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Sakharov Konstantin V.

( Military and public figure)

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Biography Sakharov Konstantin V.
photo Sakharov Konstantin V.
Studied at the Orenburg Cadet Corps, the Nicholas School of Engineering and the Nicholas General Staff Academy. Member of Russian-Japanese and First World War. In 1917, the colonel, was awarded the Order of St.. George 4-th degree and St. George's arms.

After the Bolshevik Revolution he served in the armies of Admiral A. V. Kolchak and General G. M. Semenova. He was awarded the Order of St.. George 3rd degree and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-General. Honorary Cossack, Siberian Cossack 'with the right to wear his uniform and badge' The army assigned''.

Emigration was at first in Japan and then in the U.S.. Autumn of 1920 on the initiative of Sakharov in New York arose Russian National Society (RNO), 'to bring together like-minded right-wing circles'. Subsequently replaced by Sakharov as chairman of the RNO famous Russian patriot B. L. Brazol transformed it into a national-monarchist Union 'unity of Russia', in the direction of which included the famous aircraft designer and. I. Sikorsky.

Leaving from the U.S., General Sakharov lived in Germany, where he took an active part in the monarchist movement, supporting, in particular, close ties with its most prominent figure in Col. F. V. Vinberg. The latter pointed out that sugar has 'all the data to ensure that the future of our restored Russia to become a major figure: I have no doubt that the service of his King and Motherland will be highly useful and valuable'.

. Celebrity Sakharov brought his memoirs of the Civil War
. Speaking of the Bolshevik leader, Sakharov pointed out that 'among them nine-tenths were Jews, hiding behind its specific name' blooms' and 'mattes' pseudonyms. The same person from the same tribe, appeared energetic in every city and town in Russia, no one on the ground is not well known and well under cover and still fake names on the Russian style.

. And these people, the new rulers of the great Russian people, hated him the most implacable hatred, contempt for its history, life and culture
. No one is known in the field, not associated with them, they are particularly rampant. That is why the destruction of the country was especially painful, rapidly and ruthlessly:

. For the revival of Russia was first necessary to reset all of these vampires, stuck to power and producing the blood of the Russian People '.

. In other memoirs, Sakharov said valuable information about the tragedy A
. V. Kolchak.

. 'Unfortunately, Admiral Kolchak was too trusting, sometimes to the naive: he failed because to understand the political intrigues and the intricacies of all the surging crowds to Siberia agents of the Entente and America, among whom were many Freemasons and Jews.

. Partly under the influence of this whole pack, partly because of the previous installation, Admiral Kolchak was allowed to come close to his liberal-democratic circles, listening to their advice, filling them with people apparatus of his government. "

. But at the same time 'Kolchak gave a clear account of the world's Judeo conspiracy
. Suffice it to say that his office lay always book 'Protocols of Zion'. He read some passages from her and me, talked about the need to translate it into English. 'After all, this book presents literally everything that the Jews are doing now with Russia, with our poor people! " - Exclaimed the Admiral:

. And for this it all fell down on him all the dark power: The dark forces of world Jewry and Freemasonry destroy everything that stands in their way, which could hamper their plans of establishing a dirty bloody reign everywhere
. And they are not just a. V. Kolchak no book 'Protocols of Zion', neither his selfless love for the people, loyalty to Russia. It should be remembered all the current and future Russians who consider themselves called to leadership in the fight for their country, any agreement with the dark forces - even connivance in relation to their agents - ends menacingly and blood. World Hagan and associated masonry suffer only people loyal to them unreservedly '(' new word ', 1938, "8).

As captain. A. Larionov, General Sakharov saw in the White Movement, 'the origins of Russian fascism': 'Indeed, if we closely scrutinize the incentives forces moving white, in their favor all the same, which creates most of fascism in other countries.

. : A necessary condition for the success of fascism, inseparable from him his essence - it is a dictatorship
. And, unfortunately, none of the white people's movement, as well as all taken together, could not give a dictator: All so blurred, split, and could not get the full concentration of forces, without which the final victory will never impossible. "

. In 1933, Sakharov organized from the former Kolchak's officers, the political unification of the national-socialist orientation, which soon became part of Rossiyskogo People's Liberation Movement (Ronde), led by a
. P. Svetozarov (D. Pelhau). General Sakharov became a teacher of Russian history and military affairs on the established Ronde education courses for immigrant youth. He also consistently worked with have arisen on the basis Ronde national-revolutionary organizations - Circle Russian cultural and political studies, Rossiyskim People's Liberation Movement, Rossiyskim national and social movement. In the topics of his speeches should be emphasized lecture: 'Dark Force and White Movement. (Decomposes work Judeo-Masonry in white rears) '. Sakharov's Books on the Civil War have been translated into German. Remains unpublished manuscripts of his works: 'Overview of Russian history' and 'Konstantin Leontiev'.

Son of General Sakharov, Igor (1912-77) fought on the side of General P. Franco in Spain, where in 1937 created a group of Russian volunteers from the local branch of Rossiyskogo Fascist Union.

Since 1935, General Sakharov was the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Ataman G. M. Semenov in Europe.

Sakharov died after an unsuccessful operation for gastric ulcer. He was buried at the Russian cemetery in Berlin's Tegel.

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  • Marie-Noëlle Snider-G. for Sakharov Konstantin V.
  • Hello, I read two books of General Sakharov, they learn a lot about the war in Russia between 1918 and 1920. Please, tell me when was born and died General Konstantin Sakharov. Thank you.
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