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SMART Pamela

( teacher, obsessed with sex with teenagers, the killer's own husband)

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Biography SMART Pamela
photo SMART Pamela
Pamela Smart was young, beautiful and ambitious. She lived in the small town of Derry, New Hampshire, on the east coast of America. I could not find a place. Career teachers are not attracted to her, family life was monotonous and dreary, and she tried to find a variety of having an affair with a young kid. But this vicious passion was to lead and has led this woman and her young lover to tragedy.

May 1, 1990 a patrol officer Gerald Skachchia received an urgent call. That night, he, as usual, engaged in drunken and a cab, and the dispatcher sent him to the outskirts of the city, saying something about a man's body found.

Police found sobbing Pamela Smart on the porch of the house next door. In the hysteria she showed on the open door of his house and kept repeating: "He's there ... My husband is there ... "flashlight illuminating the way, Skachchia entered the house and saw in the lobby of a man lying face down. He turned over the body, intending to examine the corpse, when he suddenly noticed a small hole in his temple. It was a trace of bullets. Shot at point-blank with a revolver.

Neighbors unanimously expressed their sympathy to the young widow, but my friends tried to console the poor woman who lost her husband shortly before the first anniversary of their wedding.

Pamela, Director of Training Center, who led the local school, was summoned to the police station, where she explained that that evening was at the school assembly. In Derry, she and her husband Greg came a few months ago. He worked as an insurance agent. No, she does not know who and what it took to kill her husband. But the detective who conducted the interrogation, said: "There was something strange in her behavior. The world it collapsed, and she, well ... seemed too quiet. I thought that was a few zhutkovatykh. Call it professional intuition, but there was nothing in particular, at that time would cause suspicion ".

Investigation conducted captain Lauren Jackson. That he had to unravel this story. Like a detective, he was also struck by the apparent calm widow. And in the picture of her husband's murder were parts that did not fit into the story of Pamela. In addition, there is no evidence her version of the burglary. Ring with a diamond on the left hand of the murdered. Money in the wallet was not, but all credit cards were in place.

After the assassination of the city rumors about Pamela and Greg Smart. Said that the pair amused drugs, and made his home and the violent party. Pamela called on local television and said that she is ready to make a public statement to refute rumors. "It looks too deadpan for a man who was recently struck the mountain" - thought then Jackson. He was very annoyed when Mrs. Smart just two days after the incident described the murder scene reporters. It mentioned the details of which police would have preferred to keep silent in the interests of the investigation.

Young Friends of Pamela

Four days after the murder of a detective team to investigate Dan Peleter received an anonymous telephone call. The caller claimed the woman that the police should interrogate a minor Cecilia Pierce. It was Pamela she allegedly told of his intention to kill Greg. Detective remembered list, compiled by Pamela, where she listed the people who have been in her house for a month before the assassination. This list was the name and Cecilia Pierce. Many young people attend school teacher at home. One of them was, for example, Billy Flynn. Billy, when he met a teacher Pamela Smart, was fifteen years old.

Pamela came to high school Vinnakunneta to organize a series of lectures about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. School friend Billy told me that when he first saw Pamela, then turned and said: "I fell in love ..."

Ambient noticed that Pamela willingly flirt with his disciples. And as it turned out the police, Billy Flynn, she gave a clear preference.

Celia Pearce, too, has moved closer to Pamela. She liked that-old woman did not consider her child as the mother and other teachers. Cecilia has participated, along with Pamela in the preparation of lectures about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Very soon she began to trust the older friend, an adult woman, its maiden issue. Undoubtedly, Pamela knew how to win the sympathies of the students of adolescent.

Marriage with Greg, whom she met another student at the college, was unstable. They often quarreled - desperately, to fight. And Pamela Smart starts a love affair with Billy Flynn.
The boy would always remember their first sexual experience. He came to a woman when her husband was not home. She put on a VCR very frank movie with Kim Basinger in the lead role. Then he took Billy in the bedroom and there is depicted a scene from the film strip. Sex they were engaged in the music of "Black and Blue" van Halen. Then again, imitating a scene from the movie, Billy caressed Pam's body with ice cubes, before again to make love.

Later, Billy would say: "I felt something like shock. Not every day a teenager is doing so with an older woman, who said that he she liked. I was blinded. I was in love with her ".

