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Graham Young

( Poisoner)

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Biography Graham Young
photo Graham Young
Can a child be born a devil? Graham Young was a child prodigy on the part of the poisons. He experimented with lethal doses, when he was not yet sixteen. And then began to persecute his family and friends as the experimental rats.

As a young child, Graham was already obsessed with poisons. If most people have only one word "poison" causing anxiety and fear, then Graham calmly, even as it amused, and studied their lethal effects, and waited impatiently for hours to proceed with the "present case".

As with Ian Brady, vile murderer, Yang was a joyless childhood. Harboring a deep resentment against the world, he was looking for role models among the same outcasts. His idols were the doctor flu, has killed his family, and the villain of the Victorian era, William Palmer. In thinking about their life and the terrible crimes Graham found some consolation to make up this lack of affection in the family.

Graham was born in September 1947. His mother died when he was only three months. Behind him look after his father's sister, Aunt Winifred with her husband Jack, and their landlord, good-natured. However, in two years, the boy's life changed dramatically. He was sent to his father, zhenivshemusya of twenty to a woman named Molly. Later psychologists have noted that the first lesson of cruelty Young received when he was forcibly separated from most favorite people - Aunt Winifred and Uncle Jack. After returning to his father's house, he never could believe in human kindness, believing that everything in life leads to pain and disappointment.

The relationship with my stepmother were good, but he lacked the maternal affection and love. Perhaps Molly was hard to force myself to be with him affectionately as early as nine years old a boy constantly dug in containers with debris in search of poisons, read books on Satanism and began to wear a badge with a swastika, which bought the junk. Graham refused to withdraw it, even at the request of school teachers.

However, Graham had an exceptional intellect and superb ability in the sciences. When the house found him pass the examination, his father gave the boy a set of chemicals. This gift served as the magic key "which opened the door to the wonderful country of poisons, with which Graham dreamed experiment. Retorts and burners, pipettes, and laboratory crucibles were his toys in an age when most boys his pockets crammed with slingshots and toffees. His games were more violent than other children.

Graham liked to watch the death throes mouse, which he gave the poison, prepared with the help of chemicals from a set. When his angry stepmother threw even a live mouse and demanded to continue not to bring them into the house, . he drew a tombstone near the mound, . which wrote: "In memory of the deceased hated stepmother - Molly Young, . and slipped the picture on the poor woman's eyes,

The boy pulled out of school some chemicals and a bottle of ether, which he liked to sniff. He climbed into the room stepmother and stole nail polish remover, which is used to kill a frog in one of his experiments.

He was the twelfth year, and teachers in the school knew that Graham dock not only poisons but also in pharmacology. He knew the components of most drugs available in the house, and could easily make a diagnosis with lung diseases.

However, the drugs and their therapeutic properties the least interested in him. The boy attracted poisons and consequences of their impact. When he was thirteen years old, he came across a book that forever changed his life. It was a story of a criminal XIX century, Edward Pritchard, poisoned his wife and mother of antimony. Antimony - a slow acting poison that causes the victims cramps, vomiting and edema. These symptoms often lead to misdiagnosis and therefore often used antimony killers.

Chemist Jeffrey Reis from Nisdena Graham sold a little antimony. Yang concealed his age, saying that he had seventeen. Flight later told police that he was struck by the knowledge of the guy Poisons and detailed descriptions of the planned experiments with antimony.

Yanggu managed to cut around the chemist around the finger, hiding the true purpose of their experiments.
Chris Williams, one school friends, Graham, also carried away with chemistry. Young invited him to his home lab together to watch the dying agonies the experimental mice. But Chris, it seems, has not had a liking, and he began to make friends with another guy. Graham considered this a betrayal. Chris should have been punished, and Young began to add antimony in its sandwiches and with malice to monitor the results. After a Chris had two bouts of severe vomiting, the parents sent a guy to the doctor, who, however, failed to make an exact diagnosis.

The first half of 1961 Graham added a small dose of poison in the food of his high school buddy.

