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Claudia Cardinale

( Actress)

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Biography Claudia Cardinale
photo Claudia Cardinale

Claudia Cardinale (real name Claude Josephine Rose Karden) was born in Tunisia in the family of Sicilian merchant who moved to the African continent in search of better. Claudia's parents, educated, cultured people distinctively. They went and daughters - the eldest and the youngest Claudine Blanche - both dark-haired, slender. Blanche - the calm and majestic, and Claudia - brisk and fidgety, such a pretty darling girl, her family even called a male name - Claude.

From childhood, Claudia knew two languages - Italian and French. The girls were brought up in severity, for the slightest offense to be punished. In turn, Claudia tried to educate her younger sister and brothers. With strict upbringing she was not letting any novels, always went all black and do not use cosmetics. Moreover, among classmates and she was independent, rebellious nature of. At school the same girl had hard times. The French Tunisian Italians believed the Nazis (at that time in Italy, Mussolini was in power), so often battered Claudia. But she never remained in debt, giving the date.

Movies Claudia adored. Especially she liked movies with Brigitte Bardot and Marlon Brando Marlene. However, on the acting career she never meant. Girl dreams of becoming a schoolteacher and missionary learned to ride across Africa. But this is not given to be fulfilled.
Debut on the silver screen

Claudia Cardinale was fourteen years old when they were in school, a young French director RenцL Vauthier. He was searching for his documentary film 'Golden Ring' of the Tunisian sailors a young Arab girl. But, because the strict Muslim parents forbade their daughters to take in movies, Vauthier had to draw their attention to European girls, more or less similar to arabok. His choice stopped on Claudia.

In close-up picture of Claudia flashed only a few seconds. But to tell the staff! Wind tore her face cloak, and sad, beautiful eyes looking at the viewer. The film won the Berlin Film Festival, and Claudia has made itself at the audience and experts impressed. She was asked to participate in youth fashion show, after which the portrait of Claudia appeared on the cover of one of the popular magazines. It was then that she did not, and drew attention to himself Omar Sharif, the famous actor.

Omar Sharif girl liked, and he decided to recommend its French director Jacques Baratier, we remove historic tape 'gohan'. But first, it was necessary to achieve the consent of the Claudia and her parents. My father gave his consent, and Claudia initially persisted. Why is it? Besides her younger sister dreams of cinema. Yes, it suits some more! Blanche sobbing she promised to speak with the director. And really talked, but he just laughed indulgently. Thus began the path of an actress in cinema:.

Fate seemed Claudia pushed to fame. Actress, she was not going to become, but it unexpectedly became. On the beauty contest is not dreaming, but also unexpectedly won it. Everything happened spontaneously. He and his sister just sold lottery tickets. Came closer to the stage, and then someone from the jury said: 'Here it is, the most beautiful Italian Tunisia! " A moment later, she was already on the scene and do not understand, received congratulations.

. As a prize, Claudia Cardinale received a trip to the Venice Film Festival 1957
. Claudia seemed to hit into another world. Again, the views of others were turned on her. First oriented himself young producer Franco Kristaldi. He felt that because of this charming girl can make a real movie star, and concluded a contract with Claudia.

. Thanks Kristaldi Claudia Cardinale received Carmelina role in the movie 'Hackers unknown' and Maris in the movie "Three foreign women in Rome '
. Young actress was on a film set with the stars of Italian cinema, Vittorio Gasman, Nando Bruno and Renato Salvatori. But Claudia is not particularly pleased. By the time she was pregnant:
Son and husband

It happened just before the beauty contest. Claudia noted that her constantly be a stranger, - lying in wait for her at the gate of the school, follows her to the house. The girl is a strange note of the very frightened. One day, her friend Claudia invited to meet with a guy. Imagine her surprise when it was still the same stranger. He invited Claudia to call for her after school and take her to a party to a friend. Claudia, driving off fear (well, what can it happen?), Agreed. In the evening he drove:

The car went in a completely different direction. For city. 'Where are we going?' - A frightened girl asked. 'We know'. Finished all the rape and threatened to keep quiet. She remained silent, afraid to admit parents. Togo Claudia then met a stranger only once. He suggested that she have an abortion, but she refused:

In her pregnancy, Claudia Cardinale ventured to admit only Franco Kristaldi. It was already the seventh month, and hide it was pointless. She offered to terminate the contract. Franco listened calmly and maintain all assumed: organized a trip to London, where Claudia in October 1958 gave birth to a boy, who was named Patrick, told about her birth parents, who by this horrified. Franco Kristaldi became Claudia reliable support, and later her husband.

