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TODOROVSKI Peter Efimovich

( actor, cameraman, director, screenwriter, musician, composer, songwriter)

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Biography TODOROVSKI Peter Efimovich
photo TODOROVSKI Peter Efimovich
Peter Efimovich

Born on 26.08.1925, Mr.. Bobrinets, Kirovograd region.

. Actor, cameraman, director, screenwriter, musician, composer, songwriter
. People's Artist of the RSFSR (1985)
. Honored Artist of USSR (1967)
. Winner of the All-Union Film Festival (1960)
. Winner of the Venice Film Festival (1965)
. Prize Laureate 'Nick' (1992)
. Prize Laureate 'Kinotavr' (1993)
. Prize Laureate 'Kinoshock' (1995)
. Award "Golden Aries' (1995, for the humanism of creativity)
. Winner of State Prize of Russia (1996, for the films '-martial affair', 'Encore, Once More Encore!' And 'What a wonderful game')
. Commander of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'IV degree (1996)
. Commander of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'III degree (2000)
. Winner of the Special Presidential Award for outstanding contribution to the development of cinema (2000)
. Commander of the Three Orders of the Great Patriotic War, numerous medals - for participation in the Great Patriotic War

. War, War:

. Peter Yefimovich born August 26, 1925 in Ukraine, in Bobrynets, Kirovograd region in a simple family, father - Todorovski Yefim Gilevich, mother - Rosalie Ostrovskaya Tsalevna.

. The early years of the future of domestic titanium film was in the war years
. In the midst of war, . summer 1943, . Pyotr Todorovski - cadet Saratov Military Infantry School, . since 1944 - the platoon commander of the 93rd Infantry Regiment, 76 th Infantry Division 47 th Army of the First Byelorussian Front, . reached front-line road to the Elbe,
. I saw and experienced during those years forever imprinted in the memory of a young lieutenant and then repeatedly reflected in his own films.

Peter Efimovich recalls: 'The most terrible incident - the first night. I was thrown to the forefront, in part, which occurred, and fizzled out ... I'm all a novice in gimnasterochke, came under bombardment. It was terrible: all exploded: I was lying with his teeth pressing against the earth - from fear, I just Kolotilo: Then, when everything had quieted down a bit, one sergeant looked at me: 'Come, I'll find a coat. Here I ran past, saw '. I did not understand what he meant. Here on the scene for a long time could not free himself, knew the same thing: who wears a dead man, he must die, in this case, I was just lucky. A wounded and then in the shell-shocked already, a brand new coat ...

When, after the wounded into the hospital - that it was perfect. After the mud, blood, head lice when you're not a man but an animal - and lying on the white sheet, you are washed: I do because it was not very badly wounded - after two and a half weeks have already gone. And then nurses, evening dances:

The best part - this is May 8, 1945 at the Elbe! It was an amazing feeling - just silence. We have heavy fighting came to the bridge, but on the other side were already Americans, they had approached. And then silence, and the river, and the grass, and hear the birds sing.: We were lying in the grass with the horses, throwing smelly leg wrappings, and did not believe that survived. Then the silence fell on my screenplay 'Stunned silence'.


At the front of Peter Todorovsky fell in love with his future career, he won the work of military operators, and he put forth - remain alive, must master this profession. Dream come true: in 1949 - he was a student of carrier-Faculty Institute of Cinematography, in the studio B. Volchek. Education, after the war and five years of service in the army in the woods, lost in the garrison near Kostroma, was given difficult: did not receive a scholarship, and had to unload the wood at the station, and a penny in the studio.

. Actor, cameraman, director, screenwriter

. Pyotr Todorovski, graduating in 1954, institute, almost 10 years he worked as an operator at the Odessa film studio
. His camera work famous paintings - 'Moldavian tunes', . 'Spring on Zarechnoj street', . 'My daughter', . 'Two Fedor', . 'Lust' - the second prize for the operator's work for 1960 at the All-Union Film Festival in Minsk, . film 'Never', . filmed in 1963, . where he was already sorezhisserom In conjunction with,
. Dyachenko.

'Profession producer is a daily, exhausting work: This clock is a day to shoot, but at night thinking about what and how to shoot', - says Peter Efimovich.

It began: with the war, the way in directing was long. He closely monitored the human fate, in addition to fighting with him and bad weather, in addition to all the battles. Having neither a director nor the dramatic experience itself to total income, after the paintings 'Never' Pyotr Todorovski becomes the director, screenwriter and composer's own tapes. Meetings and friendship with Marlene Khutsiev, Bulat Okudzhava, Gregory Pozhenyanom, Alexander Volodin helped the young director. He has gathered knowledge, experience, courage, creativity and began to shoot what he remembered from his eventful life, which was at the heart.

