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Arntgolts Tanya

( Actress)

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Biography Arntgolts Tanya
photo Arntgolts Tanya
Twin sisters, Tatiana and Olga Arntgolts born in 1982 in Kaliningrad, in a family of actors of the Kaliningrad Regional Drama Theater - Honored Artist of Russia Albert Alfonsovicha Arntgolts and actress Valentina Galich.

. Tatiana says: 'I'm older than Olga for 20 minutes
. When, we grew up, its more like little brother always felt sorry for her all was forgiven. And I was often scolded. She was meek. I - a bold, daring and, of course, commanded a sister '.

Prior to the ninth grade sisters were enrolled in regular school and then enrolled in the 49 th Kaliningrad Lyceum (actor class Boris Beinenson). In addition, Tatyana was engaged pentathlon and artistic gymnastics.

By Father Albert Alfonsovich: 'None of the ears in the actress is not pulled. However, childhood daughters went to the sewing shop Drama. At 11 am we passed the Tanya and Olya wardrobe mistress, and after the two were taken. Here they are in rags, but dresses and swarmed. And as for the genome: We have a son Artyom graduated GISIS. Works in regional musical theater. "

After graduating from the Lyceum's sister along with almost the entire class went to conquer Moscow. They have to listen to the Theater Institute Shchepkin all together and declared: 'We'll sing a chorus! ". Teachers immediately identified Olga, Tatiana, and their classmate Artem Tkachenko. So the first attempt sisters arrived in the famous 'Sliver'. They are currently studying in his third year.
Initial successes of the cinema

Despite their youth, the proposals from filmmakers like spilling from a cornucopia. Tatiana Arntgolts first work in film was the role of Nata, the bride Boris, played by Alexander Loya, a four-part film 'NEXT'. But popularity came when she starred in TV series 'Simple Truth' in the role of Kate Trofimova.

Tatiana admits: 'The fact that I auditioned for the role in TV series "Simple Truth", he knew the whole course. It seemed to me that they experienced. And I know that I have approved. I went to college, and my classmates sitting round the table, something to celebrate. I shouted to them: "Guys, I have approved!" Everyone froze, turned to me. It became very quiet. Then they turned and began to read more about their business: eat, drink, talk. No one told me nothing. I felt so uncomfortable and, frankly, offended that I immediately went home '.

. Another work in the cinema was the role of Tatiana Arntgolts mermaid in the movie-tale 'Miracles in Reshetova'.

. Especially once for their daughters 'father, Albert Alfonsovich:' It's nice that the girls are working in good acting company
. In nineteen out onto the set with assami cinema - Alexander Abdulov and Nina Usatovo - a great success'.

The sisters always wanted to play in a movie together. Tatiana says: 'When I appeared on the series "Next", the director Oleg Fomin has proposed lifting the stage where I dream Fyodor bifurcate. For this, he sent for the Olu. It is a day filming at Oli was set off at school, she was unable. So in Fedina dream I was alone '. Failed and Tatiana get on shooting the series 'three against all', which starred Olga. And the director had planned to almost the same scene.

. Their dream was realized in September 2003, when they were invited to the detective series Rauf Kubayeva 'Why do you need an alibi?'.
. 'Obsession'

. A total of some two years Tatyana Arntgolts became one of the most famous young actresses
. This success was cemented her role in Vera Plotnikova vosmiseriynom the film 'Obsession'. In the story of its heroine was a prison, mental hospital, has experienced a lot of grief. The actress admits that it was one of her most dramatic roles.

Tatiana says: 'Two days filming in the cells, in. Terrible crushed difficult situation: the dogs, barbed wire, people in uniform, which we were taken under escort to the cell and back. After the shooting the day we went out into the street with the cry: "Freedom!" And only then: 'And they all went out? "

It is not easy, and scenes easily achieved in a mental hospital, where her heroine leads a nervous breakdown. Double for doubles, she had to scream and fight in hysterics. And in the final scene, and it does have to play with a partner in the lake, water temperature 6 degrees.

In 2005, screens out a new costume episode, 'Talisman of Love'. Tatiana Arntgolts played a major role in it - a poor peasant girl Lisa Koltsov, in love with a rich, handsome Paul's windy.

. Getting to the role, the actress, play a large number of positive roles, the director stated that she did not want to play such a heroine
. To which he replied: 'Are you crazy! What is its positivity? " Indeed, her new heroine - a very controversial personality. According to Tatyana: 'Lisa eternal confusion in romantic relationships. She is constantly mistaken, throws his head into the maelstrom. It is multi-faceted character, absolutely not tearful little girl: '

Another new works by Tatiana Arntgolts in 2005 became the role of youth in the psychological thriller Paul Sanaeva 'Last weekend'.

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Arntgolts Tanya, photo, biography
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