Epidemic poisoning

Young has always carried a vial of antimony, calling him "my little buddy". When the stepmother by chance I found a bottle with a skull and crossbones, she demanded that the step-stop travel for the chemicals to flights and reported on the age of chemist Graham. But it is impossible to stop. Graham found a new supplier and a new victim.

This victim was supposed to be Molly Young.
In October and November 1961, Mrs. Young suffered several bouts of severe vomiting. Then the same happened with his father Graham and his aunt Winifred. Once by mistake Yang added antimony in their food, and also very ill, but that did not stop the young poisoner. Using antimony oxide, purchased from Edgar Davis, also a chemist, dupe knowledge youngster, Graham took up his half-sister. But she felt a strange taste and spit the tea, accusing the mother in that she badly washed away with the cup for cleaning powder.
Winifred was the first who was diagnosed: "poisoning". She became ill in the subway on the way to work on a summer morning in 1962. She felt dizzy, his face twisted in pain, and she was taken to the ambulance to the hospital in Middlesex, where the doctor said that she might poison belladonna. Winifred felt guilty of his nephew, but a search of his room did not confirmed her suspicions.

Meanwhile, Molly's health continued to deteriorate, as Graham all increased the dose of poison that is added to her food. In early 1962 Molly died.

Since the age of fourteen Graham Young made a real murder. He was arrested on suspicion of poisoning her stepmother, but later released without charge. Molly's body was cremated, and evidence of the presence of poison in the blood disappeared along with the body.

Since then, Graham believed in their right to punish those who annoy or betrayed. In addition, it is not all heed the end. Father continued to receive doses of antimony, as well as the unfortunate friend of Graham, who had continued to suffer from sudden bouts of vomiting. But they still were alive. Finally finished off the poison of Fred Young, and he was taken to a clinic in Uilsdene, where he was diagnosed: "arsenic poisoning".

"Funny! - Grinning young Young himself during a visit to his father in the hospital. - I can not imagine how you can not see the differences between the antimony and arsenic poisoning ". He suggested to doctors that his father had all the signs of poisoning by antimony, but silent, of course, as the poison in the body. Father rejoiced, saying that he was lucky and he will live. But his liver was almost completely destroyed. He was discharged, but after a few days again brought to the clinic, because Graham could not resist and added a tea for her father the next portion of antimony.

Family Yangov was no longer seriously disturbed by suspicions that all diseases - the handiwork of their "beloved" boy. They are bothered by that, with some interest and revival Graham discussed with doctors effects of poisons on the body. Father advised his aunt Winifred monitor nephew. However, the "exploits" of the young poisoner opened a school chemistry teacher.

He examined the boy and found desk notebook with horrible pictures of people in death throes, the empty bottle from under the oxide of antimony, as well as detailed descriptions of what dose of poison needed to poison an adult. After discussion with the director it was decided to call the police. The police, in turn, decided to invite a psychiatrist who helped to catch the Yang-handed.

Posing as employees guidance office, the psychiatrist asked a guy about what he was going to do after graduation. The doctor was amazed at Graham's deep knowledge in the field of toxicology. After Young gradually poured out all he knows, a psychiatrist there is no doubt that this teenager psychopath. He advised the police to search the room boys. A search revealed seven types of poison, tucked away in various places, as well as a large number of antimony compounds.

Returning home from school, Graham faced with police. He flatly denied any involvement in the poisoning of relatives, but vanity gained the upper hand. At one time he could not resist, not to boast of his knowledge of doctors and psychiatrists, but now it had burst in front of the police, and with bravado, he began to paint what he is lucky poisoner. He confessed everything: called the dose, duration of the introduction of the poison and how to prepare mixtures of toxic.

In Eshfordskom Research Center Graham subjected to a thorough psychiatric examination. Doctors have recognized his case is very rare, because the teenager did not feel guilt. "He clearly is no concept of love of neighbor, and there was not even in my thoughts the understanding that he must live for some laws, established in society" - such was the official opinion of the experts. Young was distributed to doctors about the love of his father, but treated him as a guinea pig. He told them: "I chose to close because they are always there and I was able to keep a diary of observations of the results of experiments". Graham felt no remorse. "I like antimony, for the power over others is that it gives me" - he explained.

