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Nikolai Drozdov

( Anchorman)

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Biography Nikolai Drozdov
photo Nikolai Drozdov
Born on June 20, 1937, Mr.. G. Moscow. Father - Drozdov, Nikolai Sergeevich (1902-1963), Professor of Organic Chemistry, 2 nd Moscow Medical Institute. Mother - Dreyling Nadezhda (1906-1993), general practitioner 5 th City Hospital of Moscow, worked under the guidance of Academician Lukomski, was his indispensable assistant. Wife - Drozdova, Tatiana, teaches biology at the Moscow Palace of Children and Youth Creativity. Kids - Hope and Elena.

Family Tree Drozdovs unique. Through his father, who was a renowned scientist and chemist, an excellent knowledge of Latin, Greek, English, German, and was interested paleontology, astronomy, botany, the roots of the family go to the upper strata of the Russian clergy. Great-great-greatgrandfathers Nikolai Nikolaevich was Metropolitan of Moscow Filaret (in the world - Vasily Mikhailovich Drozdov, 1783-1867 gg.). Thanks to the deep intelligence and strong will, he had a strong influence on Russian society in the beginning and middle of the XIX century. By order of Alexander II in 1861,. he wrote a manifesto on the liberation of the peasantry. Corresponded with Pushkin. Especially great his services to the Russian Orthodox Church. Under his leadership, the Bible was translated into Russian. In 1994. Metropolitan Filaret was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church. Grandfather - Sergei Ivanovich, was a knight of Order of St.Stanislas Sant'Anna and 3rd degree. Great-grandfather on his mother - I.R.fon Dreyling, Tyrol from an old noble family, was the guards Kirasirsky officer who participated in the battle of Borodino, and then fighting came to Paris, awarded Sant'Anna 2-nd st. and CB. Vladimir 4 th century. with a bow, kept a detailed diary of combat, published in the book "1812. Memoirs of the Russian army soldiers "(Moscow, izd. "Thought", 1991).

The fact that the profession NN Drozdova will inevitably connected with nature, was determined by the family, in which he was born. While still in school, worked as a herdsman in the summer outside Moscow stud. After high school, Nicholas joined the Department of Biology, Moscow State University, but before finalizing two years, went to work. I wanted to prove that he can earn. For two years he worked in a sewing factory, first pupil, then came to the master of making men's outerwear seventh level. But calling in the soul felt different, so he returned to the University. In 1963, Mr.. Graduated from the Department of Biogeography, Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University. Since 1964, Mr.. by 1966. - Studied there in graduate. In 1968. master's thesis on the biogeography. Thesis - "Birds of the desert regions of Central Asia". Since working at the Department of Biogeography, Faculty of Geography Moscow State University - first junior and then senior researcher, and since 1979. - Associate Professor.

N. Drozdov is one of the most respected scholars and teachers of Moscow State University. He lectures on ecology, ornithology, conservation, biogeography of the world, constantly lectured in schools, palaces and homes of young people, by the society "Knowledge". As a researcher involved in numerous scientific expeditions in the territory of the USSR - to Kamchatka, Far East, Kurile Islands, the Pamirs, Tien Shan, the Karakum desert, etc.. In 1971-1972. held a ten research fellow at the Department of Zoology of the Australian National University in Canberra (Australia). Toured many areas of Australia, published a book about this trip - "Flight of Boomerang". The book was published in two editions (in 1980. and 1988) - 100 thousand. copies. Both publications were collected within a week.

Since 1968. and up to now - more than thirty years - takes part in the popular television program "In the animal world, first as a speaker (with a leading Vasilevsky Zguridi), and in 1977 - as a presenter and author. Sending out a weekly broadcast on Saturdays. Guests NN. Drozdova in the transfer have been well-known figures of nature, scientists and explorers - Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Thor Heyerdahl, Peter Scott, Bernhard Grzimek, Gerald Durrell, Frederic Rossif, Heinz Zilman, Ivan Hattingh and John Sparks. In 1995, the program "In the world of animals" was awarded the prize "TEFI" as the best educational program. In 1996. N. Drozdov elected a member of the Academy of Rossiyskogo television.