Kristaldi understood the laws of show business. The public wanted a perfect 'bride of Italy', so he insisted that Claudia concealed from the public birth. For all (including in the family), Patrick was the son of her mother. The fact that the woman he called his mother, in fact, his grandmother, Patrick learned only at the age of eight years. All this has affected the later life of Claudia Cardinale. Her relationship with Patrick and have remained strained ...
Start a career in Rome

After a quiet Tunisia Claudia Cardinale long time to get used to the crazy life in Rome. Proceeding in acting class at the Roman film studios 'Chinechita' talented girl was unable to reveal. Excitement at the exams, she did not say a word, and took her in for the photogenic. But in the movie it was irresistible. In the painting 'Girl with a suitcase' actress went to the role of Aida Zepponi - girl who has to hide pregnancy. What kind of moral strength worth Claudia play that she had occasion to test itself, what did not want to remember! And as she played brilliantly! But after filming she began a serious depression. Claudia really intended to break away from acting, and only persuasion from all sides persuaded her to change his decision.
Featured Partners

Career Claudia Cardinale in the movie was swift. From the beginning, she was lucky and directors, and partners. In the film 'Pretty Boy Antonio' (1960, the main female role - Barbara), her partner was himself Marcello Mastroianni, film star and idol of millions of women. They played lovers, and Marcello really fell in love with swarthy beauty. In general, he often fell in love with their partner and never got out. But here it, star of Italian cinema, suddenly made a turn from the gate. Perhaps affected by strict moral principles, inculcated from childhood, Claudia. Maybe the fact that her memory is not erased the first bitter experience with a man.

In the film 'La Vyachcha' (1961) Claudia met while still a young Jean-Paul Balmondo. Later, in 1962, they again took off together - in the film 'Cartouche'. Then Belmondo conquered her heart. As you know, Belmondo in all movies all the tricks he performed, and love, Claudia, to keep up with him, also declined from a backup.

General, the career of Claudia Cardinale for her there were not any novels. She refused even irresistible Alain Delon, whom starred in the films of Luchino Visconti "Rocco and His Brothers" (1960) and 'Leopard' (1963), and the case was as follows:
. Visconti

. For the first time in Luchino Visconti, Claudia Cardinale co-starred in 1960 film 'Rocco and His Brothers'
. In this picture, Claudia has created an image Dzhinetty, the bride, and then the wife of the elder brothers of the family Parondi that finds happiness in creating a home of comfort and peace, in love with her husband and children.

. Director appreciated the beautiful pair of Delon and Cardinale, three years later, invited them both to his new picture 'Leopard', the historic tape since Garibaldi
. Claudia Cardinale, he suggested the role of the brilliant, seductive, assertive and vulgar Angelina, daughter of a wealthy and corrupt politicians. Alain Delon played her husband. According to the plot in 'Leopard', there were love scenes, and Alain Delon, entering into an unspoken bet with Visconti, in every way tried to seduce actress. On his partner, she recalled: 'His extraordinary attractive appearance, . not to mention the bright eyes of the insidious and generally everything, . than for many years and admired by men and women, . was still arrogant habits and sarcasm: Alain was confident, . in his irresistibly and, . course, . sexuality,
. They Luchino concluded a secret agreement: Delon said that I will soon fall into his arms. And Luchino entertained such sadistic jokes, and giving me guidance during the love scenes with Alain, he said: 'Please, Claudine, let's not fake kisses and caresses ...' Claudia guessed their intentions, and was able to resist the charms Alain Delon. Although the novel between them has not received, actors, and still connects tender friendship.

Filming in the 'Leopard' have become a serious school for the young actress, she recalls: 'The Leopard' - my main work with Visconti. Here's something to this movie, and he taught me everything. For example, walk. He said: 'You must travel long smooth strides, the whole foot, feeling the whole foot land on which to tread, Half the room, which includes ...' The shooting was heavy. One scene of the ball just took off a month. And it is in a terrible heat, in historical costumes and makeup. Thus all accessories actress in 'Leopard', from the dress and stocking up her shawl and spirits were authentic, old.

. During the filming Visconti Claudia kept repeating: 'Remember, the eyes should say something that does not tell his lips, so let your opinion be particularly intense, contrasting with the fact that you pronounce ..
. Even when you laugh, the eyes should not laugh. In general, try to split his face into two halves: a view - is one thing, and the words - another ... ' Visconti made by actress desired. And 'in memory' from the movie with Claudia Cardinale is a small wrinkle in the middle of his forehead.

