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Ma Barker

( The leader of a gang of thugs)

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Biography Ma Barker
photo Ma Barker
Ma Barker taught his three sons Wisdom: read, write and shoot. She was descended from those very places, which roam the famous desperado Jesse James. Four sons under her leadership, became one of the most dangerous and violent gangs in American history. She taught them to follow the rule, which states: All laws are designed to ensure that they violate

. Unlike his contemporaries, - handsome Fleytsa and John Dillivdzhera that although they were notorious villains, failed to profiteer and get rich at their crimes - the guys Barker have extracted huge sums of money, while remaining elusive
. On its way across the country - from the Midwest to the far southern Texas - they acted boldly, and murdered in cold blood without any hesitation. These were the dregs of society, having learned his own mother to live by the laws of the underworld.

Real name M. Barker - Arizona Donnie Clark. She was born in Siringfilde, Missouri, in 1872, an illiterate farmer in the family of an alcoholic and God-fearing mother, who taught her to read the Bible and playing the violin. The girl dropped out of school when she was ten years old, and all life had a passion for reading cheap books on crimes villains like Jesse James. Arri, as she called herself, was shocked when I saw Jesse on horseback at the head of the gang. In 1892, when the Dalton gang was killed by police bullets during a bank robbery in Koffeville, Kansas, Arri wore mourning. It was her then 20 years.

Her grief somewhat abated, when she married George Barker, laborer, such as uneducated as myself. Weak and indecisive, he immediately was "pinned" his wife. He was especially battered, when she leaned on whiskey. However, they managed to give birth to four healthy sons: Herman, Lloyd, Arthur and Fred. All children have grown up bandits and all, like their mother, died from a bullet. In my state, they were known as the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" (yes, with bitter irony, they are called by the local school teacher). In 1908, under the influence of neighbors, who thought that she gave birth to sons of the devil, Ma with her brood and her husband moved to the Webb-Sigi. She chose this city as well as recently discovered in the vicinity of gold. The desire to get rich was the only hope of this family. Barker continued to live in extreme poverty in his shack without water and electricity. Everyday hardships and resentment kopilis from year to year and pushed young people to crime.

Ma pathologically hated any authority and those who allowed himself the slightest remark about her roguish brood. She believed that all police officers are against her sons. In 1910, Herman Barker became the first person arrested for theft. Rather than scold his son, she pounced on the police: "My boys are marked by God, You will burn in hell, if even just touch his filthy hands on any of Barker!".

. In 1915, after numerous clashes with the law and the family was moved to the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where her husband found a job on the railroad
. They all lived in the same poverty, and his sons continued to violate the law. The boys went through the entire set of teenage crime - from burglary to car theft and robbery.

Ma Barker quickly established friendly relations with the motley crowd, composed of loafers, tramps, drug addicts, murderers and robbers. She is very attached to the type on behalf of Herb Farmer, who was hiding near the village of Joplin, Missouri. She met with many famous criminals of the time, robbers and armed raiders. Soon her house became a haven for fugitive criminals and bandits, who had to sit it out. These constant visitors treated to impressionable boys' romantic stories "about the killings, looting and violence. Psychiatrist James Allen, who has studied the case of Ma Barker, said: "This woman is seen in the hooligans and looters who are constantly dangled in her house, the embodiment of the bandits, whom she idolized as a child. She could not persuade their offspring to respect the rules and laws that existed in the society. She told them about the life of criminals as a kind of romantic adventure in the style of Robin Hood. Boys with a very conventional education and limited horizon heard what they wanted to hear. "

Barker Brothers at the time adulthood is already fully belonged to the criminal world. Ma Barker's delight listening to stories of their sons about their exploits, and readily gave advice on how best to rob a man or a jeweler's shop.

