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Igor Tal'kov

( Musician)

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Biography Igor Tal'kov
photo Igor Tal'kov
Igor Tal'kov
(1956 - 1991)

Tal'kov Igor was born Nov. 4, 1956. Igor's parents were represssirovany and met in the zone, and his brother Igor - Vladimir general, there was born. After his release, his father, Igor restored residence in Moscow, but housing is not provided and therefore Igor grew up in the suburban Schekino ...

In 1975, when Igor was 18, in an area of Thule, he said everything he thinks about Brezhnev. His worn-out by different agencies, the KGB, were going to put. Rescued his friend Anatoly Kondratiev, a famous cyclist, is very popular at that time in Tula. Igor played with him in one group. It was possible to avoid a trial, then Talkov sent to the army, where he served in the construction battalion, in the suburban Nakhabino Krasnogorsk District

. In 1980 in Moscow, Igor invited to speak at the disco club director "Nike" after that to the disco club director Igor ran completely pale, . and began to stammer: "What have you done, you are to think that you sing?" Well, you killed me! " More up to 1987 in Igor was not possible to speak publicly, and only after the song "Pure ponds" talc given scene,

Igor gathers an audience for "Pure ponds", and sings his songs acute social.

He becomes known and very popular among the people. His work is very different emotions - joy, sadness, anger, but never - indifference. In his songs - the pain of the humiliation of the pride of the people, the suffering person to understand the depth of the tragedy of their land. And hence, perhaps, a scenic image just returned from the battlefield, has suffered huge losses, but not conquered the Russian warrior-defender ... However, his social songs then (as now) it was rare to see the DOT.

Tal'kov removed in the films "Prince of Silver" and "Over the last feature, which is, strangely enough the leader of gang of racketeers. Interesting detail, the plot of the main character - a former boxer Dremov (E. Sidikhin) at the end of the film breaks at the bandit "raspberry" and shoots straight in all their abusers, including Talkov. This story was shot on Oct. 6, 1990, and exactly one year later on Oct. 6, 1991 Igor kill really. (By the way, . film crew struck by this fact, . withdrew sequel, . called "Operation" Lucifer. ") Talkov brother Vladimir was withdrawn in the films" Over the last line "and in the movie" Hunt for a pimp ", . which also heard songs Talkov "savior", . "Fatal chariot" ..,

But the finest hour Talkov never arrived, he was killed at the time of "jumping".

October 6, 1991 show-businessman Sergei Lisovsky arranges concert in St.Petersburg palace "Jubilee". Before submission to the talc came bodyguard Aziza Malakhov and asked to speak after Talkov Aziza. Singer did not agree. Began to fight, both got gas pistols, spilled into the corridor. Here Talkov waiting for somebody else. A professional shot Igor was mortally wounded. The tragedy was witnessed by a crowd of his colleagues: Andrei Derzhavin, Oleg Gazmanov, Michael Muromov, the duet "Akademiya". Malakhov hit the run, but was quickly caught, but could not prove anything, and just as quickly released.

Somehow, suspicion fell on talc-director Valeria Shlyayfmana. Fortunately, Shlyayfman abandoning his wife happily slipped into Israel. It stuck. Some political organizations have announced throughout the world Freemasonry, comparing the killing with the murder Talkov Esenina. It seems that investigators are quite satisfied with this version.

The musical get-together is now more inclined to think that Igor has removed people from the KGB. Tom some evidence. Shortly after the murder of one of high rank from the Lubyanka boasted in private that he was promoted to the rank just for this operation. But it is interesting and the fact that the KGB had been tightly tied and Malakhov. He studied kickboxing in Malaya Bronnaya, where in a normal school near the cafe Three herons "rented hall 9 th officers of the KGB. A man from the KGB in the palace of sport could be anyone, even an ordinary illuminator. There is information that the authority Orekhovsky Sergey Timofeev (Silvester) promised to punish. Punishing no time: his strange death occurred in six Mercedes, said he wanted to withdraw their money from the AWWA ...

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Igor Tal'kov, photo, biography
Igor Tal'kov, photo, biography Igor Tal'kov  Musician, photo, biography
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