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Yuri Semin

( Head coach of FC "Dynamo" (Kiev))

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Biography Yuri Semin
photo Yuri Semin
Place of birth, education. Born in Orenburg (Russia). In 1982 he graduated from the High School Coaches.

Playing career. Keen on football in 12 years. As a youth, played in the "Locomotive" (Eagle). Rise career began in 1965, when Yuri Semin was made in Moscow for the youth team of the RSFSR in the tournament for young talents of the Soviet Republics. The young player was seen metropolitan football "bosses" and transferred to the Moscow "Spartak".

In addition to "Spartacus", the team played for Moscow Dynamo, Lokomotiv, Alma-Ata "Kairat" Novosibirsk "Chkalovets" and Krasnodar "Kuban". The "Locomotive", "chkalovtsi" and "Kuban" was captain.

Results in the championships of the USSR Yuri Semin winger and midfielder has 280 matches and scored 39 goals. In 1970, in the "Dynamo" won the silver medal of the Championship of the Soviet Union. In the same year - the Cup of the USSR.

Playing career after several serious injuries graduated in 1980 in Krasnodar.

Coaching career. After VSHT Yuri Semin returned to coach in "Kuban". Then coached "Pamir" (Dushanbe). From 1986 to 2005. - Moscow "Locomotive" (with a short break in 1990 when he was a coach and consultant to the Olympic team of New Zealand). In the Soviet period, was awarded the Honored trainer of Russia (1989) and the Tajik SSR (1985).

In fact, the name associated Semina rebirth "Locomotive" and his claim as one of the best football clubs in Russia. In already distant 1986 m coach took command, "Skat" from the premier league in the first. Under the leadership of Yuri Semin as "Lokomotiv" became the champion of Russia (2002), . silver medalist Russia (1995, . 1999, . 2000, . 2001), . bronze medal (1994, . 1998), . owner of the Cup of Russia (1996, . 1997, . 2000, . 2001), . USSR Cup finalist (1990), . Cup Winners' Cup semi-finalists (1998, . 1999).,

. In 1992-1994 and 1996-1999 he
. Yuri Semin parallel coached team Russia. In April 2005, accepted the offer to lead the national team and left the "Lokomotiv". Already half a year later, after an unsuccessful attempt to Russia's team go into the final of the World Cup in Germany, the head coach resigns.

At early 2006, headed the coaching staff of the Moscow Dynamo. And again the same six months later, unable to find common language with the Dynamo legionaries, folded powers. At the invitation of JSC "Russia's Railways back in" Lokomotiv ", but the position of president of the club. And soon to Semin, who formulated in his time "railroad" in the leaders of Russia's soccer, and laid responsibility for their failure in the championship of Russia in 2007. The club took 7 th place - the worst in its modern history. After that, Yuri Semin and coach Byshovets were dismissed.

December 8, 2007 First it was learned that Yuri Semin invited the head coach of FC Dynamo Kyiv (in the critical period for the club, after a series of defeats in national and international tournaments). This news is rather surprising, even for football experts. According to club president Ihor Surkis, a contract with a new coach signed a two and a half years plus a year - by appointment. Officially took office on January 8, 2008-th. According to unofficial information, the salary of the coach will be 1.5 million. per year. For comparison, Lucescu at Shakhtar Donetsk receives 3 million. euro, and Oleg Protasov in the "Dnepr" (Dnepropetrovsk) - $ 1 million.

It curled himself Yuri Semin, who succeeded to the post Jozsef Szabo, the task before him - to win every game, in all tournaments, in which Dinamo be involved. To achieve the goal of head coach intends to start with the point of selection "in the current composition of the team. If you do not get - the eye will be drawn to the youth club.

. His debut in the match "Dinamo" against Moscow Spartak, held on 24 January in the Cup of Russia's First Channel, the head coach was satisfied: 3:0 in favor of Kiev
. Asked how the coach appreciates "the first pancake" in Ukrainian club, Yu Semin said: "This is a pancake with caviar".

But May 7, 2008 th Semin and led his team got a real "practice makes perfect", without any hint of caviar, behind with the score 0:2 Shakhtar Donetsk in the final of the Cup of Ukraine. A gift to the birthday of a mentor turned out not the most pleasant. However, the chance to rehabilitate himself always remains. For example, in the final part of the national championship.

Family. Wife - Love Leonidovna (b. 1948) - plans to live with her husband in Kiev. Son - Andrew (born 1969), a graduate VSHT, served as coach of double Moscow "Locomotive", now coached team Izhevsk Russia's second division SOYUZ-Gazprom.

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Yuri Semin, photo, biography
Yuri Semin, photo, biography Yuri Semin  Head coach of FC "Dynamo" (Kiev), photo, biography
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