. In 1917, Barker joined the big band, uniting the criminals who robbed banks, post offices and local gas stations
. Ray Terrill, who spent many hours spent with Ma, planning raids on banks, picked up Herman for another robbery. After this "walk" Ma turned the pockets of his son, to make sure that it is not appropriated its share. Once she found wearing Herman $ 50 and beat his son handled revolver.

In 1922, she had to leave for a long time with his eldest son. Lloyd was arrested during a raid on the post, when shot and wounded a security guard. What could she do or say to convince the court of the innocence of a boy? Ma was inconsolable when Lloyd was sentenced to twenty-five years of hard labor. Arthur was next, who fell in the dock. In 1922 he was convicted of murdering a night watchman hospital, when he tried to steal drugs. He received twenty years in prison, despite the attempt to bribe the Ma Barker of another person, that he agreed to take the blame Arthur.

When Arthur was put behind bars, Ma Barker had left her husband, carried away "charms" gay sex. "When Freddie and the other guys are not cleaned out banks, they ran in search of girls for Ma, - told the former bank robber who was once linked to gang Barker. - They brought young girls and old, plenty have a good laugh, ordered Freddie and another member of the gang to get rid of them. These idiots murdered the unfortunate and threw them into the surrounding lake. They all died because of the crazy old woman survivor Barker. Disgusting! This company has me so disgusted that I just double-walked with them in case. And in general, professionals in this nefarious gang did not linger.

"Sexual perverts - so you can call it a bunch, - said the former robber Odette. - Ma became a lesbian, and all the guys, except for Arthur, were gay. There is nothing worse than a bank robber, murderer and a homosexual in one person. You know, if anyone of them saw the approaching armed cop, he immediately fired because he feared for the life of her lover. They defended lovers like myself. Freddy killed many because of her beloved Karpis. They were mad lovers, murderers. "

In 1926, Freddie was fifteen years for armed bank robbery in Uindfilde, Kansas. Duration organized Ma. The only one who remained at large, was Hermann. Ma worried for their sons, but not even thought to talk to Herman harmful things. Pain that insisted that he joined a gang Kaymsa-Terripla, who specialized in stealing bank safes. The robbers pulled mnogopudovye armored boxes with a winch, and then blew up to open. Typically, success accompanied them. But in 1926, during a routine raid on the bank, when a detachment of police surrounded the bandits, Herman was injured. He managed to flee home in Tulsa, under the wing of Ma. Even the son of bandaging wounds, she taught him new ways to strike at banks and shops. September 18 Herman robbed a grocery store in Newton, Kansas, and was in a hurry to leave town on a stolen car with his accomplices. On the outskirts of the town sheriff, John Marshall raised his hand to stop the rushing car, but Herman cut off his queue from the automaton. Marshall was killed instantly.

The next day in the town of Wichita Herman got into police trap. Firing, he cleared and the machine, and a pistol, then took from his breast pocket of his jacket mascot - the patron, who called the "happy". It was his last shot, which he settled accounts with life.

Ma Barker was convinced that Herman had killed police. She said: "Barker is not done. Barker grew up not to kill themselves to please the pigs ". But forensic evidence proved that he really has himself put the point in its short life of crime.

. Passion for young girls from Ma did not abated, but she knew that there must be a man, who would have cared about it until the sons are sitting behind bars
. She contacted an alcoholic, who has a soul was not a penny, stating: "The best drinking man, than any". His name was Arthur Dunlop. Now, Ma Barker shared his time between drafting letters to governors and commandants of prisons, asking for leniency for his sons, and maintaining premises for fugitive offenders. In addition, she has successfully mastered a new "craft", selling stolen goods. The head of the FBI would later say about her: "Suicide of Herman, the conclusion of the three other sons in prison, turned it into a real mother of the beast. She wallows in the abyss of vice and violence. "

