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Shagin Anton

( Actor)

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Biography Shagin Anton

In 2006, Anton Shagin graduated from Moscow Art Theater School (courses and. Zolotovitskii and C. Zemtsova). For the role of Mitya in the play 'not to part with his beloved', staged in the Moscow Art Theater School, the young actor won the Theater Award 'Gold leaf'. In addition, Anton Shagin took part in the formulation of Ramtha 'Coast of Utopia' (Sleptsov) and TC on Strastny 'Valentine's Day' (Valentin).

Anton Shagin debut in film was to be a role in the musical Valery Todorovsky 'dudes'. This light, cheerful musical comedy has proven complicated, difficult project. Filming was delayed for two years, delay, time after time. There was a danger of losing an interesting composition, so a carefully selected director of the talented young actors. Todorovski recalls: 'When once again been postponed shooting, had the feeling that a little more and my boys snatch. It was ugly to say: never take off, wait. I realized that my only salvation - is to remove another movie with the same. I lay the script 'vice', which meant another director. But he refused, said he did not want to shoot. I read the script with a fresh eye and saw that there are roles for all of my boys and girls'.

The result is a dynamic band with chases and gunfire. The plot - the story of three friends (one of the roles - a young man of no fixed occupation named Mole, and played by Anton Shagin), who decided to earn easy money by stealing a small batch of ecstasy dealer. This translates into the fact that they fall into the hands of mobsters, and now they have to work out a debt:

. In addition to Anton Shagin in the film were photographed young actors: Maxim Matveev, Yevgeny Hirivskaya, Catherine Vilkova etc.
. 'Dudes'

. Film 'dudes' at the top had a different name - 'Boogie on the bones'
. Todorovski recognizes that long-dreamed off just this picture. He says: 'I'm talking about stilyagi learned when he studied at VGIK, that is still a student. Began researching, reading, ask people. I decided that this is a very good story for a musical. A few years later met and became friends with Yura Korotkov. I told him everything, he wrote. Then I began to show the script and I said: what are you, where is the money to take? So this movie has become a dream. I am not starry-eyed young man, I've been working, shooting movies, but I was waiting for that moment when it will be possible to implement it. It was important to take a musical about stilyagi. The idea lay in the unity of form and content '.

Shot in the form of a musical, the film looks at one go. Select a genre is not accidental. Deliberately stepping down from 'Chernuhi', from the painful reality of those years, Todorovski very accurately conveyed the spirit of stilyagi late 50's. However, this film does not even about the dudes, as such, but about free people, protesting against the gray routine and rigid framework.

Anton Shagin played a principal part in Mells. Mels - abbreviated from Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin. In those years, was taken to give such 'ideological' names. And in the early paintings Shagin hero - is ideologically Komsomolets, participating in raids on stilyagi. But love for a girl (played by Oksana Akinshina) and the desire for freedom leads him into the opposite camp. Becoming dude, it liberates and begins to see the world in new ways:

2007 Vices

2008 dudes

2009 Loafers

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Shagin Anton, photo, biography
Shagin Anton, photo, biography Shagin Anton  Actor, photo, biography
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