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Kerzhakov Alexander

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Biography Kerzhakov Alexander
photo Kerzhakov Alexander
Date of Birth: November 27, 1982.

. Nationality: Russia

. Height: 175 cm

. Weight: 71 kg

. Position: Striker

. He played for the club Svetogorets (Svetogorsk) - 1999 - 2000.

. Since 2001 he plays for Zenit (St. Petersburg).

. Bronze medalist in the CR - 2001

. Included in the list of 33 top-up to the 2001 season.

. Russia's national team from 27 March 2002.

. Member of World Cup - 2002.

. Alexander Kerzhakov was born November 27, 1982 in Kingisepp
. Born in the family of football - his father played for the second league team Khimik Dzerzhinsk in the city of Gorky region, he was the was the first coach of Sasha.

The first club was Kerzhakova "Svetogorets". When Sasha was ten years old, coaches, sports school "Zenit" persuaded his parents to let capable of soccer boy in St. Petersburg. At age 11 moved to SDUSHOR Zenit, where a football education Kerzhakov received from the trainer Sergei Romanov, who brought up as defenders Ivan Bebchuka and Anton Zhukov - they all played for the national team of Russia among boys born in 1982. At this time Sasha had lived and studied in a boarding school in the sport school. As striker Sasha learned in Svetogortse "Vladimir Kazachenko, because he was a high-performance forward, play for the USSR. Even then showed Kerzhakov not for years a mature game. Good vision of the field and dribbling, and, most importantly, helps flair pleasantly surprises coaches and specialists. Encouraging and the fact that the boy was training seriously, conscientiously carried out the job coaches.

In 1997, Alexander was not included in the youth team of the city. However, this did not break fifteen football player, who continued to work with renewed vigor. And after some time he was invited already in the youth team in Russia, where he became the undisputed leader. According to experts, largely thanks to good play by Alexander Kerzhakova.

. Kerzhakov scored goals for every taste - and slow, . even clumsy blow-Tychkov in focus, . as "Saturn" in Ramenskoye or Sokol Saratov, . and a spectacular "shot" with 25 meters-ti as in the match with "Alania", . After sheds and shot and after the solo passages,
. He not only knows how to score the decisive goals in important matches, as "Falcon" or the "Rotor" is already in added time, referee, but also able to provide verified pas partner.

. In the match with a multiple champion of the country Spartak Moscow, which took place at a crowded Petrovsky, Kerzhakov scored the crucial goal, equalized
. But how scored - with unthinkable acute angle! And - "burst": the attack in the second round of "Zenith" was already impossible to imagine without this stocky, standing firmly on his feet, Assertive striker. Time to estimate zenitovskogo forward and coaches a youth team of Russia, Kerzhakov scored two goals in a friendly match with the team of France, distinguished in the qualifying game of the youth European championship with the Slovenians. In fact, the new darling of the St. Petersburg fans will be persistent and firm in its movement to the heights of excellence, no doubt.

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Kerzhakov Alexander, photo, biography
Kerzhakov Alexander, photo, biography Kerzhakov Alexander  Forward, photo, biography
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