. N. Drozdov is the author of many television and video films on nature, . of animals, . created in addition to the transfer of "In the world of animals", . such as: a series of "At the Red Book", . "Rare Animals, . "The standards of the biosphere" (made to order UNESCO) and others,
. The most significant work - shestiseriyny TV movie "The Kingdom of the Russian bear" (1988-1992 gg.), Established jointly with the Division of Natural History of British television (BBC, C). N. Drozdov is a leading, one of the authors and the scientific consultant of the film on the nature of Russia and former USSR. The film was a big success in the UK, USA and Australia, then translated into Spanish and German, has been successfully shown on television of Spain in Austria and Germany. In 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991. was a jury member of film and TV festival of popular films about animals and nature in the UK and Italy. In 1975. participated in the XII th General Assembly of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in Zaire, the city of Kinshasa. Elected member of the National Parks Commission of IUCN, which is working and still. In 1978. within two months lecturing on the biogeography of the world in the Department of Geography University of Havana, in Havana, Cuba. In 1979, 1980. and 1981. read weekly courses on nature conservation in Czechoslovakia and Hungary, in Dar-es-Salaam University (Tanzania), at the University of Lusaka (Zambia).

In 1979. with a group of climbers made the ascent to the summit of Mount Elbrus. In 1980. participated in a four-month expedition UNESCO project "Conservation and sustainable use of resources of island ecosystems on research vessel USSR" Callisto "to the islands of Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. In 1993 and 1995. participated in expeditions to Russia's icebreaker Yamal to the North Pole and the Northern Sea Route, as well as on the ship "Discoverer" along the coast of Alaska and Canada. N. Drozdov has authored about 200 scientific and popular articles and 20 books, textbooks and teaching aids for pupils, students and teachers. Among them: a textbook for universities, "Biogeography of the world", . manual for teachers, "Biogeography of the continents" (two editions, . Polish translations, . Bulgarian and Ukrainian), . Stories of the biosphere "- a book for schoolchildren, . series of books "In the animal world" (with AK,
. Makeyev) - based on the transfer of the same name, just came out eight books in this series, one published in Paris in French - "They shall not die" (1991). N. Drozdov - co-author of scientific monograph "Deserts of the World" (1985), . seven-co-publication of life of animals (two editions, the author of articles in three volumes - reptiles, . birds and mammals, . 1985-1989.), . as well as "Key to bird fauna of the USSR" (1980).,

. In 1989
. N. Drozdov included in the Honor List of leading environmentalists and experts on environmental protection in all countries of the world "Global 500" UNEP, in 1992. awarded the "Gold Panda" ( "Green Oscar") for outstanding achievements "in the largest film festival of films about the nature of Mr.. Bristol (UK). In 1994 he was elected a member of the International Explorers Club (Explorers Club). In 1995. he was awarded the UNESCO Kalinga "for the Popularization of Science and the Albert Einstein Medal.

In 1995, NN Drozdov elected a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. In 1996-1998. He was a member of the Supreme Consultative Council for Sustainable Development at the UN General Secretary. In 1998. he was awarded an honorary diploma World Wildlife Fund "For outstanding contribution to nature conservation in Russia and around the world."

. In his free time at home Nikolay likes to engage with wildlife, among his favorites - snakes, spiders, ptitseyady, phalanges, scorpions
. He is fond of horseback riding, skiing, swimming in the hole, studying yoga for many years not eat meat. In music, prefers the classics, songs, folk music and songs of bards. Plays guitar and likes to sing songs and romances by Russian and foreign languages.

Lives and works in Moscow. Tel: (+7-095) 338-62-39.

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Nikolai Drozdov, photo, biography
Nikolai Drozdov, photo, biography Nikolai Drozdov  Anchorman, photo, biography
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