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Garik Martirosyan

( Comedy Club on TNT)

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Biography Garik Martirosyan
photo Garik Martirosyan
Garik Martirosyan was born in Yerevan on 13 February 1974. He graduated from the Medical faculty of Yerevan State Medical University. He - quite well-known personality in KVN, was captain of the team "New Armenians.

Since its inception the program on TNT Comedy Club Garik Martirosyan participates in almost all of its editions. Just a few months channel has become one of the most popular on the channel. Director of the project - Xenia Chashei, director of the popular comedy series "Sasha + Masha" and "Happy Together" on TNT. Premiere of the TV Comedy п¦lub held on channel TNT in April 2005.

Defeated in the draft of the First Channel "Two stars" paired with Larisa Dolina.

With his wife Joan Levin met in Sochi KVN in 1997. Daughter Jasmine 2004 birth. All his spare time tries to spend at home with family. Favorite hobby - football.

. Senior unique show "Minute of Fame" on Channel with his psychotherapeutic experience has always tried to support by word and personal charm of each party, for that, and loved to millions of TV viewers.

. Height - 1 m 86 cm

. Eye color - dark brown

. Profession - future doctors

. Favorite drink - "Jermuk" (useful mineral water from the

. Armenia)

. Favorite food - kebab (tasty dish also from Armenia)

. Favorite author - James Joyce (Irish)

. Favorite movie - "Meeting Place Can not Be Changed"

. Favorite Actress - Jessica Lange ( "Tootsie")

. Favorite actor - Will Smith (he is also a singer)

. Favorite musicians - Alexander Rosenbaum, and Steve Wonder

. Favorite City - Rio de Janeiro

. Favorite Animals - Cats

. Three words about yourself - Garik Martirosyan Yuriev

. What you do not like in people? - Stupidity

. Are you lucky? - Yes

. Resentful? - No

. Superstitious? - Rarely

. Whoever was in the next life? - One life

. The biggest disappointment - there was no such

. The biggest success - and this has not been

. The question itself - Where were you last night?

. Biography

. 1993-2002,
. - KVN team player 'New Armenians' (from 1997. - Captain), champion of KVN 1997. Some played in the 'Team of the USSR', worked in the program 'Good evening' Igor Ugolnikova. Worked with a team of KVN "Burnt by the Sun" in the authors' group. In 2003, together with friends from the command 'New Armenians' Tumasyanom Arthur, Arthur Dzhanibekyanom, Artak Gasparyan and Artashes Sarkisian devised and implemented the project 'Comedy Club'.

. Defeated in the draft of the First Channel 'Two Star', where he participated in a pair with Larisa Dolina (2006).

. In November 2006, the TV channel TNT goes show "Our Russia"
. Garik is soprodyusserom and co-author of the script.

In 2007, the show has two seasons 'Got Talent' on the First Channel. In December 2007, a musical album 'Respect and пёп¦п¦пTя¬я-п¦' Paul Freedom with Garik.

. Shoots feature film 'My Russia', is the director of the country in May 2009 (a producer and author of the script).

. On May 17, 2008 is on the air show 'ProjectorParisHilton' on the First Channel, where Garik is one of the top four.
. Life

. Registered in Yerevan, but in connection with the work resides in Moscow
. With his wife Joan Levin met in Sochi KVN in 1997. A daughter Jasmine 2004 birth. All his spare time tries to spend at home with family. Favorite hobby - football. In an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda ', claims that does not want his daughter in the next few years watching his show.

. Garik Martirosyan intended to run for National Assembly of Armenia on the list of the United Liberal-National Party, whose chairman is his brother - Levon Martirosyan.
. Education

. He graduated from Yerevan State Medical University, majoring in neurologist-therapist
. After graduating from the Yerevan State Medical University, spent three years in the profession (Residency), and believes that this knowledge helped him not only in life but also in the work.
. Filmography

. 2005 - Our Yard 3 - bit part

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Garik Martirosyan, photo, biography
Garik Martirosyan, photo, biography Garik Martirosyan  Comedy Club on TNT, photo, biography
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