Jealousy and hatred

They made love in her car, at home, in school building. Since Billy was too busy in its work to combat drugs and alcohol, he could miss school lessons. They spent a lot of time together. Pamela gave him its more than candid pictures in bikini. As a young man, still a boy, has been a growing feeling of jealousy and hatred for her husband. Pamela told him about Greg as a villain, which made her unhappy, cheated and abused. She wanted to get rid of him ... For example to kill ... Very soon the idea of killing stuck in your head boy. And Pamela kept telling him that if she would be free, you will be able to stay with him, with Billy Flynn, forever.

Pamela Smart pushed to murder her husband not only Billy Flynn. She handles and Cecilia Pierce, cultivate the girl's hatred for Greg.

Billy told the police that it was proposed to arrange the murder of Pam, so that it looked like a burglary. Moreover, she revealed details of a plan Cecilia Pierce. That perceived these discussions as part of a love game, who enjoyed Pam and Billy.
Stephen Savitsky, in his book "Teach me to kill," Having examined the case of Pamela Smart, wrote: "Perhaps for Billy and Cecilia has become a something of a perverse game that had nothing to do with reality. Perhaps they aroused flirt with danger, a kind of dance at the edge of the abyss. Maybe not next to them was an adult, able to calm the children open their eyes and pay attention to the fact that their behavior becomes dangerous.

In any case, daily contact with Pam all these strange conversations about the murder of her husband become a familiar form of their lives. Pam tried, of course different, to tie the boy and the girl to her. And made his. Cecilia and Billy, who yearned to feel loved, special, believe this woman. Mad idea Pam failed: children without disgust, gradually, by small steps along the road at the end of which was death ".

Billy by Pamela's passion grew, and grew stronger with her determination to kill her husband. He enlisted the support of 17-year-old Patrick Randall, 18-year-old Vance Lettima and 19-year-old Raymond Fowler. All of them, and Pamela Flynn promised reward, not too true, great: stereo, a little money, some things from home. The only condition Pam was asked to take her beloved dog. She feared that the death of the owner may disturb the animal.

Towel on the carpet

The first attempt to kill Greg foiled. Four of the conspirators, having gone "to the case of Pamela's car, got lost and did not immediately found a home smarts. They were going to hide in the house, waiting for Greg to return from work done with him. But when they finally arrived, he was at home.

The second time, failure was. Flynn and Rendepp came near the house and dressed in jackets with hoods, purchased in advance. When they approached the home of Greg Smart, from the corner in front of them appeared kind of couple. The boys clung to the wall, pulling on the hood. They entered the house through the metal door of a basement and ransacked in the master bedroom, bathroom and living room, trying to portray the consequences of robbery, burglary ... Two other accomplices, Lettim and Fowler, waited in the car.

Murder itself took several seconds. They attacked Greg in the hall. Pulling a man on the floor, Randall began to swing in front of him with a knife. Later the boy told police that he had not the heart to kill Smart. Flynn then took out a revolver and shot at Greg. He fell down on a towel spread on the carpet. Pamela explained to them in advance that she does not want to tile floor and carpet were stained with blood.

Telephone call, which sent police on the desired path was from Louise Coleman, Thirty familiar Cecilia. Cecilia told her that he knew a woman who plans to kill her husband because of the insurance. At first, Louise decided that Cecilia or dreams, or she had "gone crazy". But when she learned of the murder of Greg Smart, I realized that the obligation to tell the police about the conversation with Cecilia.

A month after the murder of Captain Jackson had no doubts about the guilt of Pamela. Her behavior, coupled with rumors to induce the belief that this woman is somehow mixed up here. Pamela continued to spend time with their young friends, that in the circumstances, looked at least improper. Captain Jackson turned for help to his father Greg, Bill. Smart Senior horrified callousness sister, her indifference to her husband's death. He realized that it was probably Pamela ruined his son. And he began to assist the police in the investigation.

Cecilia was interrogated again and again. But she remained loyal Pamela Smart. Although the Cecilia has not participated in the murder, she refused to testify against the woman he considered his close friend.

But the young murderers could not resist not to boast of his feat. Soon the whole school was chattering about. One student, Ralph Welch, reacted to these conversations seriously. He told his father Vance Lettima that his revolver was used to murder and, besides, his son was involved in this case. Lettim checked the revolver and immediately discovered that he was fired from. He went to the police and told. Soon all four were to the investigator.

Cecilia helps Justice

The vicious world of Pamela collapsing, and she still could not believe his collapse. The boys testified: Flynn confessed to the murder, the others argued that all this is perceived as a game for them and had no idea that they were participating in the planned murder. But they argued that Pam Flynn forced to kill her husband. But all this was not enough for the arrest of Pamela Smart. Indications guys had to confirm the fact of her complicity in a crime.

