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Marcello Mastroianni

( Actor)

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Biography Marcello Mastroianni
photo Marcello Mastroianni
Mastroianni always liked to be in the spotlight and so concerned about the appearance, to appeal to women, which sometimes amused by those close friends. Federico Fellini remembered that the role of 'Ginger and Fred' he persuaded Marcello sacrifice beautiful hair and 'bald'. After a couple of hours with the help of the barber scissors, made of wax and on top 'of the Italian fiance' impressive glade. And from the time the film crew watched as cheerful Marchi grustnel and gloomy. A necessary attribute of his image has become a hat, which the actor did not take off under any circumstances - not on the street, or visiting, or at receptions.

Women adored Marcello did not give him passage. Entire sightseeing buses full of elderly American women, every week, drove to his villa, only to see the famous Italian. The first time he even went to the balcony and waved his hand. 'I was surprised their reaction, - confessed the actor, who considered himself not a particularly attractive. - Because I hated myself, my feeble hands, slender legs, short nose and fleshy lips: and envied thin lips Jean Gabin.
. 'I never thought of women'

. BUT Marcello, of course, flirting, because the fingers on both hands is not enough to transfer the women, whom he embraced not only on the screen
. At some time next to him turned out to Ursula Andress, Jacqueline Bisset, Catherine Deneuve, Faye Dunaway, Anita Ekberg, Nastassja Kinski, Romy Schneider, Sophia Loren, Martha Keller, Monica Viti. However, Sophia Loren in every way disowns love relationship with Marcello: 'He has always been for me just a friend from the neighborhood. We filmed a lot together, I remember every one of our work, a film for film, frame by frame. I think, rarely in the history of world cinema between the actors was such harmony, as between Marcello and me. But the novel - no, never: '

However, a couple of years ago in France scandal: a certain Mary, wished her name was not called, asked the actress to confirm her version of the adoptive parents, for which she - the daughter of legendary film stars. According to her, in 1963, when Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni filmed in Naples in the film 'Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow', the actress learned of the pregnancy. While Lauren was 28 years old and she was married to film producer Carlo Ponti, providing its best roles. And, according to official information, the fourth month of pregnancy in a miscarriage Lauren. However, the adoptive parents of Mary was told that Sophie still gave birth to a girl and gave it to them. How it ended is not known, somehow the actress managed to hush up the story:

Marcello also did not reveal the secrets of relations with Lauren. He does not like to dwell on their women. 'I never thought of women - I just loved them! - Once he admitted. - In this life they gave me love. Maybe I gave them less. "
One room for four

And although Marcello dreamed about in those days almost every other European woman, he himself could not long keep close to a women of their dreams. Nearby was the only one - Flora of shipbuilding, his legal wife and the only. They were married back in 1950 when Marchi was the only budding actor of theater Luchino Visconti. She also was an actress, the daughter of the famous composer Ezio Shipbuilders, author of many ballets, operettas and music for films. Marcello did not have enough money for food, and always hungry, Flora helm brought from home pizzas and sandwiches. And one day, following an unwritten law that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, Mastroianni has resulted in guests and opened the refrigerator in front of him, full of all kinds to the top of the food.

. For him it was the height of bliss, because of the abundance he had never seen
. The boy, born into a poor family a simple carpenter Urbano, who became the third child, knew firsthand about the famine. In the 10 years he had graduated from vocational school and since then has only worked, if only to bring home an extra lira: visited and the worker, and a builder, and a draftsman and an accountant in the film distribution company.

A family of four lived in one room. Parents quarreling over the fact that his father smoked two cigarettes more than was planned in the family budget. Newspaper Signor Urbano bought no more than a day. 'My father worked in a garage, and he always smelled of sweat, - later recalled Mastroianni. - A mother in the mornings would start the same conversation: 'What am I going to buy products?', And the melee began. For a long time I slept in the same bed with her mother, because the room was no place. My brothers joined up beside the bed on the floor, his father - in the corridor. But I did not see anything terrible, because my friends lived in the same way '.

It is possible to surprise the young Marcellus, when he was a guest of Flora, who lived with his parents in his own mansion, with servants. Actor Flora made a proposal and a year later had a daughter, Barbara. However, if the love of other women in his life 'Italian fiance' Yet sometimes spread, the legitimate wife called and best friend, and sister, and mother, but never - loved.

