballad "Barco a la deriva". When in an interview he was asked how he learned to sing salsa, he replied that he still does not know how to sing. "Probably, I even do it correctly - open up the singer - but this is difficult to rely on the rules, you simply feel the music". In general, Marc Anthony relies heavily on the senses.

Apparently, for the same reason, Anthony is trying to himself as a film actor. He starred in several movies, though, mostly in small roles. On his account "Hackers" with Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller, "Bringing Out the Dead" Scorsese and something else. According to himself, Anthony, movie for him - "an opportunity to spend someone else and not to be considered schizophrenic". Recently, Mark offered the role of the famous singer Hector Lavoe. "King of Salsa" in 1993 too far with drugs and died, and it's time to take it on film. Where the play does not work, Marc Anthony sings usually. So he participated in the soundtracks of "Carlito's Way" - the famous stories released from prison, gangster (Al Pacino), . "Runaway Bride", particularly popular, and his duet with the Australian lady Tina Arena "I Want to Spend my Lifetime Loving You", . sounding in the final credits "The Mask of Zorro.",

. In general, Marc Anthony admits that once a youth has set a number of objectives: to 35 years to sing in "Madison Square Garden" and "Carnegie Hall" and visit the top of the charts
. It so happened that put the plan was carried out to 23 years. At 19 he sang in "Carnegie Hall" concert, Danny Rivera, in 1991 and got to "Madison Square Garden", and his song "Ride on the Rhythm" was the first line of the rating. Among the exceptional achievements - his marriage to Jennifer Lopez. They married just as much a surprise to the public. Lopez had just broke up with Ben Affleck and Anthony for a week before this event, divorced his wife Dayanaroy Torres, Miss Universe from Dominican Republic. They invited many friends allegedly at the party, and then suddenly announced that it is a wedding.

In general, Marc Anthony admits that his success - is not the result of pragmatic calculations, and the work of intuition, and other well-developed senses. Otherwise it is not possible to explain his success in a country where political correctness at all ostentatious guy with alien roots do not break so easily. It is worth remembering, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Iglesias - finally - are there many songs in Spanish heard from them? No, they are sung in English, although they retain entourage Latino. Floating same against the current, you must feel like pitfalls. But this Antonio, he is very, well, just a very sensitive guy.

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Marc Anthony, photo, biography
Marc Anthony, photo, biography Marc Anthony  Actor, singer., photo, biography
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