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Andrei Krasko was born in 1957 in Leningrad, the son of actor Ivan Krasko, known for the movie 'The Prince and the Pauper', 'Police Sergeant', 'Late Emperor taiga'. At the age of two years, Andrew first appeared on the scene. This curious incident occurred during a performance in which his father played. Seeing the pope, the boy did not remain in the hall and in the most dramatic moment came running onto the stage with a triumphant cry: 'But my dad! ".

Several years later, Andrew's parents are divorced and the boy remained with his mother. Actor recalls: 'My mother with me all my life put. I was a sickly child, and she - the teacher of Russian language and literature high school - quit school and went to a kindergarten teacher. And when I was in junior high, she came every day during break and took me to the toilet. At school trousers buttons on the crotch was very tight, mum helped me to fasten and unfasten.

Mom I owe very much. She taught me how to speak the truth, looking into your eyes. I was 17 years old, when my friend Vovka the first time a well-walked, fell into detoxification. I was the first time in his life without telling her mother, spent the night at home. The next morning I asked one another: what to do? He advised me to tell the truth. I called, my mother asked where I. I honestly answered: in sobering-up station. Silence hung, then my mother asked: 'In the sobering-up station? Since Vova? Well, come, certainly not enough sleep and hungry '. She fed us and then never reproved. "

Typically, the children of actors problems with the choice of profession does not arise. Most of them arrive in theater and continue the dynasty of parents. Here Andrei Krasko, while still in school, toured the Theater behalf Komissarzhevskaya of montirovochnoy Brigade. But, nonetheless, the boy was not eager to cast. Where is he just not want to be! And an astronaut, and a doctor, a fireman, and driver ... Desire to change literally every day. Yet at the end of the school Andrew Contrary to popular expectations, still gathered in the Theater Institute. 'It just happens that this is the only profession where you can be all who want to' - he said.

Ambient perceived choice Andrew skeptical. Everybody thought that the actor had not the temperament.

From the first time to enter the LGITMiK (now St. Petersburg Academy of Dramatic Art), Andrew could not. Year he worked montirovschikom scene in the theater of VF. Komissarzhevskaya, and then prepare as follows LGITMiK enrolled in a course Arcadia IOSIFOVICH Katzman and Lev Dodin Abramovich. Teachers make out a young fellow future actor. Andrei Ivanovich remembered with gratitude, and especially their IOSIFOVICH Arkady Katsman, on the course with whom he studied: 'On the master I was lucky. I think so, that Arkady I. - is one of the last people who were engaged exclusively on what was taught, were not parallel to the directors in the theater, he had a talent is a teacher '.

Graduated LGITMiK Andrei Krasko, in 1979. Then he made his debut in the film, playing a cameo role in the film chauffeur Lebedev 'personal visit'.
Tomsk TUZ

After graduating in 1979, the Institute Andrei Krasko was in Tomsk TUZ. Happened thanks to the First Secretary of the Leningrad regional party Grigory Vasilyevich Romanov. He 'gave' his colleague and friend, the first secretary of the Tomsk Oblast Party Committee Yegor Kuzmich Ligachev to the opening of the Tomsk Spectators course, where he studied Andrew.

. Andrey says: 'Otmazyvalis from Siberia as to: who is pregnant, who have two grandmothers were on hand
. A polkursa go. I do not regret it. Last season played a role in nine performances. Chekhov, Shakespeare, Gorky '.

Most went to Tomsk novice actors began to flee from there after four months. Andrei Krasko worked for over a year. During this time he, in his own words, became an amazing professional tempering. Still, the future prospects in Tomsk was not, and Andrew took the opportunity to play in a movie, he returned to Leningrad.
. Cucaracha

. After returning to Leningrad, Andrew, on the advice of his friend Andrew Urgant decided to enter the Leningrad Leninsky Komsomol Theater
. Head Theater Gennady Mikhailovich Oporkova Andrei Krasko conquered his arrogance. The young actor asked: 'What show? We're grown men, both understand that if you take me, then at any Position or a role. You tell me specifically what you want, and there along the way we shall understand, that I still can '. Director gave him to read the script 'Cucaracha', offering a month something to show. Andrew came after seven days. When the show ended, Gennady Mikhailovich ordered him to go take shape. Andrew had to play a major role in the play:

Cucaracha role in the play by play of the same name Nodar Dumbadze was an actor first and last role in Lenkom. At the premiere the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Churbanov sent an impressive commission, composed of generals and colonels. Although the overall performance they liked, but about Krasko Churbanova they reported their observations. A district police officer in the performance Krasko was a cheerful guy with a reckless unbuttoned the top button of his tunic and rolled up sleeves. This is the opinion of the Commission, discredited the bright image of the police. As a result, the next day, Andrew received a summons to the army, as later admitted Churbanov - 'to frighten'.