. However, no matter how stormy romance actor or experienced, every day, he called Flora in Rome, and every year on the day of their wedding sent roses
. 'At first, hearing about his adventures, I smashed furniture, screaming like crazy - telling reporters' polubroshennaya' wife. - But then Visconti gave me vital advice: 'If it is free, without shackles, it will always come back to you'. Marcello so arranged - it flutters like a butterfly, without any sense '.
Mama's Boy

THE FIRST TIME Marcello 'flew off' in the arms of an American actress Faye Dunaway. Their tempestuous affair broke out during the filming of 'The place for lovers':' Our relationship started with a kiss on the set, under scenario. I hugged her and began kissing. And gone - it was like lightning: "Within three years they met in secret, hiding in the homes of friends or at his villa, she stayed with him for weekends in Europe, he accompanied her to California. But Faye herself destroyed their relationship: she thought it was time to Marchi divorce, and they - to have a baby. First 'Italian fiance' silence, then excuses, finally, was to promise from one day to withdraw from Flora. But as soon Dunaway go to America, as he was returning home. Finally, enraged American sent him to hell, and a broken left Marcello seek solace in Flora. 'I loved Fay, liked very much - later admitted he. - But all ended very painfully, and after that we did not talk. I do not want to see her '. You bet! It literally next week after the break she loudly replied: "Marcello - mama's boy who is not able to make decisions'.

Mastroianni grieved at parting with Fay. When the film started shooting Nadine Trintignant 'This happens only with others', he came in dark glasses, no one talked for hours sitting in his trailer. His partner, Catherine Deneuve also were not the best of times: it is not so long ago parted company with Roger Vadim and rashly married a British photographer David Bailey. But when the director in order to better vzhivaniya in dramatic roles (actors playing parents, . lost their only child) decides to lock Marcello and Catherine for a week in the apartment, . where no phone, . TV and books, . their loneliness comes to an end.,
. What do you mean divorce:

. They will always remember: it was January 4, 1971
. Of course, Marchi and before filming saw Deneuve, but met her six months earlier in London at a dinner given by Roman Polanski, and only said: 'Professional Beauty'. And suddenly, a surprising turn: cold and unapproachable to the great delight of Catherine Italians moved from his trailer for him, referring to the fact that she had no light and is barely warm water.

. Magnificent Frenchwoman herself unwillingly, Mastroianni tries to get something that has not been able to get Dunaway - it requires Flora's divorce! Only one bad luck: when the 'Italian fiance' offer to become his wife, Catherine, she refuses
. That he could not expect, . because they lived together, . always appeared together, . he represented Deneuve as his bride, . She did not protest and even learned to cook for him his adored beans! 'Lick one's wounds' dream of millions of women sent to Rome to have nerastorgshey marriage contract lawful wife,
. It takes a 'prodigal husband' without a murmur: 'Why are you in touch with French? That's ridiculous! "

But the rupture was far away - when Catherine understands that waiting for Marcello child, allows him to again be close. And he is ready for everything: moved to Paris, accompanied her shopping, buying things for their unborn child. And when a daughter, Chiara, Marcello next morning had called his wife.

'That night, when Kiara was born, I could not sleep, - recalled Flora. - I felt his excitement. In the morning he called and said that all is well. I asked, thinking of baby girl born, if he wants, so we divorced? 'What do you mean divorce:' - Marcello grunted and hung up '. In Paris the same joyful father rolled over on such an unprecedented holiday - passers-by were treated to champagne, and he busied himself with cries of joy on the quarter. Chiara was his favorite.

Soon Marcello decided to offer a second time Deneuve hand and heart. And again I heard a denial, but after a while and did was put up outside the door. 'Our relationship can no longer continue - he said goodbye to Catherine. - They become useless, boring habit '. This was the finale: Catherine remained in Paris with the year-old Chiara, Marcello went to Rome to the Flora and Barbara. Few people know that sometimes the world-famous Italian actor secretly superintending in Paris and see her eyes coming out of the house of the woman he loves and the daughter.
. 'I wanted to become an architect'

. But nothing would have been - or 'Dolce Vita', or 'Divorce, Italian Style', or other 148 paintings, if Marcello realized his dream and began: architect
. It is not thinking about the acting profession, he entered the University of Rome just for this specialty. And just as little enthusiasm for it remains a game of amateur theater, where he disappeared in the evenings. He liked to play with for 11 years - it was then in the parish under the guidance of a priest he made his debut. I would play myself Marcello amateur for the time being, if once in a theater at one of the performances did not come by Luchino Visconti, who immediately invited the young actor to his professional theater 'Eliseo'. 'I still do not know what he saw this in me' - told Mastroianni. But the debut was a success, and Marcello, despite the lack of understanding of native, threw 4-th year of university and became an actor.

