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Bolska Adelaide Yulianovna

( Opera singer)

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Biography Bolska Adelaide Yulianovna
photo Bolska Adelaide Yulianovna
Born 4 (16) November 1863. in Podolia (western Ukraine).

Died September 29, 1930, Mr.. in Tallinn, is buried in Warsaw on carts. Since 1918. Italian citizen.

Born Adele Skompskaya.

According to her husband - the Countess Diengeym-Schavinska-Brohotska.

From 1883 to 1888 she studied at the Moscow Conservatory with teachers J. Galvani and F. Kommissarzhevskaya [correct spelling of names]. She graduated from the conservatory with a small silver medal and then a year perfecting vocal skills in Italy. Season A. Skompskaya performed in theaters in Milan and Lodi, participated in concerts conductors innovators Charles Lamoureux and Edward Colonna. In 1889 she made her debut on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater in batches Pamina ( 'Magic Flute'), Gorislava ( 'Ruslan and Lyudmila') and Tatiana ( "Eugene Onegin '). She has appeared on the scene until 1892 under the name Skompskaya. Forced to resign because of illness, not elaborating on the contract had gone to France for treatment. In 1893, Mr.. married Count Diengeym-Schavinskogo-Brohotskogo. In 1894, Mr.. Wanda gave birth to daughter Maria. Do not cast to engage in vocal. She took lessons at the famous French singer Miolan-Carvalho MM-K. At the urging of friends in 1896. started its concert activity. With success came in the 'Liceo' in Barcelona. After successful performances in Spain, the singer was invited to Paris to London, St. Petersburg. That, in Paris, the singer came up with a stage name - Bolska [alias does not bow], taking the name of the hero 'The Adventures of Ladislav Bolskogo' ( "L'aventure de Ladislas Bolski") Victor Cherbuliez. Accepted an invitation to the Mariinsky Theater as a soloist. Returning to Russia, making his debut as Elsa's 'Lohengrin' P. Wagner. And from October 15, 1897 was admitted to the theater, performed on its stage in leading operatic roles until 1918. During the summer holidays touring in the cities of the Russian provinces: Tiflis (entreprise P. Zurabov and M. Valentinov), Kharkov, Kiev and Odessa (Private Company M. Valentinov), Taganrog, Cherkasy, Yekaterinoslav, Kishinev, Kislovodsk. In 1918, fired from the theater because they belong to a noble aristocracy. Occasionally performed in concert programs. From 1920 to 1922 led a vocal class at the Petrograd Conservatory. In 1923 he went to Warsaw. There, she taught at the Conservatory.

Favorite composer, the singer was D. Verdi, and, as she claims: 'No one better than Verdi did not know the female voice and not written for him so well'. The actress was familiar with the composer and his life kept his portrait with flattering for her dedication. Party was held in his other operas by Verdi, opera composer and librettist A. Boito.

In the book 'St. Petersburg Opera, and her masters' E. Stark wrote: 'Bolska showed forth a happy combination of artistic talent with a brilliant stage appearance. She was of medium height, well built, the camp had a slim and flexible, and in her every movement affected the innate elegance ... Lyric coloratura soprano Bolski was very clean, very soft, sonorous ... The range is very extensive ... Her voice ... was decorated to the utmost perfection. Her range, trills, staccato seemed on their freedom, lightness, purity and clarity of these gems a highly developed vocal art. All this flowed from her somehow cascade of pearl spray, causing involuntary admiration. When Bolska leave these soaring heights and descended to the region more natural and truthful language of opera, in the region of melodic recitative, and then she evinced a genuine mastery of the artist singing. For here every phrase took on greater flexibility and plastic expression of indescribable beauty, which combined with excellent diction Bolsku placed along with the best masters of musical speech. Furthermore Bolska possessed exceptional musicality and subtle ability to master the style of the work ... under the, . as she carefully designed and every detail every trim its role, . was evident, . that it lacked a bit in order, . to become the artist of musical theater, . in which both cultures - singing and acting - merge into one harmonious whole. ",
. Repertoire:

. Party, first performed in opera (world premiere):

. Leonora 'Rolla' A
. Simon (Moscow, Bolshoi Theater, April 17, 1892).

Volkhov 'Sadko' H. Rimsky-Korsakov (St. Petersburg, the Mariinsky Theater, January 26, 1901)

Martha 'Tsar's Bride' N. Rimsky-Korsakov (St. Petersburg, the Mariinsky Theater, October 30, 1901)

Damayanti 'Nal and Damayanti' A. Arensky (St. Petersburg, the Mariinsky Theater, September 9, 1908)

Party, first performed in Russian:

Elsa 'Lohengrin' by Wagner (Moscow. Bolshoi. October 16, 1889)

Sieglinde 'Valkyrie' (St. Petersburg, the Mariinsky Theater, 24 November 1900)

Eva 'Nuremberg Mastersingers' (St. Petersburg, the Mariinsky Theater, March 20, 1914)

Other parties:

Ludmila and Gorislava 'Ruslan and Lyudmila' M. Glinka

Tatyana 'Eugene Onegin' P. Tchaikovsky

Volkhov 'Sadko' Snow Maiden 'Snow Maiden' H. Rimsky-Korsakov

Francesca 'Francesca da Rimini' E. Napravnik

Katarina Bragadini 'Angelo' C. Cui

Sefiza 'Cupid's Revenge' A. Taneyev

Eurydice 'Orpheus and Euridice' KV. Gluck

Pamina 'Magic Flute' Zerlina 'Don Giovanni' VA. Mozart

Agatha 'magic hands' KM. Weber

Pebbles 'Pebbles' Art. Moniuszko

Violetta 'La Traviata' D. Verdi

Mimi 'La Boheme' D. Puccini

Margarita 'Huguenots' D. Meyerbeer

Margarita 'Faust' Juliet 'Romeo and Juliet' W. Gounod

Juliet and Antony 'Tales of Hoffmann' M. Offenbach

Esclarmonde 'Esclarmonde' M. Massenet.

Masha 'The Captain's Daughter' C. Cui

Lisa "Queen of Spades' P. Tchaikovsky

In St. Petersburg, lived at the address: street Glinka, 1.

In Paris, she lived at the address: 25 rue decamps, 75116 Paris.

Recorded on records. Preserved records: Firm 'RAOG' - two duets with A. Labinsky.

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Bolska Adelaide Yulianovna, photo, biography
Bolska Adelaide Yulianovna, photo, biography Bolska Adelaide Yulianovna  Opera singer, photo, biography
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