For Andrew tried to stand up, act even through 'Mosfilm', but it did not help. Over all about this experienced director Dinara Asanova. She has already managed to withdraw Andrew in 1980 in a small role in a melodrama 'Nekudyshnyaya'. Now she planned to shoot him in the role of poor teacher in the drama 'Anti-Semitism'. Unfortunately not succeed:

Thus, in 1982, Andrew was sent to serve in the Arctic Region in Arkhangelsk region. As he admits: 'In the army you can easily get a job, if you know how something'. Andrew initially settled down to write posters, and then raised himself and bosses - command 'muzvzvodom'. So went a half years:
10 years in oblivion

While Andrew was in the army died and Dinara Asanova and Gennady M. Topple. As a result, color returned to Nowhere. But he played a few performances in Lenkom, but then came to the theater Egorov, and Andrew was left without work. Some time he pometalsya in Leningrad, but he never expected. Actor decided to leave the province:

After a while, Andrei Krasko moved to the city of Dimitrovgrad. 'There, in the theater were two men with the highest theatrical education, one of them I. On the balcony of the theater on the second floor rose bushes, and at the bottom of grazing goats', - he recalls.

Here he did not stay long. In 1985 he was invited to a film-catastrophe Dmitry Svetozarova 'breakthrough', but the director did not want to let the talented actor. Had to quit. Pending approval of the role of Andrew went to work at Aggregate Plant manager dancing group.

After shooting the film 'Breakthrough' in Andrei began throwing in various theaters, but nothing came. And then there does come a time when the theaters were not wanted. In the movie fared not much better. Although Krasko periodically removed, but they were mostly bit parts. The only major role he was to play in the thriller of the same Dmitry Svetozarova 'Dogs'.

We had to somehow survive. And the actor went to 'the people'. He had to work in co-op, where he stitched pants and jackets, and the cemetery (kneaded mud and made fences). He sold books and engaged in European style. After collecting money from the fees and taking a loan from Andrew Urgant and his parents, bought a car and engaged in the driving. To experience had a great deal:
Breakthrough in film

In the mid-90's Andrei Krasko worked at the studio driver. Due to this, in 1996, he was able to play in a small role in the comedy 'Operation' Happy New Year! ". Soon he learned about a new project - the TV series "Streets of broken lamps'. As acknowledged by the actor himself, he 'began insolently ask for it'. Unfortunately, it is not approved, trusting only an episode.

Celebrity Andrei Krasko brought the role of Krasnov, a partner of the protagonist Lehi Nikolayev in the series 'Agent of National Security'. Incidentally, this role was written specifically for paint. He said: 'I once called his friend, screenwriter, who wrote' Agent ', and asked me to come up with for the role. He did not once did it for me, but the filmmakers (writers in the same movie no sense) took the other actors. But here the director was Dmitri Svetozarov, with whom I have a few scenes filmed. It appeared my hero. At first the idea was to make 'agent' lone hero. But anyone still need a superman partner, who will call time, you are at the last moment. And this man was I '.

Despite the fact that the actor was in the shadow of the protagonist Lehi Nikolaeva, played by Michael Porechenkov, it was a real breakthrough. So Krasko starred in Alexander Rogozhkin military drama 'checkpoint' (Lenin) and the short story 'Boldin Autumn'. In 'Boldin Autumn' he, incidentally, was shot along with his father, Ivan Krasko.
. Life

. First time Andrei Krasko married another classmate at the institute, but the marriage quickly fell apart.

. Second wife, a Pole by birth, studied in Moscow
. In the couple had a son, who was named in honor of his grandfather - Ivan (in Polish, Jan Andrzej). Later, however, family life was not developed. The wife of Andrei Krasko moved to Poland, and not a divorce. So they lived for over twenty years. 'That whole thing - to apply, we must defend all people in a hundred. I have no time for this. In Poland all the easier, but Vanina mother is very lazy. A conversation about divorce we have comes once every few years - when she appears next husband ', - said Andrey. But in the end the divorce was issued.

