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Michael Galustyan

( 'Our Russia')

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Biography Michael Galustyan
photo Michael Galustyan
eploy and sunny autumn 1979 in Sochi was born the same radiant and joyful Misha Galustyan. His father secretly wished that my son was the oil magnate, but Michael was just a good man. And today's parents are pleased that the life of their child will succeed.

Master perfect TREPOV and face project 'Our Russia' knows almost everyone in our vast country. The high popularity of the comic series is conditioned by the fact that on the screen we see ourselves and our neighbors. A skill heartily laugh at themselves, has only our Russian people.

And it all began in childhood, when little Misha easily remembered anecdotes, and telling them in the most appropriate moments. He is not really very fond of all, as young Galustyan always been the soul of the company.

'What am I funny, I realized even at school, saw the same look in a mirror. All around the tall, handsome, and I ... Do not take offense when they laughed at me. Understood and used this. In school, for example, celebrations played two roles at once - Carabas-Barabas and the Cardinal, when other boys were bunnies and cowboys'.

. External data and internal optimism shaped Michael's famous comedian of our time.

. 'Yes, I was a typical clown who disrupts lessons, King notes - they all flew by me, I controlled that these notes were: jokes, fun, some love letters'.

. It is not known what they received from Michael Galustyan oil tycoon, but the coach a football team from 'Our Russia' turned out well.

. 'I coach as a closer
. I am the same person. If I do something not like it, I immediately burst out, and immediately cooled. I also love Tajik: in his character, too, there is some aspect of my personality - prudence, whether that. And that's who I was hard to play, so this concierge '.

Certainly, in the life of Misha much happened by chance and luck. A cheerful disposition and internal prudence always helped to overcome difficulties. And, of course, an integral amulet for good luck always helps - it is the keys to the car, which Michael is always with you.
. The fact is that at the time when he earned his first car, the life of Misha Galustyan went to a different channel - fame and popularity
. And the keys as a symbol that all is now well bude, a symbol of new life.

Famed humorist for his first car treated very carefully, and quite long by today's standards, it traveled. When seven years ago, he successfully received the right, his opinion drew a strong and reliable machine 'Toyota RAV4', which was the constant companion of his stellar host.

And when it's time to change the car, Michael thought. He does, despite his stage image, in the life of a fairly reasonable, calm and serious.

'I chose from the DM. 'BMW' - a capricious typewriter, besides she suffers suspension. 'Mercedes' - too expensive to maintain, and most stolen. After these two companies comes from the Germanic 'Audi' and 'Volkswagen'. A 'Audi-center' was near my house, and this settled the matter '.

. Initially, Michael wanted to buy 'Audi A3', but when friends told him that this machine for ordinary mortals, a proud Armenians rebelled and bought a 'Audi TT' silver.

. 'I really like it sports, stylish and fast'.

. They say that talented people are talented in everything, and contradictory, I want to add
. Fantastic Misha choose the color of the car solely from practical purposes.

'Of course, I love the bright colors, but mixed like more - I could not have three months to go on a red car, I do not like to attract attention. In addition, silver less than brands, and dirt on the car are virtually invisible. If I do not have time to wash the car, traffic cops I still will not be fined '.

But for their wedding, which took place on the day of the three sevens years 07/07/2007, Michael chose a gorgeous 14-meter 'Lincoln' with the salon for 18 persons. Inside the car was located a chic bar and a luminous starry sky instead of the ceiling created a romantic atmosphere for a honeymooners.

. Poteshnaya Gadya Khrenova of 'Burnt by the Sun' and dear Ravshan of 'My Russia' - it's all fun and talented Mischa Galustyan, which pleases us with their performances
. Looking in his clear and sparkling eyes, you know that no what is impossible.

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    Michael Galustyan, photo, biography
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