With the theme of the front of fraternity, with the theme of war went to the cinema Pyotr Todorovski. Directorial debut - a film 'Fidelity' - the memory of front-line friend Yuri Nikitin - orphans, orphans, bright people who died from a sniper bullet, a quiet kind of requiem, and he mowed the war generation contemporaries Todorovsky. The film was awarded with the prize for best directorial debut at the Venice Film Festival.

. Then Peter took Todorovski films - 'Magician', 'Urban Romance', 'own land', 'The Last Sacrifice', 'On the day of the festival', in which he was not only directed but also co-writer of three of them
. In 1970 Peter Todorovsky debuted as an actor, playing a major role in the film 'was the month of May' Marlena Hutsieva.

Movies - facts from his own life

Film '-martial affair', was released in 1983, entered into nomination for best foreign film, presented by the American Film Academy Award for 'Oscar'. At the XXIX International Film Festival in Spain in 1984, the band won the prize for best screenplay, which was written by the director himself.

On his picture Yefimovich Peter says: 'The heroine of the film at the front was a queen. She was loved, it was her finest hour. And when the war ended - without a husband, without an apartment - was at the bottom. There is a suggestion that the '-martial affair' autobiographical, that happened to me exactly the same story:

Only two episodes, which became the basis for reflection. One - when going to the field kitchen to get the barley porridge and bread, we passed the dugout commander, where the music was playing and laughing woman. Saw her only once, and then from the back - as she raced on horseback with the battalion commander. And then, after the war, the hungry student of winter, I walked past the Central Department Store and saw a woman who was selling pies. But I was not sure what it is:

Not up to her. Hurried to the photo shop, passed. Then he began to think: I will not go to class - I find it to consider, ask. Ran to TsUMu - it was no longer there '.

In the film Peter Todorovsky a lot of personal, often served as an impetus facts of his own biography. Once on the street Pyotr Todorovski has witnessed random pictures - the bride nervously waiting at the registry office your missing husband - that's plot of the film 'favorite female mechanic Gavrilova', built on this episode.

. Or, for example, the idea of the movie 'What a wonderful game' director prompted one of the jokes, invented in the dormitory VGIK future famous actor Nikolai Rybnikov and his friends
. The film was released in 1995, had unprecedented success with the audience, was awarded the prize at the Geneva International Film Festival and the prize at the film festival 'Kinoshock-95'.


Reel of film 'Intergirl' - not enough that a film about prostitutes, so even Peter Todorovsky the first Soviet film directors have dared to show the sexual act, filmed in a "unique" conditions. Lena Yakovleva put on a cot, sound engineer included jazz, and the rhythm of the music all the work: one guy shaking his bed, shook illuminator Jupiter, camera - camera. And the director himself pushed Lenin ass. All in a sweat, but she is:

Prior to filming, as admitted later, he Todorovski, he had never seen a live prostitute. By the film is prepared thoroughly, had seen any.

'Then, of course, to Mosfilm, - says Peter Yefimovich - I began to bring their whole batches. I remember: the student Timiryazevsky Institute, a remarkable person, nice. Tells me: my girlfriend, they say, wears denim suit - and I'm that good? And so she invents himself that this was her favorite person, and gave him all. Asked: 'Well, how much do you earn? "-" It happens a week for seven thousand'. At the time the amount of mad, I received 300 rubles a month: Another woman - Ph.D. in Physical Sciences: the husband of her left alone with two children. This does not consider herself a prostitute, she - a legend: 'I do not go to the panel, but I have ten men - said - that are scheduled come to my house. And as soon as I accumulation hundred thousand, all the cast and zasyadu for doctoral. And came pewit fifteen years - such a small, unpleasant, but in a mink coat. I told her: 'What are you, my dear, your own age bend his back for sewing machines:' - 'What a fool - said - they are afraid, but I'm not scared - but now I go to a mink coat. "

. One of the main roles in the film played by Swedish actor Thomas Laustiola
. At one time he worked in the theater Bergman, then began to drink: kicked out of the theater, his wife had left for a long time treated. But when he began to appear in 'Intergirl', it was already a solid man: a new family, the wife is Jewish, duplex. And his two clinics - he had already treated the drunken alcoholics on the theory that only a former drinker who had gone through everything, can help get rid of this disease.

The woman - the heroine of films and life

Film director Peter Todorovsky word 'woman' delivers a melodious, touching. The woman - the heroine of his films and life. Many of the actresses he brought to the cinema of the absolutely other professions, and none of them had no regret: "I am very weak-willed, firstly, I am not a dictator, and secondly, I love women shoot. I have most of the actresses who were shot, be sure to receive prizes. Women's nature - it is such a mystery unsolved, . is simply a depository for the director: Galya and Polish in 'Fidelity', . and Gurchenko in 'Mechanics Gavrilova', . and Churikova, . Andreichanka and, . and Yakovlev, . and Ira Rozanova in 'Encore': You know, . I even someone called 'ladies' master'.,

