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Biography FISHER CARL A.
Professional activities of the photographer Carl Fischer began in 1878 in Orenburg. In 1889 he became 'the successor of the court photographs and. Dyagovchenko '. This institution got him from the widow Dyagovcheko - Matryona Yakovlevna. Prior to 1895 on the sign bore the word 'successor', and then facility became known as the 'Photo By. A. Fischer, former and. Dyagovchenko ', probably due to the fact that Fisher bought from the widow studios. Since 1892, became the 'photographer of the Imperial Theaters', which marked the subsequent flowering of the creative wizard, which lasted two decades.

. In 1894 in Moscow, was founded by Russian Photographic Society (RIF), Fisher was one of its founders and later chairman (1898-1907), after which he was awarded an honorary member of the RFO (in 1907).

. After the revolution to
. A. Fisher continued to work, although his studio was already closed. The last mention of Karl Andreevich refers to 1923, when he gave a. S. Golubkina available to him pictures A. N. Ostrowski project monument to the great playwright, then put in Moscow, at the Maly Theater. The fate of K. A. Fisher is unknown.

Fisher's photo studio was located at the Kuznetsk bridge in the house of Tver episcopal monastery (in d. 11, later in d. 21 / 5). In 1892, Fisher has expanded the range of services, opening an art studio with phototype, zincography and photolithography 'for all sorts of publications'. In the studio working photographers M. A. Sahara. I. Ulitin, D. R. Wasserman, M. A. Bartoshevich, retouchers K. K. Krause, A. T. Trofimov, and others.

Carl Fisher and his staff created a portrait gallery of many figures of Russian culture of the XIX-XX centuries. Among these artists (M. N. Ermolov AND. M. Moskvin, V. E. Meyerhold), writers L. N. Tolstoy, L. N. Andreev, A. P. Chekhov, painters and. E. Repin, IN. I. Surikov, M. A. Vrubel), composers P. I. Tchaikovsky, P. V. Rachmaninov and many others.

In Moscow, Fisher had a branch of photography at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg. Atelier Fischer was engaged not only the portrait photography, and theatrical, architectural, newsreel.

In 1890-1910-ies. masters of photography Fisher achieved considerable success in theater shooting scenes, representing at that time certain difficulties in connection with the imperfection phototechnics. Fisher managed to take pictures of the Bolshoi Theater and Moscow Art Theater, the Moscow Private Russian Opera From. I. Mamontov and 'Opera From. I. Zimin '.

Fisher worked with the Tretyakov Gallery, where in 1898-1913 enjoyed a preferential right to produce photographs. By special arrangement with management in building the gallery, he had a room-store sales contract pictures of exhibits, by 1900 it completed a photographic studio photography exhibition of the museum's halls.

. Atelier Fischer also regularly served orders of the Imperial Moscow Archaeological Society (MAOIs) for taking pictures of archaeological and restoration work
. Despite such cooperation, the only master udostennym titles photographer stayed and MAOIs. F. Barshevsky.

Atelier Fischer prosuschestovalo over twenty years and was closed in 1915.

Activities to. A. Fisher as the publisher catalogs, postcards, albums, photographs are very extensive and contains many innovative. Since the 1890's in the magazines 'Niva', 'World illustration', as well as in the photo published photographs chronicle of events in Moscow, vypolennnye Fisher and his photos. Among them are the annual troop parades, the opening of the monument to Emperor Alexander III and other historical reflexes events of that time. Then there were forms of open letters to the kinds of cities in Russia, architectural monuments, theater performances, portraits of prominent figures of Russia. Fisher published not only his photographic studio, but also by other authors, among them A. O. Karelin, M. P. Dmitriev, C. A. Tolstoy,. G. Chertkov.

Carl Fischer, the first in Russia started issuing fototipnye catalogs and albums museum exhibitions and periodic art exhibitions. Among other publications can be noted album '25 years of the Association of the Wanderers. 1872-1897 '(1899),' catalog of works of art galleries Urban II. and C. Tretyakov '(1899),' The illustrated catalog of an art gallery of the Moscow Public and Rumyantsev Museum '.

After the death of L. N. Tolstoy in 1910, photographer on the initiative and with the assistance of the author's widow - Sophia Andreyevna - issued several commemorative album phototypes, which were collected almost all the pictures of the writer's lifetime, the portraits of his relatives and friends.

. For the mass consumer Fisher offers a vast number of postcards with views of Moscow streets, temples, cathedrals and other attractions
. For theatergoers they were printed postcards with portraits of the artists of the Imperial Theaters, and scenes from plays.

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FISHER CARL A., photo, biography
FISHER CARL A., photo, biography FISHER CARL A.  Photographer, photo, biography
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