Incidentally, this was the time he met his future wife, Flora. Her attention to him was an exception to the general rule - in those years did not Marcello was wildly successful with women. Even when in 1950 he began to act in films, playing the good-natured and simple Italian guys, and it becomes a very popular actor, the fairer sex in no hurry to hang around his neck. Then he confessed: "I do not belong to men who are capable of causing a passion, but it was producing an impression of reliability, and the girls write to me, talking about his experiences on the basis of love, like his elder brother '. But everything changes when his life appears Federico Fellini and invited to play in a 'Sweet Life'.
. An ordinary appearance

. Fellini and Mastroianni had before that were familiar, rather, she knew Marcello Federico's wife, Giulietta Masina: they studied together at the University of Rome and played in amateur theater - even then, she said young talent
. Besides the director and actor are often found in restaurants - and they both adored the delicious food. 'He always ate much, - recalled Fellini. - I noticed this, because I feel a natural sympathy for people with a good appetite. So the first time I drew attention to the Marcellus, sensing in him a real gourmet. "

And this historic meeting, described almost every anthology: It was a hot day, and arranged to meet the maestro at the beach next to his villa. He lay on a lounge chair under an umbrella and explained Marcello: 'I should make a film and my producer De Laurentiis wants the lead role of Paul Newman. But he too puts on airs. I also want some unknown actor with mediocre appearance. So I decided to invite you '.

Marcello did not take offense - he himself has always regarded his appearance is not too attractive. Only with the importance asked: 'Can I read the script? " Taking a serious look, and prepared for reading, Marcello opened handed him the folder in which lay: a stack of white paper, and on the top sheet was drawing Fellini. 'On the first page I drew a man whom he was to play - how I saw him - laughing, told Federico. - He was alone in a boat in the middle of the ocean, a member of it hung down to the bottom, and swam around the charming siren '. Mastroianni, knowing that the director is waiting for his reaction, raises his head and nods: "I liked the role, I agree '. By the way, since he never asked Fellini show him the script.

Fellini did not require knowledge of the role of Marcello, but put one condition - at the beginning of filming go on a diet. 'I do not care what kind of diet - the main thing that was a good judge of it! " - Ordered the director. Once, Marcello said that he knew a place in northern Germany, where for three days you can lose 10 pounds. Hearing this, Federico said: "Marcello, immediately go there! But only three days! " And March left. He returned exactly as it was. 'But I was glad that he at least did not gain weight', - joked maestro.

. After the 'Dolce Vita' Mastroianni became first violin of the great film director, . who invited him to play in all the pictures - '8 and a half ', . 'Interview', . 'Ginger and Fred', . 'City of Women': They were best friends, . although we could not see for months, . but always exchanged through the press complimentary to each other utterances,
. Only because Marcello Federico blind eye to the inexcusable disadvantage for others - smoking. Director, abandoning this unhealthy habit, can not stand when next to him someone was smoking a cigarette. But on Marchi said that he was scribbling a match once a day, and then lights a cigarette from one another. He smoked three packs a day, and incredibly proud of it.
. 'I still quick about it! "

. Already seriously ill, suffering from pancreatic cancer, Mastroianni did not stop play, and even returned to the theater stage, which during the tumultuous life of the cinema a few rusty
. His last role was in the theater play 'Last of the moon', where he played an old, lonely man, to which comes the specter of his dead wife. Only to leave to the viewer, Marcello in the morning passed grueling chemotherapy procedure. And still not lose its vitality: 'Maybe I became a bore, but still look at life with optimism. And signor with a white beard there in heaven, I say: Do not mind me, though I'm still quick about it! "

. But 'signor with a white beard' was a scenario in which the heart of 72-year-old Marcello Mastroianni stopped early in the morning on Dec. 19, 1996
. At this point in his Paris house next to him was his dear Catherine Deneuve and their daughter Chiara.

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