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Frederick Pauline

( American actress, known for her roles in Hollywood films.)

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Biography Frederick Pauline
photo Frederick Pauline
Pauline Frederick was born as Pauline Beatrice Libby August 12, 1883 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, died on Sept. 19, 1938 in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

. Speaking about his origin, . the actress said: 'I have four national, . determining my temperament - the first, . My good old United States, the second, . ancestors of my mother, . were Scots, and the third (and fourth), . father, . French and British,
. I realized that this combination makes me a good time 'Covergirl', which means you can become an actress'. It is well established as a stage actress, first appeared in film in 1915. The latter work actress in the movie took place in 1937, followed a year later she died from complications of asthma.

As a girl, Frederick was already fascinated by show business, and even then it is strictly sight unfolded in a theatrical side. In an interview with 'Motion Picture', she shared her memories: "One day one of my buddies, . loves to spend time in the theater every time, . cost us to save, . to buy tickets, . said: 'Polly, . bet, . You can bring itself to the real scene ',
. I could only accept the. I studied singing, and succeeded in persuading the manager vaudeville house in Boston, listen to some of my songs'. Manager agreed: 'I'll take you for a week and pay $ 50'.

These were the first earned its money. For the most Pauline was a real state. 'My pal that night waiting for the moment, to see how' Polly would call ', and for them that I was supposed to be brave, but I still remember how I trembled inside when I came on the scene saw hundreds of eyes watching me. I felt every eye said: 'She never done it before', and my friend of mine, I saw the answer: 'No, she never did'. Well, I was able to withstand the path of three of my songs, after which it became clear - it was not so bad. That first week of work gave me the courage to continue my path and, of course, to designate it New York '.

. In 1908, Pauline got into a serious car accident, after which it became clear that her ability to have children - is questionable.

. Well-known stars of the stage, Frederick crossed the 30-year old frontier, before beginning work in cinema
. She excelled in the roles of power and authority of women. Her stunning beauty has remained with her, not fading with age, so the actress could play his most memorable role - bringing a sacrifice of mothers and forty women, tapping an affair with a young. Pauline was able to successfully realize themselves in the 'talkies' in 1929 m and 1931 m Joan Crawford played the mother in the drama 'This Modern Age'.

Frederick has performed the role of an angry woman in the head kind of matriarchal society. She was never afraid of roles, a controversial opinion or disputes.

In honor of Frederick opened a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - Hollywood Boulevard in 7000.

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  • charlotte for Frederick Pauline
  • I am researching Pauline (birth name Beatrice Pauline Libby) as she was my grandmother's first cousin. Does anyone have info on the baby girl she gave up for adoption in May 1935?
  • charlotte dickinson for Frederick Pauline
  • the above photo is of the wrong Pauline Frederick. that is of the journalist, not the actress.
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    Frederick Pauline, photo, biography
    Frederick Pauline, photo, biography Frederick Pauline  American actress, known for her roles in Hollywood films., photo, biography
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