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Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria)

( Actress)

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Biography Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria)
photo Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria)
Eva Longoria was born March 15, 1975. She was the youngest of four sisters, a child considered herself a foundling. And how could it be otherwise? All the girls in the family - blond and blue-eyed, and only one of her dark skin, dark eyes and black hair. How she had naterpetsya, . when she and sister playing on the street! Casual passers-by came to my mother and admired: 'What a beauty your daughter! " Then, . noticing a bunch of kids Eve, . asked: 'Oh, . And who? Must also, . how ugly! " Overall, . nothing foreshadowed her future star,
. All sorry little ugly duckling, who apparently was prepared for a hard life.

But, as it should be in a fairy tale, eventually blossomed Eve. Those deficiencies that do not want to correct nature, it corrected itself. Breast not very kind? Do not worry - for this there is an appropriate underwear! Rostom not come out? So will 'increase' its 157 centimeters with shoes on high heels! The efforts have not been in vain - from the Knights of Eve was not hanging up.

. To finally finish their relatives, who she did not believe Longoria (only one of all children in the family) was admitted to the University of Texas, and won a beauty contest in her hometown of Corpus Christi!

. A third flight attendant on the 'Area'

. Beauty and intelligence, as it turned out, were not the only advantages Longoria
. It was a rare artistic girl and in their leisure time engaged in all student theater productions. In the end, realized that kinesiology (the science of muscle movement. - Notes. ed.) - it is certainly interesting, but the scene attracted her much stronger. It was decided: it will be an actress! By showing parents a university degree, with a clear conscience Eve to Los Angeles.

. She did not expect that all so well formed: winning a beauty contest, will get on eyes to one of Hollywood agents, casting
. However, her first role, received in 2000, was listed in the credits as' a flight attendant? 3 '. But Eve is in no way troubled: for episodes in which she lit up was the famous 'Neighborhood Beverly Hills'! Then several years, she played bit parts in various TV project. At the same time working as a model - was shot for men's magazines and danced in the cabaret.

. I have the right to left!

. In 2002 Eva married actor Tyler Christopherson.

. - It's just a fairy tale! About this I have not even dreamed of! - Eva told her friends
. - Imagine, Tyler brings me coffee in bed!

She could not think that after three years, this tale to her bored and morning coffee in bed, she'll trade the freedom. However, the reasons for divorce from actress husband, especially not apply to:

- Marriage and divorce have become for me as a woman, a turning point. It made me wake up one day and say: 'Eve, it's time to grow up'. I was very selfish and did not understand the meaning of marriage. I just was not ready for such responsibility. I hate to think about what would happen if I tried to keep the family. I never regret their actions. Resist the temptation to go 'left' is quite natural, because the love of the diversity inherent in human nature. In addition, married women one hundred percent loses himself. Treason - an act of self-defense.

Less underwear!

Having freedom, Eva fully allocated to the work. It seemed her career slowly went up the hill - she gave a fairly solid role Detective Vanessa Cruz in the series 'Roundup'. But after the first season of the show closed. As compensation, the company ABC offered the role of Eve in her new project - 'Desperate Housewives'.

By agreeing to play in it, Eva made the right decision - the project was extremely successful, and she herself - a recognized star. However, with all the attendant shortcomings, such as for example, the beginnings of star disease. For example, recently filed a claim Eva series producer Marc Cherry about the fact that she too often appear in the frame in the nude. And demanded that he reduce the number of scenes in which her character must be removed in the bathroom or defile in front of the camera in their underwear.

- Previously, I did not realize how many clothes on me and how often I played in the soul, - says Eva. - But now I constantly think about how I will look on screen.

However, it clearly contradicts itself. At the beginning of shooting actress even hired a personal trainer for fitness in order to keep himself in shape. Then she just confessed to reporters:

- I never had problems with being overweight, so it worked on a. But when I saw the first series of shots, I realized that it was time to do your figure!

No Emmy in the head

Life Eva now rages in the same way as the passion on the set. Just a week after the divorce, she began an affair with a famous American basketball player Tony Parker. Now they are considered one of the most elegant couples in Hollywood, but she Longoria already in full building plans for a family. In an interview, the actress said: 'I want to have ten children! " But until the scheduled date of the wedding (by the way, . planned, . that the marriage ceremony will be held at the Eiffel Tower in Paris!), . Eve is engaged in furnishing his mansion in Los Andzhelesse.,

. - My only claim to the house - that it was possible to live and not feel like a museum - she chirps
. - I want people to here to put his feet on the couch and put a cup of coffee on the table. A kitchen should be so large that it can produce 8 women at once! In general, I have such a modern Mexican home. Each room is painted in color - it gives the house lively. The only drawback - low ceilings. Tony and his fellow basketball players all the time beating his head against the wall!

Incidentally, when it was the only one 'Housewives' not nominated nor the 'Golden Globe' or the 'Emmy', Eva did not become scandals and sulk for partners. Why her these figurines? After all she has and recognition, and money, and most importantly - loved one. Is not that enough?

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Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria), photo, biography
Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria), photo, biography Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria)  Actress, photo, biography
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