Recently, Andrei Krasko lived with his wife on behalf of civil Lena. She works as an assistant property master. Andrei and Elena met on the set of 'national security agents'. Interestingly, the future mother-in-law Andrew, looking several series, inquired: 'And now this Krasko and life the same pridurochny? " The next day, the actor came to their house to get acquainted:

. Svetlana lived with Andrei Krasko about two years (until the actor's death), she went with him on tour and on location, accompanied him everywhere, so as not to leave, like a premonition that Andrew was not destined to live a long time ...
. Theater

. In the late 90's Andrei Krasko and returned to the theater
. The first major stage works of Andrei Krasko associated with the St. Petersburg theater 'Shelter comedian', . where in 1999 he played the role of detective Alexandrova nicknamed Feklushi in the play Peter Sherishevskogo 'Dog Waltz' (by Leonid Andreev), . and in 2001 created the image of the famous broom in the transferred to the stage G,
. Vasilyev V. Erofeev's poem 'Moscow - Petushki'. Among the most recent theatrical work of the actor - the staging of 'The Lower Depths' (Satin) and 'Death Tarelkin'.

This is how the game actor on the stage: 'It is organic in any situation, elusive and enigmatic. Smooth movement and insinuating singing tone makes it look like a cat. He does not go on stage - he appears on it, or materializing out of nothing, or being on her always, just becomes visible at the right time. He never fussed and even seem in no hurry, as if his time is different from the time of all mankind. His phenomenal charisma as scenic as well as human, so large that it could not help comparing it with the legendary Pied rat-catchers: Paints, without any pipes can bewitch and steal him for anyone. "
. Recent work in film

. In recent years, Andrei Krasko became very popular and in demand actor
. His popularity helped role in the drama Pavel Loungin 'oligarch' and the TV series 'line of destiny'.

One of the best works in the early 2000's is certainly a role in the drama of '72 meter '. Andrei Krasko brilliantly played the commander of the submarine 'Slavonian' Janissary. Looking at this work it is impossible not to admire. How subtly been noted traits. Here he is scolding his subordinates, who stand in front of him stretched out at attention, and now, a moment later, you should hail his wife, and threatening the commander on bent legs in a hurry to his wife. Drama '72 meter 'deservedly was named best film of 2004.

In 2005 he published a regular series with participation of Andrei Krasko - 'Death of the Empire'. Actor played Strelnikova counterintelligence officer, who together with his colleagues: Kostin (Alexander Baluev) Nesterovsky (Sergei Makovetsky) and Stolz (Marat Basharov) revealed conspiracies against Russia Empire.

. In the serials 'Land' and 'Enchanted Lands' ( 'Land-2') manifested comedic talent actor
. And his comedy was a peculiar, with a high degree grustinki.
At the peak of popularity

Gone from the life of Andrei Krasko suddenly, at the peak of its popularity. In his biography has reached the remarkable period when he, first, by virtue of his talent was able to play very different roles, and secondly, he was extremely in demand for directors. Hairdresser in the series 'Brezhnev', . journalist Alexander Winds in the film 'Kingdom of curves', . San Sanych boarding house owner in the film 'On the white boat', . chief engineer of the plant Skorosko in the film 'Hunting for elk', . regimental commander in the company '9 ', . Major Igor Golomazov in the movie 'The Princess and the Pauper', . Markel in the series 'Doctor Zhivago', . Uncle Pat in the military drama "The bastards" ..,
. - This is not a complete list of recent works of the actor.

In summer 2006, he was shot in Odessa in the next film. On the night of 5 July the actor could not stand the heart. Andrei Krasko was only 48 years old.

They had two children - Andrew and Julia. Of course, the burden on children lay mostly on the shoulders of the mother. Andrew speaks about her very warmly: ': Mom on me all my life put. I was a sickly child, and she - the teacher of Russian language and literature high school - quit school and went to a kindergarten teacher. And when I was in junior high, she came every day during break and took me to the toilet. At school trousers buttons on the crotch was very tight, mum helped me to unfasten and fasten '.

