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Griffin, Michael Douglas

( Head of the National Aerospace Agency of the USA (NASA))

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Biography Griffin, Michael Douglas
photo Griffin, Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas Griffin was born on November 1, 1949 in Aberdeen, Maryland, USA. Michael was the eldest child of Richard Griffin, a professional soldier who served at the Aberdeen Proving Ground. Mother Beril Griffin - taught in school in Havre de Grace. Griffin's childhood spent in Aberdeen, following his discharge from the army his father had lived in Woodstock, Va., and Rome, Georgia, but in the end with his family back to Aberdeen, where he graduated from school.

. Griffin School fascinated with physics and space flight, his favorite childhood book was "Children's Apparent Book" (A child's book of Stars) in 1957, he followed the flight of Sputnik
. In 1971, he received a bachelor's degree in physics from Johns Hopkins University (Johns Hopkins University), . in 1974 - a master's degree in aerospace sciences Catholic American University in Washington, DC (Catholic University of America), . and in 1977, Griffin defended his thesis and he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) University of Maryland at College Park (University of Maryland, . College Park),
. In 1979 he received a master's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California (University of Southern California), and in 1983 he defended his third master's degree in applied physics from Johns Hopkins University. Griffin also received management education in Maryland Loyola College (Loyola College) and George Washington University (George Washington University).

. Griffin began his career in the Mission Control Center Goddard National Aerospace Agency of the USA (NASA), where in the 70 years he was manager of flights
. He then worked as a senior engineer at the NASA laboratory for the study of jet propulsion, and also worked for Computer Sciences Corporation. Griffin investigated the possibility of delivery on the ground of Martian soil and Martian projects developed self-propelled vehicles.

. In 1980, Griffin became an engineer in the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, . and from 1986 to 1991 as technical managers to satellite-based missile defense systems under the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI or Strategic Defense Initiative, . SDI), . which is often called the program "Star Wars",
. In August 1991, he returned to NASA, which until 1994 was the first deputy head of research. Subsequently, in April 2004, Griffin was appointed head of space department Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, which designs software and hardware for space missions. Under his leadership, the laboratory created and experienced spacecraft Messenger and New Horizons.

. Griffin held senior positions at Orbital Sciences Corporation: from the summer of 1995 to 2000 he was CEO of Space Systems Group, which developed the individual components of spacecraft NASA
. From 2000 to 2002, Griffin served as executive director of Magellan Systems Division, the corporation develops and manufactures GPS-navigators. Besides, . He was a member of the International Academy of Astronautics and the American Society of Astronautics has lectured in applied mathematics, . development of spacecraft and computational fluid dynamics at the universities of Maryland, . Johns Hopkins and George Washington,
. From 2002 to 2005, Griffin was the head of In-Q-Tel - funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), a private company in its search for promising technologies for defense purposes.

. As noted by the media, Griffin has repeatedly criticized the program of the shuttle and International Space Station (ISS), played for space exploration beyond earth orbit
. Moreover, he headed a research group to develop recommendations for the space program, George W. Bush and wants to concentrate on programs for manned flight to the moon and Mars.

. In December 2004 the head of NASA, Sean O'Keefe (Sean O'Keefe) resigned
. This event was preceded by a disaster the Columbia space shuttle and approval of the new American space program, according to which shuttles should stop flying in 2010. March 11, 2005 Michael Griffin was nominated by U.S. President George W. Bush at the head of NASA and was appointed to the post on April 14, after the Senate unanimously voted for his candidacy. Griffin was given the task of creating a new American manned spacecraft Orion, which should replace the shuttle. In addition, the head of NASA has embarked on a program of space exploration beyond earth orbit. In July 2006, Griffin authorized the launch of space shuttle Discovery after investigating the causes of the catastrophe "Columbia". In addition, he has decided to extend the life of the Hubble Space Telescope.

At the head of NASA Griffin faced with problems of financing of space projects and reduced staffing agency. He was against the extension of the shuttle missions, . despite the cooling of relations between the U.S. and Russia after the war in South Ossetia in August 2008, . which questioned the possibility of delivery of American astronauts to the ISS using Russian Soyuz in the period between the withdrawal of the shuttle system and the first manned launch of the spacecraft Orion, . which was developed under Project Constellation ",
. The head of NASA called on to reduce funding for the American part of the ISS program, arguing that it deprived of funds remaining U.S. space program, and this gave him an excuse "as never pessimistic" attitude to their prospects. According to Griffin, because of the ISS and the shuttle "Americans continue to fly around the Earth, instead of going to the stars". But earlier, in 2007, he called the ISS "the greatest engineering miracle," and insisted that the United States continued construction of the station. Meanwhile, scientists were unhappy with the fact that Griffin has redistributed money from the space research (including in the field of astrobiology) for manned missions. Also, the head of NASA has been criticized for remarks on global warming, a problem which he considered negligible.

. After the victory of Democratic candidate Barack Obama's U.S. presidential election in November 2008 it became known that a new presidential administration intends to revise the national space program
. In particular, the press reported that Obama has decided to forego the development of missiles "Ares" for delivery to orbit of "Orion" and would review the budget for space research. In December 2008, there were rumors, . Obama intends to choose a new head of NASA, . and in January 2009, Griffin said he, . that he had tendered his resignation and, . if adopted by the new president, . leave the post after Obama's inauguration on Jan. 20, 2008.,

. In 2004 Griffin was elected president of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, AIAA) - the largest organization in the United States, bringing together professionals in the aerospace industry.

. Griffin - a certified pilot instructor, he received a license to fly single-engine and on multiengined airplanes, including the blind and in bad weather
. He is the author of numerous scientific papers and books on the design of spacecraft (published in 1991).

In 2007, Griffin joined the list of the hundred most influential people in the world under the version of the journal The Time. Describing himself as "a simple aerospace engineer from a small town". He was awarded the Medal of the Ministry of Defense "for distinguished public services" and the Medal of NASA "for exceptional achievements.

. Griffin is married to Rebecca (Rebecca) Griffin - Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the organization Women in Aerospace (WIA), former member of the Board of Directors of Unisys Corporation
. They have four children. Griffin from school he was fond of golf ham, as he likes skiing and diving with an aqualung.

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Griffin, Michael Douglas, photo, biography
Griffin, Michael Douglas, photo, biography Griffin, Michael Douglas  Head of the National Aerospace Agency of the USA (NASA), photo, biography
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