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Matveev Maxim

( Actor)

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Biography Matveev Maxim
photo Matveev Maxim

This handsome actor, a favorite of women in my childhood was a quiet, modest boy. In school, he showed good, always striving for primacy, to the highest estimates. Because, and graduated from high school with silver medal. In addition to studying, Maxim professionally engaged in fencing, and also went to art school. In short, the boy developed versatile.

Mother Maxim philologist by profession, recently, she worked in the advertising company. Pope, an economist by training, worked as a sailor. Maxim himself who only wanted to become ... In high school he wanted to learn from the surgeon, bought the mountain of literature on this subject, crammed chemistry and biology. But at one point this desire Maxim somehow lost, and closer to graduation he was no longer a specific objective. In a prestigious university, and a promising material prosperity in the future, he did not seek. She just wanted to realize themselves in spiritual terms. But where? Helped case:

At the graduation ball at Maxim Matveyev drew the attention of Vladimir Smirnov, one of the teachers of the Saratov Conservatory. A trained specialist opinion once said young talent. He then offered to Maxim to do a theatrical faculty on course Valentina Ermakova.

For the Maxima it was very unexpected, because of the acting career he did not think, and in the theater was once in your life in profound childhood. In short, this proposal he initially reacted with irony. But then, on reflection, agreed, and as it turned out, not in vain. He recalls: 'It was already a kind of living organism, and here I come' to all ready-made '. But treated with understanding. Somewhere in six months, I learned that at first all very worried for me. Even if there was something negative, it is not running '.

School of Performing Arts Conservatory Maxim Matveev graduated in 2002. His thesis work was Nijinsky in the play 'God's Clown' and the title role in the production of 'Don Juan'.

Before finalizing the Saratov Conservatory, Maxim Matveev realized that education is not enough. It was interesting to Moscow, and he went to conquer the capital in the footsteps of his fellow countrymen Oleg Tabakov and Yevgeny Mironov.

Despite the fact that Maxim was late for rounds, he was admitted to the Moscow Art Theater School at the rate of Sergei and Igor Zemtsova Zolotovitskii. Already in the first year he played the role of the Knight Zhorfeya on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater in the play 'Piedmontese beast'. This was followed by Dulchina role in 'last victim'. Playing in the first courses close to Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina! This is a great advance and a tremendous responsibility. The young actor to handle this brilliantly. His Dulchin was like a Harlequin, changing masks, playing into the hands of his lover desires.

School studio Max graduated in 2006, and at the same time he enlisted in the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov. At this stage they were created images: Zechariah Muarrona in 'Kabala sanctimonious', Colin Tebreta in the 'Holy Fire', Valera in 'Tartuffe', Edgar in 'King Lear', Bitchema in 'Artists' and other. One of the most powerful of the actor - the role of Lord Goring in the play 'An Ideal Husband' by Oscar Wilde. His witty, paradoxical character - motive link in the whole play.

To each his new job Maxim Matveev fits with care. 'But how can we be different? In another it is impossible to understand life and consciousness of people who play ', - says the actor. So, working on the role of Lieutenant Govorukha in the play 'The Forty-First. Opus posth ', he read the memoirs of Denikin and Kolchak, to better understand the psychology of military leaders of those years.
. Life

. With his future wife, actress 'Snuff-boxes' Jana Sextus Maxim Matveev met during the preparation for the play 'The Forty-first' in the Moscow Art Theater
. He says: 'And how it all started, whirled: Yana - the complete opposite of mine: open, direct, unprotected, impulsive. Such small uraganchik. She is usually that in mind, then the language. Very sincere. I have something to think ten times before something to give. "

In 2008, Max and John have played a wedding. Played quietly, without fanfare. After the wedding - the event an individual, but Maxim did not like a private show for the sake of PR.

Path to the movies Maxim Matveev began with films Valery Todorovsky. Well-known film director in 2006 adopted the young actor on one of the main roles - Fred - in his painting 'dudes'. Other roles also got young actors: Eugene Hirivskoy, Catherine Vilkova, Anton Shagin. However, shooting for various reasons was delayed for two years. During a downtime, the director, so as not to lose talented young actors, decided to start shooting another film. Valeri Todorovski recalls: 'It was ugly to say: never take off, wait. I realized that my only salvation - is to remove another movie with the same. I lay the script 'vice', which meant another director. But he refused, said he did not want to shoot. I read the script with a fresh eye and saw that there are roles for all of my boys and girls'.

In the painting 'Vices' Maxim played a major role DJ Denis Orlov. Together with friends they decide to earn easy money by stealing a small batch of ecstasy dealer. Not having to sell the goods, they fall into the hands of the local mafia, and now they have to work out the amount of: An exciting, dynamic tape released on screens in 2007.

Work on the 'dudes' was finished in the next, in 2008. Shot in the musical genre, it tells about the life stilyagi second half of the 50-ies of the last century. Film easy to watch, in one breath. Accompanied by his great songs, one of which performs Maxim Matveev.

'Dudes' out on the screens of the country's New Year's holidays. At the same time came another picture with the participation of Maxim Matveyev - a romantic comedy Eugene Bedareva 'New Year Tariff'. Actor admits that it immediately attracted the script of this film: 'It is very cohesive, with clear, understandable story line'.

You can see that in movies always accrue to the role of Maxim handsome that women like. Part of this 'fault' of his appearance: long hair, serious eyes, sly smile, athletic form. The very same actor said that with pleasure would play some scary villain.
. Filmography:

. 2007 Vices

. 2007 Thank you for your love!

. 2008 dudes

. 2008 New Year Tariff

. 2008 Inhabited Island (voice)

. 2009 Pelagia and the White Bulldog

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Matveev Maxim, photo, biography
Matveev Maxim, photo, biography Matveev Maxim  Actor, photo, biography
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