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Stas Mikhailov

( Music)

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Biography Stas Mikhailov
photo Stas Mikhailov
Stas Mikhailov was born April 27, 1969 in Sochi. Ros ordinary boy, and said nothing about that in future it will be extraordinary and talented poet, composer and singer.

After graduating from high school was in the Army, then studying at the Minsk Aviation College. But, already studying here, the thought began to appear that there is a correct decision? Music, poetry, songs eventually obtained. Now was a question that the closer the planes, or creativity? Perhaps it would be a great mistake to stay here Stas in aviation and we never would have learned about him as a composer and singer.

Next was a study in the Tambov Institute of Culture ... 1992 - Stas Mikhailov began to conquer Moscow. He participated in various music competitions, worked in the Moscow theater stage under the direction of B. S. Brunova. In the same year, was written song 'Candle', which became the hallmark of the singer. Prior to 1997, once again participate in the competitions, work in theater and on the album.

Just getting ready to leave yet another album, but ... Sometimes the fate of events occur that significantly alter all plans and outlook on life ....

In 2003 they released their second album 'Dedication', which was written and published for a narrow range. Since the new album warmly received, it was decided ....

'Dedication' should be communicated to a wider range of listeners. Probably, many fans Stas will ask what he did in the period 1997 to 2003?

. At this time, to write new songs, was moved to Moscow.

. Now Stas Mikhailov prepares to release their video for new songs, as well as to enter the big stage, tour
. In 2004 came the album "Call Sign for Love" in late September 2005 will yield a new disk joint c Radio "Chanson" (r. Moscow) - "to thee.

In 6 years, imitating his older brother, picked up the guitar. Composing started at school age - very much like to appeal to girls who come to Sochi from different cities in the pioneer camps.

. Stas Mikhailov spoke for the first time in 15 years at the competition edge songs and took second place with a song Yuri Antonov 'Poppies'.

. In my school years playing in the ensemble, tried to write, in imitation of your favorite musicians - A
. Barykina and B. Kuzmin.

After school, he entered the Minsk School of Civil Aviation. Thought of becoming a pilot like his father and elder brother. However, more singing, speaking for the college than studying. After studying both 7 months, Stas realized he did not want to be a random person in the aircraft and went to serve in the army.

Whatever Stas may be doing, always picked up the guitar.

After the army - study in the Tambov Institute of Culture. I wanted quick results, impatience prevailed, and the routine and of the educational process irritated. Institute Stas never finished.

. But at this time there were songs that are very much like to show and be heard.

. Stas arrives in Moscow, recording four songs in the studio of Alla Pugacheva and comes to listen to the legendary artistic director of Theater Estrada Boris Brunova.

. B
. Brunow decided to look for a young artist, invited him to his room, sat down, lit a cigar and ordered to sing. Excited and trembling, Stas started to sing.

- Enough - B. Brunow interrupted in the middle - show something else

Again, stop saying: 'enough'

- Bad enough? - Asked Stas

- No. Good enough. We take you.

So Stas fell for the first time on professional scene. Working in the Variety Theater has been a good school: the fear disappeared to a large audience, learned to stand before the public:

. It was a life between Sochi and Moscow.

. 1992 - Diploma All-Russia festival "Midshipmen pop '

. 1994 - Festival 'Star Storm', has received the audience award and Pekingese puppy.

. Again, Moscow, looking for work, performances in clubs.

. In 1997, Stas leaving for a year in Peter
. Ibid records first professional album, 'Candle'.

. Songs do not get lost in a sea of Russia's Variety, were heard and liked a lot.

. Year of life in St. Petersburg gave a great deal for professional growth, it is redefining the art, Stas started to write different music, threw a drink and smoke.

. In 2002 he released the disc 'Devotion'
. The result was a very personal album with great songs.

Once, speaking to the club in Sochi, by Stas man came up with the question: 'What are you doing here? My wife was crying from your songs'. The conversation lasted 3 minutes, exchanged phone numbers. A year later a man phoned and invited him to come to visit on the day of birth to another city a thousand miles. Without thinking, Stas went. Discover new and exciting people who are now friends. These people are close for many years now, they are devoted to songs.

2004 - album 'Call Sign for Love'

In September 2005, plans to release a new disc with Radio 'Chanson' (Moscow).

Dimensions, well-fed life - is not for Stas. Creative person - he lived the emotions, and this is felt in his songs.

In his life there is everyone, but he was lucky to have good people. And as he Stas said: 'All my life - a gay event. But fate and God's providence '

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Stas Mikhailov, photo, biography
Stas Mikhailov, photo, biography Stas Mikhailov  Music, photo, biography
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