Andrew was a child behind the scenes, but on the scene managed to get out, before he was more than three years. His father played while in the university theater 'Drama', and the mother took the boy to play. When you are on stage Krasko elder son jumped from his mother's knee and ran out right on the scene, said: 'This is my dad'. But his first role Andrew has played in his native kindergarten: Dad was Santa Claus, and he - hare.
Select profession

Matured, Andrew did not shown much interest in acting. While studying in the sixth grade, he came to the Youth Art Theater, but those four years that he was doing, basically, was lighter. The boy wanted to become an astronaut, and doctor, a fireman, and as a miner, but not an artist. Therefore, his desire to enter the Acting Department of Theater Institute has everyone by surprise. The secret lay in the fact that, according to Andrew himself, 'this is the only profession in which you can be all who want to'. The first attempt was unsuccessful: Paints, Jr., is ill-prepared for exams, and his father, berated her son for it, refused to make him patronage. All the next season the boy had to work montirovschikom scene in the Theater. Komissarzhevskaya. But that is not - all the better: next year, thoroughly prepared, Andrei without blat entered the course great masters Arkady Katsman and Lev Dodin. In this course, which became famous thanks to the legendary spectacle 'Brothers and Sisters', Krasko studied with Natalya Akimova, Elena Popova, Igor Sklyarov, Sergey Vlasov, Sergei Bekhterev, Valery Kukhareshin, Sergei Koshonin.
. Tomsk TUZ

. In 1979, after graduation, their course as a whole had to go to Tomsk TUZ - a gift to the Leningrad party leadership willing to make the management of Tomsk
. Naturally, this did not cause the enthusiasm of young artists: someone has managed to avoid reference to valid reasons, others began running from Tomsk in a few months. Andrew stayed almost the longest - more than a year. And he did not regret it, because the season he was lucky to play in nine plays and purchase, according to him, exciting professional tempering. However, the future prospects for a young actor did not see and was happy to leave Siberia, when the opportunity to go to the shooting. Apparently, then invited him removed Dinara Asanova. In her film 'useless' Andrew had a chance to play a cameo role, but then he sat next to the director of the film - and the shooting, and editing.
. Cucaracha

. In the early eighties after the shooting at Dinara Asanova Andrei Krasko have entered the Leningrad Theater
. Lenin Komsomol (now the "Baltic House") to a great director Gennady Oporkovu.

. The first and, unfortunately, for many years the only serious theater work for our hero became the main role in the play 'Cucaracha', which premiered at the Theater of
. Lenin Komsomol in 1982. The image of the district policeman George Tushurashvili nicknamed Cucaracha performed Krasko Commission has not seemed appropriate moral and ethical guise of the Soviet defender of law and order. Of course, not Krasko wrote this play, and he set the play, but he suffered more than anyone else. A month before the end of military age he was taken to the army. However, this can be interpreted as recognition of his talent: top brass, enchanted and persuasiveness of his playing, instinctively equate the actor and his character.
. The army and the consequences

. Serve Andrew sent in air defense forces in the Arkhangelsk region
. The army was engaged Krasko 'culture', and so successfully that under his leadership, designed Lenin's room is always recognized as the best, as a reward for the good organization of two concerts in Arkhangelsk General personally granted him leave. In general, the service itself is not delivered to Andrew particular problems. But judge for yourself how sudden conscription influenced the artistic life of the actor.

Even before leaving the army Andrew was approved at the role of 'bad' teacher in the film Dinara Asanova 'Anti-Semitism'. Alas, Krasko no longer had the opportunity to work with this great director: 'Anti-Semitism' were filmed without him, and before his return from the army Asanova did not live. While Andrew served, died, and Gennady pants, without which the work in Lenkom the actor is not formed: by playing several minor roles, he left the theater to nowhere. Unable to get any of the Leningrad theaters, Krasko moved to the province. In Dimitrovgrad theater, where he found work, but him in the company was only one actor with higher professional education. Nothing significant to play in this theater was not able to Andrew. When Dmitri Svetozarov invited him to appear in the film 'breakthrough', it did not want to let go, and the actor had to leave.

