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Vladimir R. Solovyov

( Anchorman)

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Biography Vladimir R. Solovyov
Vladimir Soloviev was born on October 20, 1963 in Moscow.

Father - Rudolph Naumovich Soloviev - graduated from the historical-philological faculty of the Pedagogical Institute. Lenin and worked as a teacher of political economy Statistic College. Mother - Inna Solomonovna Shapiro - graduated from the same department of the same university and worked as an art in the museum-panorama "Borodino battle".

. In 1980 Vladimir graduated from the elite British Special School N 27, where the children and grandchildren learned members of the CPSU Central Committee, diplomats and other senior parents
. From childhood he loved literature, history and theater. In 9 th grade, karate and carried away by Eastern philosophy. Participated in the school production of "Macbeth" by Shakespeare.

. Also in 1980 entered the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, from which he graduated in 1986 with honors.

. In 1989, a postgraduate of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO)
. He defended his thesis on "Main Trends of new materials and factors of efficiency of their use in the U.S. industry and Japan, and received a Ph.D. in economics. Until 1990 he taught physics, mathematics and astronomy at school N 27, where he studied. Always drawn to the art. In his youth, wrote stories.

In 1990 he immigrated to the United States, Alabama, taught economics at the University. Actively participated in the political life of the then American. In 1992, returns to Russia. Conducts research into the effectiveness of high technology. Together with his friends opened a small business. V. Solov'ev - a member of the Committee of the American enterprise in Moscow, the vice-president of the association of young economists.

From 1997 to date is the transmission of "nightingales" on the radio station "Silver rain". Time Released: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7.00 to 11.00. V. Solovyov live discusses with students a variety of issues of modern life, . affecting a wide range of topics: from cooking recipes, . Fashion, . Etiquette, . social and political life, . computers and cars to read the poetry of Chinese philosophers.,

. A televised career began in 1999, appearing as the lead in both the two talk shows: "The process" on the ORT channel and "The Passion According to Solovyov" on TNT
. Then there were the author of "Breakfast with Solovyov and Nightingale Night" on TV-6, as well as "Look who came!", "Duel" at the FA and "Orange juice" on NTV.

. In 2003 and 2005, respectively, on NTV there are two popular talk show with the lead in
. Solovyov - "To the barrier!" and "Sunday evening, with Vladimir Solovyov, regularly go to this day.

. In spring 2005, the official website of Vladimir Solovyov www.VSOLOVIEV.ru receives award for best site in the VIP category at the contest "Golden Site".

. In fall 2005, Soloviev awarded TEFI "as the best interviewer.

. V
. Solovyov - author of "Russian Roulette" (2005, . izd-vo "Eksmo") - the true face of power, . technologies corruption, . scams oligarchs, "The Gospel of Solovyov" (2005, . Colibri ") - an adventure novel with elements of psychological thriller, . mysticism and philosophical parables, "Solovyov v. Solovyov" (2004, . izd-vo "Arbor") - on how to lose weight.,

. In December 2004, in
. Soloviev released their debut CD-album "Solovinye trills, where he acts as a singer. The CD consists of 12 songs by various authors, among them "Red Army" C. Pokrass, "Summer" M. Naumenko, "Banderlogi A. Grigoryan, "I do what must be" in. Syutkina, "Dubrovsky B. Grebenshchikova, "Why" Zemfira, "In the silvery moonlight, the snow," "Murka", "Hava Nagila" ... All songs are written together with the musicians of the "Crematorium". Sound Engineer - C. Ovsyannikov.

In. Solovyov also actively involved in sports - playing football for the team of the Government of Russia, holds a black belt in karate. He was thrice married and has five children: the eldest, Pauline, is a student at the Institute of Television and Radio, Alexander - studying at the British college, Katerina - in 9 th grade English special school in Moscow. Younger - Daniel - 4,5 years, Sofia - 2,5. The current wife of Vladimir Soloviev call Elga, she psychologist.

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Vladimir R. Solovyov, photo, biography
Vladimir R. Solovyov, photo, biography Vladimir R. Solovyov  Anchorman, photo, biography
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