Case schoolboy poisoner has attracted public attention. He appeared in court July 6, 1962. Judge was appointed Melford Stevenson from the "Old Bailey". This Supreme Court of Britain half a century ago was sentenced to death idol Graham Young - Doctor Flu.

Graham was accused of poisoning her father, aunt and a school friend. He spoke at the trial only once in an attempt to justify themselves and read a statement written by him in pretrial detention. Police also Graham said: "I thought that the doses are given, not lethal, but I understood that there have been not very well. It affected me like a drug, even though I did not take drugs. I realized the idiocy of his experiments with poisons. I knew it from the outset, but could not stop ".

After the psychiatrist found that Young, a psychopath, he recommended to place the defendant in the well-known psychiatric clinic in Brodmore. The judge wondered why in such a bleak and desolate place, but after the speech of Dr. Donald Blair, another psychiatric expert, all doubts have disappeared. Blair told the court: "I have no doubt that this young man is very dangerous to society. His obsessions and completely abnormal interest in poisons and experiments with them are unlikely to disappear, and he will do his black case and beyond ".

Yang was sent to Brodmor showing not released pending authorization from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. But the world is not the last time I heard about Graham Yanga and Poisons.

Poisoner jail

Brodmor completely arranged Graham and became his second home. This institution is primarily a clinic, and the young poisoner was surrounded by such a variety of drugs, narcotics and other drugs, what could not dream. He enjoyed "lectured" the staff and often gave advice to nurses on the use of drugs in the lack of doctors. Suspicion fell on him after the killer-old John Berridge died of cyanide poisoning. But Graham was not accused of this crime, despite the fact that he repeatedly told other inmates how to make this poison from the leaves of laurel, growing in the courtyard of the clinic.

House of Yang's Brodmore became a place of worship to fascism and was abundantly decorated with swastikas. He even grew a mustache and combs under Adolf Hitler. He managed to get a "green card" - a special pass that allows you to walk freely in the wards and in the garden. The pass he was given by psychiatrists, despite protests and warnings of the rest of the medical staff. This document gave Yanggu to collect leaves and plants with toxic components and steal chemicals and drugs. Nurses often found vials of poison is not the appropriate shelves, and in quite unexpected places. Yanggu managed to hide some but not all.

And then the staff and patients began to feel pains in my stomach, convulsions appeared. Later emerged that Young freely distributed poison throughout the clinic.

With the support of two doctors who wanted to get rid of him, Graham managed to convince the security service to release it on Christmas Day 1970. He spent the holiday with my aunt, but returned to Brodmor, he felt humiliated as never before. His indignation he expressed the following words: "When I get out of here, I will kill one person for every year spent here".

Staff Clinic warned that in mind this guy is firmly seated one single idea: to become the most famous poisoner after influenza. His notes from the threats will be stored in the archives clinic.

Nevertheless, Graham Young has over nine years would be at liberty. At 23 he would return to the simplest of his aunt Winifred in her house in Hampstead, Hertfordshire, to then go to the boarding house in Chippenheme and start a new life.

Another poisoning

A few weeks later he again took up the old. An avid fan of football, Trevor Sparks, who met with Young in a training room, he suddenly felt pain, then there were convulsions. It lasted six months, and he was so exhausted mysterious "disease" that completely forgot about football. Sparks later confirmed that was friends with Graham and never would have thought that he had systematically persecuted him with poison.

In April 1971, in the eyes Yanggu came across an ad with an invitation to work in the company John Storekeeper Hedlenda in Bovingdone. This company is engaged in the production of precision optical equipment and photo equipment. Graham liked the administrator Godfrey Foster. His long delay in the work, he explained the disease of the nervous system. Foster made inquiries at a training center and has received excellent reviews. After that, Foster had no hesitation Yang.

May 10, 1971 he arrived at the place of work. The company believed that the executive has become a storekeeper, but actually hired the angel of death. Young took a room, and soon all the lockers in it were crammed with bubbles of poison. At work, he was considered a quiet and unassuming young man, but when the conversation turned to chemistry, he immediately unusually animated and changed.

