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( famous porn star Dolly Buster (real name - Katerina Bochnikova) became a candidate in the European Parliament from the Czech parties 'independent initiative'. One of the most successful in th)

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Among Germans popularity Dolly Buster today than Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder: porn actress learn 98 percent of people in Germany, while the head of government - 93 percent. During his career in film Buster appeared in several hundreds of porn films and has earned tens of millions of dollars. In Germany, it has the largest network of sex shops. In his election campaign actress intends to spend part of their own funds.

In politics, 34-year-old porn star is no stranger. At the last parliamentary elections in Germany, she took an active part in the election campaign of the Free Democratic Party, and even starred in its TV commercial. As the director, from the rostrum of the Bundestag (German parliament) Dolly play with the plans of the party leadership to achieve 18 per cent of the votes. "You think about sex three times a day - she says in the ad appears to the audience. - Now you will think about him 18 times ". It was assumed that in the future Buster try yourself as a leader on the election of party events and discussions. But at the last moment of the Free Democrats refused to put the video on the air, and terminated the contract with the actress.

However, in the Czech Republic's political career may arise for Basseterre more successful. The questionnaire, which filled a porn star as a candidate for the European Parliament, under "profession", she wrote "actress to entertain adults, and in the" promises "promised not crop up during election speeches. "I do not plan on meeting with voters to show breasts or something like that. No show - everything will be absolutely serious, "- says Buster. And promises to soon submit its political program. The head of her campaign headquarters Ian Beer confident of victory: "Buster proved that knows how to really work and achieve success. In addition, feels that it is in debt to the Czech Republic ". The fight for a seat porn actress intends to conduct "during personal meetings with voters, as well as through posters, posters and television commercials.

. Negative experience of participation in the political battles of other world porn stars Buster interested enough
. Of course, she knows about the failed attempt of the former porn star Ilona Staller (was a deputy of the Italian Parliament from 1987 to 1992) to become a deputy in his native Hungary. Or the failure of the porn actress Jodie Moore at the elections in the Australian Parliament. She also oversaw the defeat in last year's election for governor of California American porn star Mary Carey, who took the 10-th place among 135 candidates. But, in contrast to "this audience" Buster "is not going to come to the meeting with the citizens of the Czech Republic in short shirts, to attract additional attention."

. And another important detail: the rivalry with porn star can spoil the reputation of its political opponents
. In Germany, Buster is considered one of the most popular writers working in the genre of criminal history. For achievements in literature, it took a prestigious association of authors of detective genre Das Syndikat.

In his novels, the actress writes that she knows best - the world of porn ". The heroine of her works - Pornstar Lilly Delight - by the speed of mind and wit many compare with Miss Marple of the works of Agatha Christie. In his Porno studio Lilly unravels criminal history, which proved too tough for police. In this case, according to one of the literary critic and author of books about Lilly's Delight does not forget in his novels "inflict pain on their real competitors in business, disclosing their professional and personal secrets". So today Basseterre hints: observations made during the election campaign, it uses the new literary. So the future political opponents fighting it can get expensive.

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BASSETERRE Dolly, photo, biography
BASSETERRE Dolly, photo, biography BASSETERRE Dolly  famous porn star Dolly Buster (real name - Katerina Bochnikova) became a candidate in the European Parliament from the Czech parties 'independent initiative'. One of the most successful in th, photo, biography
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