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Arzamasova Lisa

( Young actress)

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Biography Arzamasova Lisa
photo Arzamasova Lisa
Arzamasova Yelizaveta was born March 17, 1995 in Moscow. About to become an actress, Lisa Arzamasova dreamed from early childhood. Her mother remembers how once, watch a movie about Little Red Riding Hood, Lisa to ask only one question: 'How is this girl got there? " Daughter's desire to play-acting was so great that my mother did not stop her. Instead, she tried to open the wishes of Lisa 'green light'.

Since four years she began to act in films. At first they were minor episodes, such as in the film 'The Ark'. But Lisa is absolutely not embarrassed. Once the question of the director, 'I suppose you, like all girls want to play a princess? ", She replied:' All the same. Although the cow, although the sand on the beach '.

In parallel, Lisa worked in the music studio at GITIS. About that time, she recalls: 'It is true that there called me monkey, because I was a little. And instead of dancing, simply floated across the stage on all fours! ".


In addition to dancing Lisa always with great pleasure singing. In the seven years she participated in a great contest of children's talents in Hollywood, where the applicants have come from 60 countries. I even got a small prize. Probably not even his own vocals, but for the ease and looseness, which showed a young actress.

At the same time my mother placed in one of the sites photo and a summary of Lisa. And this step was justified! She got a call from the theater of Estrada, was questioned about her daughter and was invited to the casting. So Lisa took the lead role in the musical director Nina Chusovoj 'Annie''.

Two years of speeches on the stage it has grown into a real musical star, winning the love of the audience and the recognition of professional. In 2004, the 9 th Theater Festival "Moscow Debuts' young actress was honored for this role, the audience award.

. A year later, Lisa Arzamasova debuted at the Moscow Academic Musical Theater "New Opera 'as little Anastasia Romanova in the opera' Anastasia ', and in 2007 played the role of the girl'Iisusa' in the performance of the Moscow Art Theater
. Chekhov's 'man-bag' (directed by Kirill Serebrennikov).

Big Movie

Along with the theatrical career developed rapidly and the film career of the young actress. In 2005-06 Lisa Arzamasova appeared in several films and serials, demonstrating the highest for such a young age acting. And it could not go unnoticed. For the role of Lina in the film 'In captivity time' Lisa was awarded the prize and diploma of the Festival 'Moscow Premiere', as well as a diploma "For the talented actor's work 'in 14 international children's festival" Artek ".

. In the military picture 'secret weapon' Liza inherited the role of the general's daughter
. Complex role. Mute girl who lost parents in the war, is held captive by the Germans. In one scene, Lisa had to draw. Parents house, an explosion: my mother remembers, Julia Arzamasova: 'In the scenario is written:' girl, and paints a worrying figure of a woman '. And I really see a girl who is worried. And she paints a figure of a woman: 'Mama'. Then soldier. He writes: 'Papa'. And then somehow strange catches this pencil and has quickly draws a house, then more rapidly - a tree. And very quickly draws explosion. And when she drew the explosion, she began to cry already sobbing. But this was not enough for her and Lisa, sobbing, tears, first in pencil and paper continues vigorously to draw in air. Tears were now pouring in all. And only at this peak of tears, she suddenly falls flat on his back on the table ... ' Yes, it is not subject to many an adult professional actors:


In the episode, 'Daddy's Daughter' Lisa Arzamasova came already an experienced actress. Here she played the role of one of the daughters of the therapist Vasnetsov - Ghali. In the series of this serious, not sensible age girl prodigy called by my name - Galina.

Successfully picked cast (Andrei Leonov and young actresses: Lisa Arzamasova, Katia Starshova, Dasha Melnikova, Anastasia Sivaev, Miroslava Karpovich), as well as lightweight, casual theme, determined the highest audience rating of TV series. This young actors often outperform their adult counterparts. Above all, this applies to Lisa Arzamasova. Senior Program 'Stories in the details' Sergei Mayorov so appreciative of the acting skills of Lisa:' to beat the child is very difficult to. Remember the episode where Galina and her teacher compete: through the gates of what had gone Herzen, how much does the train that took him, and who was train driver ... I myself by profession an actor, and I understand as an adult actress was difficult to work with this girl. Because Lisa her hamming. And if you look at what Lisa does in the theater, you realize that this girl - a great actress, fantastic '.

On Liza's new line of work in film and a great-great life ahead


. 2000 We both live
. 2001 Line Protection
. 2,002 ark
. 2003 History of one disease
. 2003 Lawyer - series (before 2007)
. 2004 The Rider Named Death
. 2004 Place under the Sun
. 2004 Making a Mars
. 2004 Ragin
. 2004 Only you
. 2005 Private Detective - Series
. 2005 Echelon - series
. 2006 Secret weapons
. 2006 Return of the thirtieth
. 2006 under the hail of bullets
. 2007 The Brothers Karamazov
. 2007 Adult life Polina Subbotina
. 2007 Daddy's Daughter - TV series
. 2007 I am a detective - series
. His 2007 children
. 2008 Agency "Dream"

. Winner of the Audience Choice Award 9th Theater Festival 'Moscow Debuts' (2004, for his role in the musical comedy 'Annie')

. Winner of the prize and diploma of the Festival "Moscow Premiere 'for the best children's role (2006, for the film' In the captivity of time ')