. The money received from desperadoes, whom she kept at home, plus income from the sale of jewelry and other valuables - all this makes it unnecessary imaginary patronage of Arthur Dunlop, while Ma and continued to live with him
. She simply did not notice, since all of its present-day life was devoted to the release of his sons: "At least one of my poor boys must be at large. At least one ... That's all I ask. Who will prevent a poor woman over her heart at least one of the sons? "In 1931, her persistent pleas for mercy finally had an effect: Freddy was released from prison. He brought with him his cellmate Alvin Karpis. This was one of the unpardonable mistakes of the authorities. Allotted to the will of the lovers immediately, with the blessings of Ma, started a new wave of terror. Karpis later explained: "I wanted to have big cars, like the rich people, and all that jazz. I knew that all my life grinding away like a fool I do not get this ". Such a conclusion had to Ma Barker of the soul, therefore, not surprising that Karpis was like her son, taking the place of Herman.

Freddy was in love with Karpis. In his prison cell, they vowed that from now on will never stop either in front of the guardians of the law, or before death. They will simply kill and take the booty.

In the summer of 1931, in the midst of the Great Depression, ruined millions of ordinary Americans, the couple launched a violent activity, robbing several jewelry stores and department stores selling clothing. Twice they were caught, jailed small towns, but they are easily arranged escape and continued his binge. From time to time they returned home to Ma, reporting to her about his "exploits" and giving part of the spoils. They persuaded Ma to move with them from Tulsa in the farmhouse in Koskononge, Missouri, and made it a sort of headquarters.

. Karpis, who became an electrician cool thanks to years spent in federal prison, equipped to house a complex system of signaling that the police had not caught them by surprise
. Under an assumed name Dunn and Hamilton shook his two lovers on midwestern states. In July of that year, they successfully robbed the hardware store - where we picked up a thousand dollars. Two days later, Sheriff Charles Kelly knew them when they were sitting in the car and sharing the booty. He drew a revolver, to arrest the criminals, but they shot first. Sheriff collapsed on the road dead. Barker was time to slip away and find somewhere safe place until the noise made by this murder, did not subside.

. Ma left the farm house in Missouri and moved to the town of Saint Paul, Minnesota, known as a place where gangsters hiding from the law
. Again she organized here a refuge for bandits. In addition, well-known raiders Jack Pfeiffer and Harry Sawyer became her close friends. Ma was robbery plans trucks carrying goods over long distances, and Freddie and Karpis implement them. Pfeiffer and Sawyer sold the loot, and Ma received his share, and spent it on lawyers, hoping to use them to release the remaining sons.

. Family criminals hated poor Arthur Dunlop, once married a Ma, and did not want to tolerate his presence
. The body of the unfortunate husband, perforated with bullets, was found floating in the icy water of Lake Fristed in Wisconsin in late 1931. Shot his stepfather, Freddie Barker.

Freddie and Karpis provernuli by that time several cases on their own and do not want to depend more on Pfeiffer and Sawyer. Many desperate heads were willing to work at Freddie and Karpis. The pair organized his own gang. Between 1931 and 1933 they robbed a dozen banks, killed many people, including the chief of police Manley Jackson, several guards and police. Ma Barker and Freddy became the most dangerous of all the wanted criminals in America. On their account were dozens of bloody corpses.

In October 1932 Arthur Barker was released on parole. Now Ma's two sons were at large and "worked" in the field of crime. In May 1932, Ma dawned on me: "Stop robbing banks, it is time to do kidnapping for ransom '. Judged as a criminal: once it had spent huge sums of money, using every opportunity to rescue from prison, his son, a rich family so no longer stand up for the price to return their children. Merging with Fred Hotze, a former accomplice of the notorious Chicago mobsters Al Capone, Ma Barker produced an insidious plan kidnapping William Hamm, head of a rich dynasty of brewers.

. 15 June 1933 on the road from its brewery in St. Paul Hamm was kidnapped and Freddie Karpis
. He was forced to sign papers with ransom, blindfolded, were taken a few hours on the road, before delivering into the lair of Ma Barker, where he was kept under guard. Three days of family brewer consulted with the police and argued among themselves until they decided to pay the ransom. Package of money was thrown on the run from the car on a deserted road in the suburb of Saint Paul. The plan worked, Ma Barker, and William Hamm, whole and unhurt, returned to the family.

