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Wladyslaw Anders

( Polish general)

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Biography Wladyslaw Anders
photo Wladyslaw Anders
The son of a nobleman (Polish-German origin). Educated in the Warsaw Polytechnic Institute (1913), Cavalry School (1915), a crash course on the General Staff Academy (1917) and higher command courses in Warsaw (1923). In the Russian army participated in the 1-st world war, the squadron commander Dragoons, Captain (1917). Participated in the formation of 1-st Polish corps gene. I.R. Dovbor-Musnitski, formed 1 st Lancers, Chief of Staff, 1-st Polish division. In January. 1918 participated in the battles with the Red forces in Belarus. Since January. 1919 Chief of Staff of the Army Wielkopolska Dovbor-Musnitskot of. Sapri. 1919 commander of the 15 th of Poznan Lancers, led by fighting during the Soviet-Polish war of 1920. In 1921-23 an internship in France. On Nov.. 1925 military commander of Warsaw. While supporters raised S. Pilsudski's military coup in May 1926 has remained loyal to the government and has organized resistance to the rebels. Since coming to power Pilsudski transferred to the post of Chief of Staff, Inspector-General of cavalry, and in 1928 was appointed commander of a cavalry brigade Volyn. Since 1937 the commander of a cavalry brigade Navahrudak. In the Polish campaign team A. entered the army 'Modlin', then under his command to cover the north of Warsaw, created Task Force. After the defeat at Warsaw went to Lvov. Commanded a separate group of gene grouping. S. Demb-Biernacki. 22 9.1939 successfully attacked enemy tanks, but then was surrounded by. Sep 24. began an offensive to break through to the Polish-Hungarian border, 29 Sept.. was severely wounded in battle with Soviet troops and taken prisoner. Contents of the inner NKVD prison in the Lubyanka. 12/8/1941 amnesty was granted to Polish citizens, and A. yet been released on August 4. In accordance with the Soviet-Polish agreement on the territory of the USSR under the command of a. began to form the Polish army, it included both volunteers and liable to a person who had until Sept.. 1939 Polish citizenship. At the same time was commander of the 5 th Division (the most efficient part of the Polish Army). Actively opposed the use of units subordinate to the army in the battles on the Soviet-front. In March 1942 they began to move troops to the Middle East (to Sept. 1,942 evacuated about. 114 thousand. pers.). On 12.8.1942 the commander of the Polish Army in the East (APV), in his command were 3,5,6,7 Infantry Division, a tank brigade and the 12 th Lancers. 21/6/1943 APV transformed into the Polish II Corps (under the command of A.). In December. 1943 - April. 1944 case transferred to Italy. He participated in battles on the 'Gustav Line', famous for the heroic assault defensive positions near Cassino, where his army suffered great losses, but were able to push the enemy back and take Cassino 19/5/1944. Then participated in battles on the Adriatic coast, in the liberation of Bologna. Sfevr. 1945 commander of Polish troops in the West. After the war was an option for the use of Polish troops to serve garrison duty in Germany, but then decided to disband their. In Sept. 1946 through the initiative of the gene. M. Zhimerskogo military auxiliary corps (in t.ch. and AA) were deprived of Polish citizenship. The end of life led by the Polish community in Britain. In accordance with the testament of a. was buried at the military cemetery at Monte Cassino.

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Wladyslaw Anders, photo, biography
Wladyslaw Anders, photo, biography Wladyslaw Anders  Polish general, photo, biography
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