After shooting Andrei Krasko was again out of work. At this time in the country had just begun restructuring, theater and cinema are not experiencing its best time. Works in the theater for Andrew never found, in the film he only occasionally going to the occasional role. The only exception was the role in the thriller of the same Svetozarova 'Dogs'. In the life of an actor had to earn in different ways: it sewed pants and jackets, kneaded mud at the cemetery, selling books, led the dance in a circle at the factory, engaged in the driving of a car bought on credit.
. Movies

. New page in the work of the actor opened the work in the series Dmitry Svetozarova 'Agent of National Security'
. The role of Andrei Krasnov, partner Lehi Nikolaeva, wrote one of the writers Vladimir Vardunas - an old friend of Andrew's, back to school time - especially for him at his own request. Due to the talent and charm of the actor, his character, seemingly randomly appeared in the series, became the soul of the film.

Following the 'agent' role as poured from a horn of plenty. Since 1998, when we reached the first series of 'national security agents', the paint is not been a single year of inactivity in the cinema. With the director, according to the actor himself, he was lucky. He played tapes Rogozhkina, Meshieva, Balabanova, Bodrov Jr., Loungin, Khotinenko, Litvinova, Bondarchuk.

. Recently, Andrei Krasko was shot very much, he had to combine work once in seven projects, this helped him a true professional of his business - his agent Lisa Krutskikh (wife of Marat Basharova).
. Theater

. With all the theater evolved not so smoothly
. Nevertheless, in 1999, directed by Peter Sherishevsky invited Andrei Krasko the role of Alexandrov's 'Dog's Waltz' by Leonid Andreyev. The performance was a success, and the paint job was marked by criticism. A year later, in the same 'Shelter comedian' Georgy Vasiliev has put a poem in. Erofeev, 'Moscow-Petushki', where the actor, of course, shone in the role of the broom. Then on the stage of. Komissarjevskaya directed by Valery Grishko 'Andorra' Andrei Krasko was a soldier - the master of that kind of life, which allowed all.

. Perhaps the longest Andrew never parted with one of their favorite characters - Tarelkin of antrepriznogo Performance famous director Yuri Butusova 'Death Tarelkin' on the play Sukhovo-Kobylin
. In this project he was involved, along with celebrities such as Khabensky, Porechenkov, Waha. As a result of the high employment has become impossible to gather them together, and the play has ceased to exist.

Final performance of his life has become 'Men on the Hour' - a typical entreprise. Krasko here was magnificent and inimitable. While working on this performance the actor was forced to assume the functions of the director, as originally designated by the director was completely untenable.
. TV

. One time on the channel 'Culture' Andrew led the program 'Man of the House'
. Unfortunately, because of the large employment actor had to refuse it.

Andrew's first wife was his classmate. They married while still in the institute, and pretty soon parted.

In the early eighties Krasko married again, this time on the polka Miram A., uchivsheysya in Russia. She gave birth to a son Andrew, who was named in honor of his grandfather, Ivan. Although the documents that marriage existed for many years together the couple almost did not live. Mother and son had gone to Poland, and the proud father stayed at home.

In addition to the two official wives in the life of Andrew was a lot of other women. One of them in the late nineties gave birth to his second son, Cyril. According to the Pope, Cyril is economic child loves order and the machine.

. The eldest son, Ivan walked in the footsteps of his grandfather and father: he has already starred in an episode of 'national security agents', and in Poland has played a major role in the popular youth series.
. End of life

. Andrew died on the night of July 5, 2006 in Odessa, on the filming of 'elimination' Sergei Ursulyak of heart failure.

. Buried at the cemetery of the village Komarovo, near St. Petersburg, July 7, 2006.

. During its short life the actor managed to withdraw more than fifty feature films and television series of twenty.
. Life stories
. Shooting

. * When Andrei Krasko arrived at the shooting "a vicious plot ', Leonid Yarmolnik told him:' You know, on what channel will switch either - everywhere you '
. 'Well, am working', - said Andrey. 'However, recently included cartoon, but you do not'. 'Sorry, flaw out! "

* The shooting of the series 'The Insider' at the bus station in Krasnodar during a break an actor in makeup and clothes keyboardist asleep on the bench. Near fussed administrators, camera, lights. By the artist walked in a grandpa, and shook his shoulder: 'What sprawled? And do not you ashamed? Then remove the film, and you interfere! "

* One of a series of 'national security agents' filmed at the dump. Heroes - Krasnov and Nikolaev - dress up homeless on the plot. During the break, the actors were filming rags and went to dinner. But somehow, coming back, they were unable to find them. It turned out that the local homeless, lived in the dump, and stole costumes. Filming was able to continue only after the 'thieves' found and bought their suits.