"We needed proof, then the captain explained Jackson. - You had to Pamela Smart herself admitted her guilt. Fortunately, Celia Pearce after two interviews after everyone else realized that what happened is abhorrent and despicable, and agreed to help us get Pamela to tell the truth ".

The girl was wearing a secret microphone, so that during interviews with Pamela convict her of murdering her husband. She was instructed to refer to any conversations.
Pamela Smart, in theory, should have been concerned that her young co-conspirators were in custody and testified during questioning. But outwardly she was calm. In the first conversation with Cecilia, she was careful. Moreover, she assured Cecilia, that she and Billy, nothing was. But the conversation lasted. Police kept advised Cecilia. She was told to tell Pam that the lawyer wants to talk to her about a love note, which she once wrote to Billy.

That record a conversation Pam and Cecilia:

"Pam: Whatever they say, whatever they forced you to say, I do not have this any idea.

Cecilia: Well, I know only that I should come and talk with you. Ya.. I do not know what to do. I should talk to a lawyer. You know, I hate lies.

Pam: I mean, if you tell the truth, find yourself an accomplice to murder.

Cecilia: True.

Pam: So you made your choice. What think your family? They will say: "Cecilia, you're aware of it!" Do you understand? "

In another interview she tried to keep Cecilia on its side: "I think I was a good friend to you. And it is worth something, even if you send me away ... But even if you do it, do you think this will solve your problem? Do not hope, the problem does not run out. The whole family will clamor: "You knew about the killer, how could you live with that?" And all the newspapers will write about you. And on the radio will be repeated a million times, you know? "

"A victim of unbridled fantasy"

In the end, Pamela Smart gradually began to impersonate a conversation with the girl, whose fate is closely linked with its own. During one of his last interviews, which were recorded and listened, Pamela blurted out: "Billy could say that I promised to pay the guys. I do not know what Billy told them to go with him. But these are only words. I mean, they have no evidence. Where's the money? They are not. They can not tie me babbling frightened sixteen milksop. Me, with my professional reputation and the course that I teach. You know what that means? They must believe me ".

Pamela Smart was surprised when Detective Dan Peleter soon came to her office and stated bluntly: "I have for you have two news: good and bad. The good news - we have found the murderer of your husband. The bad - you were arrested for complicity in murder ".
When she was taken into custody, the guys have confirmed that knew about the murder. Admitted that they did this because Billy and Pamela was love. But Pamela insisted that the innocent, that she - the victim of unbridled imagination of adolescents. She said that never tempting Billy Flynn, has never slept with him, not incited his friends to murder. But in the early days of the trial in March 1991, it became clear that her story hard to believe. She could handle any number of impressionable teenagers, but the jurors knew the business. They make decisions based not on emotion but on facts.
Billy Flynn testified under oath that shocked all those present in the hall. He described how loaded revolver cartridges like stopped for a moment after it took aim at the head of Greg. "It's like a hundred years have flown - he wept. - And I said:
"Lord, forgive me".

It took longer than the life of Greg

Recordings made with the help of Cecilia, they listened in court. Pamela's voice on the tape did not resemble the voice of mournful widow. The court heard the boastful claim that her position and prestige that it enjoys in the society, give it an advantage over the accused. Attorneys Pamela tried to present the charges against their client as not having a groundless. They argued that Flynn and his company - the mentally abnormal guys who killed Greg Smart on trumped-up reasons.

Jurors, after a long dispute finally came to a conclusion: the murder of teenagers pushed Pamela Smart. She was found guilty.

Judge Douglas P. Gray made a final decision. Pamela Smart was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole; Billy Flynn and Patrick Revdepp received 28 years in prison, Vance Lupim - 18 years. Depot Raymond Fowler in this process was not considered.

Pamela Smart could not believe such an end, even when they heard the verdict. She turned to his lawyer and said: "At first, Billy took the lives of Greg, now it takes me". But Captain Jackson, who for a quarter century of service in the police force has seen many criminals, it made no impression. He said: "Pam Smart not only take the lives of Greg, but crippled the fate of naive, impressionable young guys, when pushed them to commit a crime. This cold, calculating, completely indifferent to everyone but himself, a woman. I think prison for that person - the best place. "

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SMART Pamela, photo, biography
SMART Pamela, photo, biography SMART Pamela  teacher, obsessed with sex with teenagers, the killer's own husband, photo, biography
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