. Winner of the diploma "For the talented actor's work 'in 14 international children's festival" Artek "(2006, for the film' In the captivity of time ')

. author: Igor BIN

. Materials used:
. Lisa Arzamasova site http://www.kino-teatr.ru;
. Galina - Lisa Arzamasova
. Interviews. http://www.papinydochki.ru;
Lisa Arzamasova (Halina) plays Kirill Serebrennikov. http://wday.ru;
Lisa Arzamasova. Interviews. Interviewed by Elvira Simenyura. http://ruskino.ru

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  • Arzamasova Lisa
  • Arzamasova Lisa
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  • Arzamasova Lisa

Photos of Arzamasova Lisa
Arzamasova LisaArzamasova LisaArzamasova LisaArzamasova Lisa

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  • Marina for Arzamasova Lisa
  • Lisa, you are very talented actress!
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  • as you can meet with you??
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  • I wish Lisa had taken into account. I saw "big difference". There you have shown in the picture. To delay the edge of the eye - very pretty. Buy a lens. And it changed her hair - the horror.
  • Anna for Arzamasova Lisa
  • In general, your good work. This is not a criticism - this advice)
  • Dance for Arzamasova Lisa
  • Lisa! I do not like your face! But you -T+-+ girl! My advice: be -T!
  • Aleksandr Big Men for Arzamasova Lisa
  • Lisa Hello, this is Alexander from Peter! I vosheschen oboyatelnostyu your mind and ... what a pity that you are from Moscow and you 14 years .... and as I write on your page .... Wecan
  • Uliana for Arzamasova Lisa
  • really want to meet you =))) in which you class? I'm 6-om.menya Galina's senses are called!
  • Son4i for Arzamasova Lisa
  • AAAA! I adore you !
  • Tatiana for Arzamasova Lisa
  • Lisa you SUPER ! You really like me, you are great actress ! And how did you get into movies?
  • Catena for Arzamasova Lisa
  • I'm just shocked! Liza you just ++T+! You're a small but such a talented girl! Do not change! Always raduy us its a fantastic game! Uspekhi you much!
  • Svetlana for Arzamasova Lisa
  • You are very good Aktis very young but so talented! And you, too, looks good!
  • Vikusya for Arzamasova Lisa
  • Lisa you are so Cleves! You have ICQ, if there is writing yuin please!'s Talk .........!
  • LISA for Arzamasova Lisa
  • HELLO! I admire your talent ! IF YOU READ THIS NAPSHY me that help me? Bye!
  • ANGELINA for Arzamasova Lisa
  • Hello, dear Liza, Thanks for your work! Excellent! Great respect for parents, who in time saw the talent and helped him open up! Creative research, contracts, roles! Health and good luck in everything!
  • Julia for Arzamasova Lisa
  • So many great actors leave this life ... they come Nasmenu others. Elizabeth, create, raduyte us with his natural gift. Happy for you). happiness, love and inspiration.
  • Julia for Arzamasova Lisa
  • So many wonderful actors leave this life ... In their place come other. Elizabeth, create, raduyte us with his natural gift. Happy for you). happiness, love and inspiration.
  • Juliana for Arzamasova Lisa
  • Hi Lisa you are very talented actress I really like how you play kino.Peredavay greetings to all the heroes of the series daddy daughter PRIVET.Esli you read my letter write me chtonibut.poka!
  • Sophia S. for Arzamasova Lisa
  • you very natural playing !
  • G.S.S. for Arzamasova Lisa
  • you sit in touch
  • Ivan Putin for Arzamasova Lisa
  • gfgfhh for Arzamasova Lisa
  • Lizok you just hammer
  • Anonymous for Arzamasova Lisa
  • Hi Lisa
  • Tanya for Arzamasova Lisa
  • Lisa! You're super! =) A great game)
  • Anonymous for Arzamasova Lisa
  • You terrible fool!
  • Ira for Arzamasova Lisa
  • I just hate you ! You are the most terrible in the world! You have a broken nose, crooked legs, terrible eyes and disgusting character. "Good luck" in the movie! .... bitch
  • Gel for Arzamasova Lisa
  • Sonya for Arzamasova Lisa
  • You play their roles perfectly. I wish you further success and a lot of good roles
  • Eugene for Arzamasova Lisa
  • Very unpleasant to read some kommentarii.Konechno, it is clear that the people write. Therefore, all normal people with a healthy psyche - many thanks! Please accept my sincere admiration and gratitude, especially for the film "His children" and, of course, for "Papa's subsidiaries. Thank you for the infinitely charming teenage girl in glasses (from personal experience). Thank you!
  • Harmonies for Arzamasova Lisa
  • hello how are you call me on this nomer89272717751 if you can you're a clever
  • Alina for Arzamasova Lisa
  • hello how are your business affairs if you can pozvoni89023566732. Until we meet again.
  • Anonymous for Arzamasova Lisa
  • Lisa you are very well serve as Galina. Every day I look at daddy's daughter. I really like this series and you.
  • Nastyulka for Arzamasova Lisa
  • Lisa I love Daddy's daughters, and especially you! Everyone tells me that I like you! =)
  • Christine for Arzamasova Lisa
  • Lisa me 11 years soon 12 you are very smart and pretty good. Write to me. please.
  • irinchik for Arzamasova Lisa
  • you super
  • Ritochka for Arzamasova Lisa
  • Liza is brilliant because you keep!
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