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Pyotr Kuznetsov

( The leader of the radical lzhepravoslavnoy Penza sect, part of which is the fall of 2007 sealed themselves with children in the dugout in anticipation of the Apocalypse, and came to the surface only)

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Biography Pyotr Kuznetsov
photo Pyotr Kuznetsov
Pyotr Kuznetsov was born in 1964 in the village Poganovka Bekovskogo district of Penza Region. Graduated from the Penza Civil Engineering Institute. After graduation he remained in Penza. Married. According to some reports, he worked in Penzagrazhdanproekte. In 1989, a son, Alexei Kuznetsov. Approximately in 1997, Kuznetsov, left his wife and returned to the village.

. In the early 2000's, according to villagers, Kuznetsov found a peculiar faith: prayer room was opened, there began to receive people, mostly visitors, including citizens of Belarus and Ukraine who settled in Poganovke and in the nearby village of Saint Nicholas
. On entering the village they found a large wooden cross. According to residents Poganovki, the sectarians never worked and were not allowed their children to school, but the means to life somehow found. The prosecutor's office reported that Kuznetsov forbade his followers to watch television, listen to the radio, pick up the money. Then he forbade his "parishioners" to communicate with relatives, and the summer of 2007 at the door praying at home will see "Sorry, we vow of silence."

. The name itself Kuznetsova appeared in print on Nov. 13, 2007, when it became known that the group led them to the sectarians (the exact number they were then not reported) dug in a gully at Poganovki large cave and sealed it with their children
. It was reported that Kuznetsov inspired his parishioners, though in May 2008, the end of the world, and if it is the only way to escape. Kuznetsov himself argued: "One of our night vision was - to seek safety underground". With a sectarians took the gas cylinders and kerosene supplies. "Father Peter" as he called himself Kuznetsov and followers of his teachings, did not go into the cave: to remain living in his house to meet new supporters and strengthen their faith. Money for the purchase of supplies received, when one of the sectarians (according Kuznetsova, it was Vitaly Nedogon) sold his house in Novocherkassk.

. According to law enforcement agencies, among hermits were residents of the Penza region, but there was a lot of foreigners
. In those who had taken refuge in a cave, as clarified on Monday at the Interior Ministry of Belarus, - Six residents of the Brest region, which destroyed their documents. Also found that in the dugout is a Ukrainian citizen and with three children. Woman for a time lived in Belarus and had a residence permit. Press notes that in 2007, Kuznetsov and his son made several trips to Belarus. In the spring of 2007 they were detained because of lack of documents. To identify the personality of detainees, Belarusian police have sent a formal request to Russia, but received no response and. Then Kuznetsov decided to let go and deported from the territory of the republic. According to some reports, Kuznetsov senior Belarus preached their faith and looking for supporters. Since he took an unspecified "Revelation schemamonk Maxima". Belarusian mass media called Kuznetsova leader of a religious sect "This Russian Orthodox Church.

. The incident in the village Poganovka law enforcement authorities have learned from a resident of Moscow region, who could not get through to her mother, who had gone to Nikolskoe October 15, 2007
. In search of a mother went to the woman herself Nikolskoe and, not finding anyone there, went to the police. It soon became clear that another 24 пЎп?я?я?п?я€я? 29 people went to live in a cave. In this cave, according to experts, and Kuznetsova's own words, supported by the temperature of not more than 12-16 degrees Celsius. When people tried to make come out, they threatened to blow up himself. The ravine where the cave is located, was cordoned off by police: to avoid emergency there decided not to let anyone. Some media reported that security forces planned to lull the sectarians gas to bring them out, but police later denied these reports.