. His favorite actress Visconti took in two more of his paintings: 'Misty stars of Ursa Major' (1965), and a real masterpiece - 'Conversation Piece' (1974)
. In the latter she played the tragic, deeply psychological role, Sandra. On the screen it appears only for a moment, like a dream, a hallucination, in the form of long-dead wife of the protagonist tape, played by Burt Lancaster.
. Fellini

. Simultaneously with the filming of 'Leopard' Claudia Cardinale was involved in another famous film producer - Federico Fellini's '8 1 / 2 '
. Actress had to dangle between Rome and Sicily, and she fell for it from the Visconti, who did not take the films of Fellini.

In the film '8 1 / 2 'actress met again with Marcello Mastroianni. He played the main role of Guido Anselmi, and it appeared first in the form of ephemeral dreams of the protagonist, and then stayed with him for a luxury car is a real girl. In this role, Fellini did not see anyone except Claudia Cardinale, he called her a heroine of her name - Claudia.

Visconti and Fellini were different across. Claudia Cardinale recalls that on the set of '8 1 / 2 'real creative bedlam reigned: vanity, talking, jostling. Finished script was not all built on the fly in complete improvisation. And so it was born masterpiece. It was an invaluable experience for young actress. Moreover Fellini was the first of the directors who are not afraid to leave the film of her own voice - before he was considered rude, and the role of Claudia Cardinale duplicate. For this actress also very grateful to Fellini.

Filming Visconti and Fellini Claudia Cardinale elevated to the rank of young Italian star. In this status, and she went to Hollywood. Directed by Blake Edwards, offered her a role of the Russian princess, the plot of drunken. To achieve the necessary effect, the wily director Claudia suggested during a break between shootings to rest in the room, where before that smoked hashish. So in the frame before the audience actress playing, Having breathed the narcotic smoke.

In the U.S., Claudia Cardinale met a famous actor Marlon Brando. He was supposed to play a major role in the film Charlie Chaplin's "Countess from Hong Kong '. Squandered its charm, he tried to convince Claudia to withdraw in this picture with him. Sam Marlon Brando, whom she just adored him! But, faced with him in reality, Claudia quickly realized the true purpose of his attention. She already had extensive experience failures of famous actors, and Brando was another of them. Subsequently, Claudia regretted missed novel. But, such is her nature, she could never transcend itself. And the role from the role went to Sophia Loren:

American Career with Claudia Cardinale failed. As, however, and many other European stars. Without much success, she co-starred in several films: the drama of Henry Hathaway 'World Circus', . where she became a heroine of Toni Alfredo, . adult daughter of a circus acrobat, in an action movie, Richard Brooks 'Professionals' in the role of Mary Grant, a war drama Mark Robson in the role of Aisha, a comedy by Alexander Makkendrika 'do not ride the wave' in the role of Laura,
. In the future, Claudia refused to sign a long-term contract with Hollywood, and this was the right decision. Glory was waiting for her at home.
'Red Tent'

In the Soviet Union, Claudia Cardinale know and love in films of Luchino Visconti "Rocco and His Brothers' and Luigi Comencini 'Bride Buba'. In the tape Luigi Comencini actress played his beloved guerrilla Buba, which is converted from an ordinary village simpleton in the anti-fascist and resistance fighters.

. In the late 60's Michael Kolatozov planned to make a film about a failed expedition of Umberto Nobile to the North Pole
. According to the plan that the director was supposed to be a big, serious films, raising questions about the meaning of life and ethical choices. The film demanded a large scale, and help came unexpectedly from the Franco Kristaldi. The Italian side offered unthinkable at the time of the Soviet Union amount - 10 million. The only condition Kristaldi was included in the picture of Claudia Cardinale. Kalatozov not have anything against, and especially for the actress entered the picture the role of nurse Valerie.

Claudia Cardinale first visited our country in 1967 as a guest of the Moscow Film Festival. And then, in 1968, she came here again for a film 'The Red Tent'. Actually, Claudia Cardinale initially was not happy with the proposed role, but it did not go against the will Kristaldi, and the northern exoticism attracted her restless creative nature.

. The movie was really busy star international composition: Sean Connery, Nikita Mikhalkov, Peter Finch, Edward Mackiewicz, Hardy Kruger, Donatas Banionis and other
. Claudia Cardinale, the film transformed into a blonde, played a nurse in love with a polar Malmgeyna (Edward Martsevich). The shooting took place in 30-degree frost, and the actors saved only vodka. When filmed the scene where they Martsevich roll with the snowy mountains, and then plastered with snow, merged in a kiss, Claudia previously rubbed with alcohol and gave a drink of vodka. Shot several times, until Martsevich not hurt his leg, and had to be taken away to hospital. But how this turned out extremely beautiful scene!