* One day his youngest son, Kirill watched TV series' Gangster Petersburg "- a series where Andrew was shot dead. When the paint had fallen and died, Cyril said: 'All my father to us would not come! "
. Filmography
. Feature films

. * 1979 - Private meeting - driver

. * 1980 - useless

. * 1986 - Breakthrough - Alexander and Bronislaw Kostromin

. * 1988 - Fountain

. * 1988 - Flying Birds

. * 1989 - Dogs

. * 1989 - Don Cesar de Bazan - Pablo

. * 1990 - City

. * 1991 - The man with the landfill

. * 1991 - Loch - winner of water

. * 1991 - Afghan Breakdown

. * 1993 - White Horse

. * 1994 - A young man from the sea depths

. * 1994 - Russian transit

. * 1994 - Russian Symphony

. * 1995 - Arrival of a Train

. * 1996 - Operation "Happy New Year!" - Andrew I. Epstein

. * 1997 - The American - a neighbor

. * 1997 - Schizophrenia

. * 1997 - Brother - landlord

. * 1998 - Peculiarities of National Fishing - Vitek

. * 1998 - Blockhouse - Ensign I.

. * 1999 - Boldin Autumn - Cicinho

. * 2000 - Peculiarities of national hunting in the winter

. * 2000 - Offense

. * 2001 - Sisters - Misha

. * 2001 - Head of roundabouts

. * 2002 - Kopek - the narrator, one of the owner of the 'penny' and several other small roles

. * 2002 - The Agency - a former prisoner, a new member agency

. * 2003 - Key to the bedroom - a soldier (episode)

. * 2004 - Nanny - Kolka

. * 2004 - Bitch, or the strangeness of love - Ants

. * 2004 - Obsession - Vasili Plotnikov

. * 2004 - The Goddess: How I fell in love - Doctor Paul

. * 2004 - Sapiens

. * 2004 - 72 meters - the captain of the first rank Genadiy Janissary

. * 2004 - Oak Land - reporter, cameraman

. * 2005 - The Turkish Gambit

. * 2005 - Its a strange life

. * 2005 - Swine - Storekeeper Uncle Pasha

. * 2005 - Night seller - Sergeant

. * 2005 - On a white speedboat - San Sanych owner of a boarding house

. * 2005 - Dead Man's Bluff - neighbor

. * 2005 - 9 rota - a regimental commander in Afghanistan

. * 2006 - Peter FM - a man in his underpants

. * 2006 - Who comes in the winter evening - trolleybus driver

. * 2007 - Love-carrot - Felix Korogodsky

. * 2007 - One love in a million - Surovtsev

. * 2007 - I'm staying - Viktor Tyrsa
. Television serials

. * 1998 - Streets of broken lamps

. * 1999 - Agent of National Security - Andrey Krasnov

. * 2000 - Gangster Petersburg
. Film 1. Baron - pianist Jora

. * 2000 - Agent of National Security 2 - Andrei Krasnov

. * 2001 - Agent of National Security, 3 - Andrei Krasnov

. * 2003 - Land - Savichev

. * 2003 - Lines of fate - Azerbaijani Alex

. * 2003 - Kamenskaja 3 - translator from Japanese

. * 2003 - Agent of National Security 4 - Andrei Krasnov

. * 2004 - Narrow Bridge

. * 2004 - Lost sun - Ledogorov

. * 2004 - Saboteur - Major Lukashin

. * 2004 - Dasha Vasilyeva 3
. A lover of private detective

. * 2005 - The Princess and the Pauper - Major Igor Golomazov

. * 2005 - Hunting for elk - chief engineer of the plant Skorosko

. * 2005 - Yesenin - Stalin

. * 2005 - Death of the Empire - Intelligence officer Strelnikov

. * 2005 - Brezhnev - Hairdresser

. * 2005 - The Kingdom of the curves: - journalist Alexander Winds

. * 2005 - The Insider - Keyboardist

. * 2006 - Doctor Zhivago - Markel

. * 2006 - The Enchanted Land - Savichev

. * 2006 - The storm doors - Colonel Galkin Pal Palych

. * 2006 - U.S. dollars
. - Colonel Chernov

* 2006 - Private Booking - Colonel Marusia

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