His best friend was 41-year-old Ron Hevit, who was about to leave the company, but remained to pass the case to his successor - Graham Yanggu. With other relationships, too, were benevolent. Ron does not just give the money borrowed to Young, treated with cigarettes, and Young paid for his kindness, carrying employees tea, flavored with poison.

Less than a month since joining the company in a 59-year-old Bob Aegle, storekeeper, sudden onset of diarrhea with cramps and vomiting. Then came down with similar symptoms Hevit Ron, who came to the same burning sensation in the larynx. Employees Hedlenda called mysterious pain "infection". In fact, the symptoms were caused by intake of a toxic chemical element - Thallium. Young bought the thallium from chemists in London and slipped it into tea colleagues. No one suspected, as thallium is tasteless and odorless and therefore doubly dangerous.

July 7, Bob Egl died. His death was painful, but the autopsy did not, as doctors diagnosed bronchial pneumonia caused by pyelonephritis.

In September, after a relatively quiet summer for employees, he suddenly died, Fred Biggs, twenty days tormented by cramps and pain. Young played a sympathetic, as was the case with his other victims. "Poor Fred, - he cried hypocrisy. - It's awful! I can not understand how it happened. I loved him so much ". Soon, four other workers were victims of unexplained "illness". In two hair fell out and had the strong nervous disorder.

Company management was very concerned about the deteriorating health of employees and invited a local doctor Ian Anderson for a medical examination. He did not identify the source of a mysterious "infection", but after a conversation with Young, in which he again could not restrain himself and showed tremendous knowledge in the field of toxicology, bewilderment Anderson grew into suspicion. He consulted with the administration, and she called in Scotland Yard. Police thoroughly questioned all the servants, and experts from the government research laboratory tests of patients studied employees.
Doctors determined that the cause of death and illness of the staff was thallium

. Young was arrested at his father's house, and when he was taken, he boldly asked: "Who of them had me arrested?"

. However, Young told the court that he was innocent, although found in the pocket of his jacket bottle of thallium and the list of employees, found in his bedroom
. The list was given in evidence, as two of this list have already died and others were in serious condition.

But Young could not resist the desire boast. He gave details of his first crime - the murder of her stepmother, and explained why hunted his colleagues: "I think that I no longer see them as people like me. To me, they were guinea pigs. Senior officer Harvey, who was charged with investigating the case of Graham Young, warned that for such recognition he faces life imprisonment. To which Graham replied: "You still have to prove my guilt". At trial, he intended to abandon their confessions during the preliminary investigation.

December 3 Yanggu Graham was charged with the murder Aegle on the basis of studies of ashes from an urn with his ashes. In the ashes were found traces of thallium. Young did not admit guilt. He was also charged with the murder of Fred Bittsa and the attempted murder of two others, as well as the use of poison against two employees.

In prison, Young asked the guards, not whether the wax museum Madame Tussauds replenish their exposure by placing his statue next to his favorite heroes - Hitler and the poisoner Palmer. He threatened to commit suicide if he's found guilty, and promised to do it in the dock. But nothing like this has happened.

The court, after considering all the evidence and hear witnesses found him guilty on all the charges. After a brief conversation with his family, he was taken into custody, and in July 1972, began his term of life imprisonment.

God Court

Yang is not sent back to Brodmor, and took first in Wormwood Scrubs, and then in a closed psychiatric hospital in Park Lane, near Liverpool. In it, he stayed two years, and the doctors realized that he had not got rid of obsessions.

In 1990, they discovered that Yang brought up in the prison yard poisonous mushroom and mixed it with their excrement to prepare a deadly poison.

Graham Young was transferred to a prison in Parkherste the Isle of Wight, and August 2, 1990 he was found dead in cell.

First, the administration's assertion that he had poisoned himself as one of the poisons, but the autopsy showed that death from heart attack.

Few mourn Yanga.
His little sister, Winifred, however, cried, remarking that the deceased's brother is not enough public recognition and fame, but his crimes, he definitely made this. She also said that in life, Graham was all rejected and alone. When she offered him to brighten up the loneliness visit the club or dancing, he replied: "Nothing I do not help. I'm scared. See, I have inside the ice ... "

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