After the 'Red Tent' career Claudia Cardinale continued to emerge successfully. In 1971 she starred in the title role in Marie farmer comedy western, 'Neftedobytchitsy' director Christian-Jacque (director of the famous 'Fanfan la Tulip'). With the performer's other main female role Bridget Bordeaux they were acquainted for a long time, but met on the set just happened here. Their duet has turned out fantastic and unforgettable, and this provided a big picture of success. As for Claudia, and Bridget, they remained friends for many years.
The break with Kristaldi

Since Franco Kristaldi Claudia Cardinale spent more than ten years. Kristaldi helped her in difficult times, contributed to the fact that she became a star of world cinema, and Claudia he is grateful for all. But in his heart remained an unpleasant aftertaste from the fact that because Kristaldi it a certain degree 'lost' children. Moreover, strong-willed Kristaldi actually enslaved actress. She took off only in the movies, which he endorsed, according to his instructions, changed the hair, lost weight or polnela. All this weighed Claudia, and sooner or later was bound to lead to conflict. And it happened. In the early 70's she left Kristaldi to Pasquale Skuiteri:
Pasquale Skuiteri

With young director Pasquale Skuiteri Claudia Cardinale was already familiar for several years. Their first collaborative work was a picture of 'thugs', published in 1974. On set the director deliberately did not pay special attention to Claudia. And how else, in fact discourage girlfriend at the very Kristaldi - cause unsafe. But, in love, Claudia did not think to hide his feelings.

When their novel learned followed the conspiracy against the producers Skuiteri, and he briefly lost his job. Not the best time is ripe for Claudia Cardinale. But in 1977 he returned to the cinema with a picture of 'The Iron Prefect, "where she performed the role of Claudia perfectly Sicilian peasant Anna Torrizi.

. In that same year, in 1977 she starred in the film Skuiteri 'Corleone', and a year later, the screens went out of their new collaboration - 'Sniper', where Claudia went to the tragic role of Martha, a woman from a wealthy aristocratic family that suffered from the terror of the authorities.

. After three years of living together with Pasquale Skuiteri Claudia gave birth to daughter
. Pasquale named the child after the wife - Claudia. It is noteworthy that shortly before that Patrick also had a daughter - Lucille. So Claudia was one year, and his mother and grandmother.
80 th - 90 th

In the 80 years, Claudia Cardinale continued to actively act in films. In 1984, the actress once again met on the set with Marcello Mastroianni. In the historical drama Marco Belloc 'Henry IV' Mastroianni play the main male role, and Claudia played Matilda. There were other works: Elena Leporello in the thriller Peter Zinner 'Salamander', Princess Consuelo in the military drama Liliana Cavani 'Hidden', Anabel, melodrama Waris Hussein 'Princess Daisy'. They certainly deserve attention, but this picture is anything to the masterpieces of Visconti and Fellini.

In 1990, Claudia Cardinale again visited the Soviet Union. The studio 'Uzbekfilm' she starred in the historical tape Uchkun Nazarova 'Battle of the Three Kings', which tells about the struggle for the throne Prince Abdelmalek, united the nomadic tribes of Morocco after his victory in the XIV century over Portugal. In the film, along with Claudia Cardinale filmed: Ugo Tognazzi, Sergei Bondarchuk, Albert Filozov, Boris Khimichev.

And in 1991 the actress had the opportunity again to work with Omar Sharif. Together they weighed in a very strong film director Henri Verney's 'Mother', which tells of a family of Armenians, who, fleeing from genocide, come to Marseille.
Great actress

Since the late 1980's, Claudia Cardinale lives in Paris. Then she explained its move as follows: 'We Pasquale wanted our daughter to speak several languages. And when she was 10 years old, we had moved to Paris, where she attended the Franco-Italian school. Furthermore, in France, with much more respectful to the actors. I have not molested on the streets, I can safely walk. While in Rome on a moment's rest does not give the paparazzi '.

Since the mid-90 Claudia Cardinale appeared in films rarely. But a great actress is actively engaged in social activities. When she was appointed Goodwill Ambassador to UNESCO, Claudia Cardinale reacted to this with sverhotvetstvennostyu. Having carefully studied the problem of starving children in Africa, she gave a detailed report. Unfortunately, this report drew more attention to her person, than to see children. For Claudia it was a bitter disappointment. Another focus of social activity was the establishment of the Association for AIDS Relief.

Claudia Cardinale still looks good, and this without any braces and operations. It is against them. Periodically, she appears in movies. In 2008, a great actress played the role of Sarah in the comedy Mehdi Ben Attia, 'thread'.

Younger sister Claudia Blanche did not become an actress, while striving for this all my life and was very beautiful. She dabbled in film, theater, and even as an operator, but has remained in the shadow of the great sister.

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Claudia Cardinale, photo, biography
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