. Yes, the film director Peter Todorovsky, namely - 'Ladies' master 'and not' ladies 'man'
. He never allowed himself to fall in love with his actresses. 'This is very dangerous. Certainly, a woman in the life of man is a great place: half a lifetime, if not more. Of course, if you have strong feelings, if you get married - it is one. And all these novels: Then women start to behave differently, they become cranky, trying to command: ', - philosophically discusses master

. Actresses, . starred in the films of Peter Todorovsky, . - Inna Churikova, . Natalia Andreichenko - '-martial affair', . Ludmila Gurchenko - 'favorite female mechanic Gavrilova', . Elena Yakovleva - 'Intergirl' - holders of prizes for the best female roles at international film festivals in Berlin and Madrid, . Manila and Tokyo.,

. Retirement maestro did not want: 'I'm not very smooth director
. Peace - is death, simply death. I always say: While photographing, I am a man. Healthy, not sick, I love women. When not photographing, I am old, sick and nobody wanted. In a biographical story of Peter Todorovsky 'I remember, do not remember' channel 'Russia' made the film 'cadets', in recent years came his films "Life is full of mischief' (2002) and 'Constellation of the Bull' (2003).

. Music in the life and work

. Music - a special place in life and in the work of Peter Yefimovich Todorovsky
. Music has always been close, even in the most difficult years. Immediately after the victory, in the position of commandant of the small town on the Elbe, the future was shining on films procured somewhere accordion, sat on the porch and learned to play, then came guitar.

. Commander of the regiment, where he served Peter Todorovski, seeing his great passion for music, and wrote a letter to the director of the Moscow Conservatory with request to take on the composition faculty
. He decided that Lieutenant Todorovski certainly must be a composer, without having to shoulder any music school or music school, it does not matter ... Then this funny story that formed the basis of the film, one of the most expensive - 'On the main street and Orchestra', here the director has made, and as a composer: it was written two musical themes, three songs. Earlier born song 'provincial town' on the verses Shpalikov for the movie '-martial affair', and later - music for the film 'Intergirl', 'Encore, Once More Encore!', 'What a wonderful game', 'Retro three'.

. Music Peter Todorovsky sounds not only in his paintings, he - the author and composer of songs for a number of films made by other directors: 'Stronger than a hurricane', 'Above us the Southern Cross', 'labor camp', 'Holiday'
. Music discs were bulging with Sergei Nikitin - 'Retro Couple' and 'Retro Couple-2'.

And in rare moments of leisure, Peter Todorovsky takes guitar, preserved from the military era. His virtuoso guitar and voice possession delighted a generation of viewers and listeners.

. First marriage

. The first wife of Peter Todorovsky - very beautiful, famous actress Nadezhda Cherednichenko, had already starred in 'first hand'.

. 'It was such a love affair with zahlestom
. I have just been freed after pictures: summer, Odessa, Privoz, wine.: It is somehow all we have been developing rapidly: arrived in Moscow - immediately undersigned. Somewhere intuitively understood: I was a provincial operator, the salary of 120 rubles. And then such a star: Flat on Tinkers embankment, the machine 'Volga', cottage somewhere in Sukhumi. She is to me their husbands were Ivan Pereverzev and the famous aircraft, the Hero of Socialist Labor Mikulin - was such. In general, I felt at ease.

As the saying goes, love was no joy, separation will be without grief. It is very easy it happened. And she understood correctly. We remained friends when it vizhus - not so long ago we met in the hospital, very nice communicate '- with tenderness recalls Peter Todorovski.


Also in Odessa, Pyotr Todorovski and met his future wife Mira Grigorievna. 'She then danced in the student ensemble, - says Peter Yefimovich - and his head took two of my songs. I came to hear how they sound from the stage. Peace came and praised the song ... She is my friend, she's my woman, my wife, my doctor. It is my all '. Mira G., Lieutenant Navy specialty, to write screenplays for popular science films on marine-related issues: the divers, marine engines and much more. In her scenario was delivered 13 films, she created her own independent studio 'Mirabelle', at which have been withdrawn and returned to the screen films Peter Todorovsky 'Encore, Once More Encore!', 'What a wonderful game', 'Retro three'

. Son - Todorovski Valery - born in 1962, film director, screenwriter, author of Art: 'Hearse', 'Love', 'Moscow Nights', 'Country of the Deaf'.

. Home Todorovski always open to visitors: all the directors, the actors went through it
. There were and Vladimir Vysotsky, and Andrei Tarkovsky, close friends of Bulat Okudzhava and Zinovy Gerdt. 'Age director - says Peter Todorovski, - only visible on the screen. During filming, I work around the clock. No filming, I just sick. Only on the court feel that someone needs that live in the present '.

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TODOROVSKI Peter Efimovich, photo, biography
TODOROVSKI Peter Efimovich, photo, biography TODOROVSKI Peter Efimovich  actor, cameraman, director, screenwriter, musician, composer, songwriter, photo, biography
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