Brothers and Ma Barker, and their think tank, do not forget about the old fishing - robbing banks. In August 1933, gangsters attacked a vehicle carrying the money. Their production was 30 thousand dollars. In the ensuing shootout, one policeman was killed and another seriously injured. Another one "cop" they killed a month later - during an unsuccessful raid on a bank in Chicago.

Still abduction Ma attracted much more. The ease with which they took the ransom for Hamm, convinced her that this case is more profitable and less dangerous than raids on banks with the removal of safes, gunfights and chases. Sensing that the atmosphere after a series of murders around the Barker began to heat up (everywhere were posters with their portraits and the words "wanted by the FBI"), Ma suggested that the time to go into hiding, and then steal a prominent banker from Minneapolis Edward Bremer.

. Few months, Ma developed a plan of kidnapping, before she sent her "boys" on the case.

. On the morning of January 17, 1934 Bremer landed his eight-year daughter about school and went to the office
. He was trapped when the car stopped at the traffic lights. Arthur ran up to her and put a gun to his head banker.

Bremer was forced to sign a request to the family of the repurchase of $ 200 thousand dollars. Family Bremer police has not gone, but their attempts to pay ransom repeatedly disrupted for various reasons. Too nervous Arthur Barker, Bremer wanted to kill, but Freddie stopped him saying: "Of course, you can knock him out of brains, but you know what to say, Ma!" One mention of the name led Arthur delete revolver. Edward Bremer returned to the family after the February 17, 1934 ransom was handed over to the bandits.

Karpis and Freddie, along with Ma decided to have cosmetic surgery to change the appearance and escape from persecution. They found a doctor on behalf of Joseph Moran, who, as it turned out, was an alcoholic. Moran gave them morphine, before assuming his clumsy work. Ma still preparing for the operation, when she saw that Moran did with Freddie. At this surgical activity Moran ended: on the order of Ma Freddie and Arthur shot him.

Ma insisted that the gang split up, and the first thing sent Arthur to live in Chicago. Herself, she rented a house in a sparsely populated area in Florida. Karpis and other gang members there regularly frequented. In 1935, someone reported to Arthur, and he was arrested by FBI agents once went out of his Chicago apartment. In other circumstances he would certainly have pulled a revolver and began shooting. And as luck Tyr he left the weapon at home.

During a search of the apartment of Arthur found a map with similar instructions on how to find a place in Florida, where he was hiding Ma and Freddie. On such a success the FBI could only dream of! Now the police had only to carefully plan their actions to eliminate the bandits' hideout - and the operation's success was assured.

January 16, 1935, FBI agents surrounded the house. One of them, wearing a bulletproof vest, offered to surrender Ma. Seeing him, she opened the door and hissed through clenched teeth: "Would you all to hell!" When the door slammed, the inspector heard her say to him: "Vrezh these damned cops - shoot!".

. Keeping calm, Ma went upstairs and opened the window of fire from automatic rifles at the people, and overlaid them lair
. Freddie's mother kept the fire from the machine. The FBI responded in kind, and then launched a tear gas. Fierce gunfire lasted about an hour. When at last the shooting stopped, a local man volunteered to look into the house. He found no signs of life Ma. Freddie died, having fourteen bullets.

Both of her remaining son also died. Arthur was killed by guards in prison Alcatraz in San Francisco while trying to escape. Lloyd has spent twenty-five years for murder and was released in 1947. Soon he was married, but two years later killed his wife.

That was the end of history "boys" Barker fallen under the evil hypnosis mother, who was blamed for the tragedy.

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  • WHO wrote this biography of Ma Barker? The grammar is so atrocious, it's difficult to make sense of it. Obviously, the writer has not been schooled in the English language.
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