. By the cave came to the Dormition Cathedral, Father Sergius, but to convince people to leave him unable
. Later, an attempt to repeat the representative of Penza diocese, priest Aleksei Burtsev. He also did not achieve the result. Those who agreed to talk to a priest, said that in the cave are not schismatics, not sectarians, and Russian Orthodox Christians, waiting, when the Lord shall come in his glory, and put an end to lawlessness ". Near the cave was a prayer for the health and comfort misguided souls, written by the Archbishop of Penza and Kuznetsk Filaret. All the hermits were listed in it by name. It also had no effect. In most dioceses have told reporters that in 2004, Kuznetsov spoke to him, asking permission to build a chapel next to one of the sources in the area Bekovskom. Negotiations on this subject took place in the street (see indoors on the linoleum of the daggers ornament, Kuznetsov said that he could not walk on the crosses and asked her to call him someone from the staff) and have been unsuccessful. The diocese refused to comment on the actions of followers Kuznetsova.

. Prosecutor District Alevtina Volchkova told the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that the grounds for criminal prosecution in connection with occurred while there, but the administrative records of the supporters of faith Kuznetsova were drawn
. Later, it was nevertheless prosecuted - on the first part of Article 239 of the Criminal Code ( "Creation of a religious or voluntary association, . with the impulse of citizens to refuse to fulfill their civic duties, or to commit other unlawful acts, . and the leadership of such an association "),
. November 17, 2007 Kuznetsov was arrested and sent to a psychiatric evaluation psychiatric hospital in Penza name to. R. Evgrafova. Previously, Kuznetsov is undergoing treatment in such a medical facility. Then he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

18 November 2007 the Government of the Penza region has banned access to the media for the fence, exhibited around the dugout. Ad Hoc Working Group in the regional government, which deals with the settlement of the situation, appealed to journalists to limit the presence of reporters in the immediate vicinity of the shelter. This step is explained to the officials care about the safety of people in the dugout, as well as the desire to preserve their lives, health and mental balance ". Henceforth, as indicated on the website of the regional government, all "essential" information will be provided only media working group. Meanwhile, law enforcement officials began to prepare for wintering near the cave: We have found two trailer-cabins, delivered coal and firewood.

. November 22, 2007 in the Penza region have been found several sects: two women from Belarus, with three children who failed to reach the caves, dwelt in a locked house Kuznetsova and decided to wait until the end of the world there
. It was reported that they alternately sleeping in a pine coffin, praying and waiting for the Apocalypse. The same day, were called the names of 27 people under the ground. It was argued that the list handed over to law enforcement priests, who persuaded the sectarians to give their names, so people will know for whom to pray.

. November 23, 2007 it became known that negotiations with the sect, buried himself in a cave, will be brought specialists of the State Research Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry named in
. Serbian. According to Senior Assistant Media Relations head of the investigation department of the regional Prosecutor's Office Investigative Committee of Russia Maria Orlova, . question of participation in the negotiations of the Kuznetsov has remained open, . as his psychiatric evaluation is not yet over,
. Arrival metropolitan professionals are not called. At the same time, it was reported that some psychologists have already entered into negotiations with the sect and the newspaper "Izvestia" spread information that allegedly November 23 Kuznetsova again brought to the scene (or rather, the district center Bekovo). But reporters he never saw. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the police felt that Kuznetsov can submit his followers a certain sign, which will signal for them to commit suicide. Then it was decided to seek assistance from the staff of the Institute Serbsky. But then held talks yielded no results.

In March 2008, after the flood began flooding the dugout, which were the sectarians. In the end, they had to ask for help to rescue. When the dwelling was crumbling, hermits came to the surface. Then it was discovered that during his stay under the ground died two sectarian (one was sick with cancer, another died, observing the "dry fast").

. In March 2008, after the psycho-linguistic examination of the books seized from Kuznetsova at home against the leader of the sectarians had opened a criminal case under article "inciting hatred or enmity on religious and ethnic grounds
. However, in the same month, Kuznetsov was declared insane. It was reported that, thus, he could not be prosecuted and after the investigation were to undergo compulsory treatment.

. In June 2008 the media reported that Kuznetsov, previously denied the official documents, obtained a passport Russia (previous he burned for religious reasons).

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Pyotr Kuznetsov, photo, biography
Pyotr Kuznetsov, photo, biography Pyotr Kuznetsov  The leader of the radical lzhepravoslavnoy Penza sect, part of which is the fall of 2007 sealed themselves with children in the dugout in anticipation of the Apocalypse, and came to the surface only, photo, biography
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