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Anna Nicole Smith

( Model)

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Biography Anna Nicole Smith
No one and had no idea that this baby vymahaet over 180 cm and become the embodiment of femininity nineties. Father - a simple honest hard worker - very soon abandoned his wife with the baby, and disappeared in an unknown direction. A mother Vicki Virgil Hoggan - police officer - could not quit my job even in the name of his daughter, because it was the only source of cash income in this family the small number. So Vicky was entrusted to the care of Aunt Kay Beall - a very kind and loving sister of Virgil children. At the very Kay had a difficult childhood, she went to school for mentally retarded children and, of course, peers taunted her as they could, but it nevertheless did not embitter people. Wiki as a holiday ran to her aunt and called her "second mom.

Vicki grew up in a small dusty town Mex. After high school, went to fry chicken in the nearest fast-fude and soon married a cook Bill Smith. Two years later, Vicki threw a cook and went to Houston with the firm intention to make a career. Since the formation of it was not so, then sent it my foot in the strip club.

. As I mentioned above, nature is not very generously dressed Vicki feminine charms, so they took her to the club, but had to work in a completely non-profit day -
. Mrs. Smith was already are practical - she began to look for jobs in the evenings (as - history is silent), and in 1989 put in his first implants.

This was the first in a long line of plastic surgery. Later, she will increase her breast to a completely abnormal size - 42 DD.

. Her former "colleagues" to remember that Anna is always much more heat treated women: on the money received from clients, she bought her numerous gifts girlfriend
. Her addiction to alcohol, drugs and same-sex love, confused, even owners of strip-club.

Maybe they would have it, and kicked, but ... One evening in the strip club looked very old J. Howard Marshall. Seeing '42 DD ', horny old man, fell in love with a stripper and began to fill with gifts.

In September 1991, Vicki offered to shoot for the cover of Playboy magazine. Trial shooting went well, and the leadership of the magazine invited Vicki to fly to California for a photo session (due to the magazine, of course). On hearing this, Mrs. Smith was furious: "I thought that they offered me to fly to Los Angeles!" The chip is in the fact that Vicki was firmly convinced that Los Angeles is located in New York.

. The shooting did not take place, because Vicky alerted the editor, that got in a car accident and she has appeared scars
. She really got in a car accident, but was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

In 1992, Marshall bought the object of his passion for luxurious estate. And in the same year she received an offer from Paul Marciano - to withdraw advertising for Guess? Then she took the pseudonym Anna Nicole Smith (with the filing Marciano, of course).

. The glory and the money just demolished the roof of a former stripper: Every night, she amused drugs and alcohol, and more ..
. struggled with his boundless appetite.

. Two liposuction somewhat improved its appearance, but after surgery she began to eat more than before - and for the month all returned.

. In June 1994, Anna Nicole married her constant admirer - Jay Howard Marshall
. Instead of a honeymoon she went to Greece - ostensibly for another "photo session", but in fact - to rest along with her lover - a bodyguard Marshall Pierre Dedzhinom.

Family tycoon took a dislike to the daughter once and for all. Many years after his death, and the battle over the estate is still going on ...

Photos of Anna Nicole Smith
  • Anna Nicole Smith
  • Anna Nicole Smith

Photos of Anna Nicole Smith
Anna Nicole SmithAnna Nicole Smith

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Anna Nicole Smith, photo, biography
Anna Nicole Smith, photo, biography Anna Nicole Smith  Model, photo, biography
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