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Tabagari Linda

( Actress)

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Biography Tabagari Linda
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Linda Tabagari - rising star
On this 14-year-old actress with an exotic name and last name until we know little. Crush suffer no details, and forums tearfully ask each other to throw new facts, argue about the date of her birth and patronymic. Sites devoted to her, almost empty, all in preparation

In spite of Slavic appearance, Linda Georgian roots. Hence the mysterious name, so adds charm girl. All-Russia came to fame after her role of Rita in the series 'Kadetstvo-2', but even before that she had to withdraw nearly a dozen films, ie. film career began almost from the cradle.

Linda TabagariSnachala was a model school of Slava Zaitsev. For 5 years, Linda walked down the catwalk. It was there that her identity could be revealed. And the kindergarten the child was not normal, but with a musical bent. They determined that Linda's wonderful voice. In addition, she plays the piano and is fluent in English. Hobbies - riding. Linda loves them very much and surely rests in the saddle. Dreams, when she turns 16 and you can get the rights to buy a car on their fees ... Such a rich life and creative experience at such a young age can only envy!

. But was this girl from childhood? According to the most Linda, she did not regret
. From an early age she knew that differs from their peers, but if a person gives any talent from there's no getting around it, it becomes destiny. Then the 16-hour shooting a child of ten, probably not too burdensome. As my grandmother says Linda, Nazi, from early childhood granddaughter was stunningly artistic, independent and employable in all concerts, celebrations - in the center of attention.

. Linda speaks about herself around with youthful categorically, not even trying to sound correctly
. He says he does not understand the interests of their peers that they have 'some children's needs'. That she does not want to say that they are 'stupid', they're just other, 'smaller': with them about anything serious can not talk. Linda acknowledged that he had always been a bit of arrogance and distinguish themselves from other. It's not that it is 'so cool', it simply compares the people: someone good, someone better. It always seemed that she was somehow better than others! The school does not like walking, dreams, learning to quickly ended. She has friends, friends outside school, and school does not communicate with anyone - not with students or with teachers. There are three teachers - in literature, English and physical education - who understand Linda. On the other, she does not want to even talk. Ginny envy her glory, on this occasion even had problems ..

Linda TabagariPohozhe that Linda in nature close his heroine Rita: both cute, but rather spoiled and self-confident young lady. While it may be that these features attracted so many fans - a little pepper does not hurt, even contrary. Moreover, the hot Georgian blood certainly makes itself felt. Or is this already stellar illness touched her? In any case, Tabagari not leave anyone indifferent to her. At one of the unofficial sites famous for her series have such statistics: Linda like about 80% of voters, do not like about 20%, and the question: 'How is it you? " answered: 'no' - there was no ...

. Linda did not doubt that it will take to appear in 'Kadetstvo'
. Also, surely, it is felt, though not always smoothly, she plays Rita. With the guys from the television show she had the wonderful relationship, they regularly call each meet. But without any incidents during the shooting could not have done. For example, with Sasha Golovin (Maxim Makarov), they had a quarrel on the very day when they had to withdraw their famous kiss. Kissing a long time refused, but nothing, then reconciled and kissed each other than delighted to thousands of fans.

His future life, of course, Linda is going to associate with the movie. It will come in the Moscow Art Theater School, said, 'there is very cool'. Doing wants in 15 years, if we can finish school as an external student (how much effort and energy in this girl!). Well, the emergence of professional actresses do not have to wait too long. By the time she, Linda and her fans grow up, and sites with forums posoderzhatelney will. A star is lit.

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Tabagari Linda, photo, biography
Tabagari Linda, photo, biography Tabagari Linda  Actress, photo, biography
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