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Christopher Daniels

( Wrestler)

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Biography Christopher Daniels
photo Christopher Daniels
Christopher Daniels was born and raised in Feetvill, North Caroline. Later he moved to Pasadena, Calif., and then in Chicago, Michigan, to join the school wrestling Windy City Pro Wrestling. His coaches were DeSero himself, Mike Anthony and Kevin Quinn. Daniels made his debut in April 1993rd year, where he was paired with the giants lost brothers Menson (Ripper and skull). A month after the debut of Daniels defeated Trevor Blankarda and got his first title - the title of champion in the middleweight WCPW. After a while, 23rd May 1995-th year, Daniels is going to act in Puerto Rico, paired with his coach, Kevin Quinn (They are, among other things before that were the champions in the pair battles WCPW). There they win in the doubles fight Inveydera? 1 and Hurricane Castillo Jr., and thereby win the champion's title in the WWC pair battles.

. 1st May 1997-th year, in Chicago Daniels wins Bret Sanders and became champion WCPW light heavyweight
. After that, Daniels began to expand their horizons in the world of wrestling, trying to break into the top wrestling. Daniels started performing in the popular indie federations, such as the World Power Wrestling and Empire Wrestling Federation, winning the title of champion in the heavyweight division in the two promotions in September, the 1997th year. Daniels was in WWE in the 1998th year, he signed a short-term contract, and sometimes appeared on the show Shotgun. His most bolsheo achievement in WWE was a performance in the role of one team member Los Konkistadores (Los Conquistadors), along with Aaron Aguilera during fyuda The Hardy Boyz and Edge with Christian. Daniels again soon teamed up with Kevin Quinn, the NWA Anniversary show in October, the 1998th year, during the 50 anniversary of NWA. Then they defeated Danny Dominion and Ace Steele. And after the last appearance on the show Shotgun, where Christopher has lost Droz March 1999th year, Daniels returned to the Indy wrestling and participated in a super-tournament ECWA, where he went to the finals by defeating Jeff Peterson and Metta Hardy. In the final tournament Daniels unfortunately lost to Steve Bradley.

Then, after a brief stop in ECW, where Daniels lost a match on the show Rhinoceros Hostile City Showdown in June, the future fallen angel went straight to Japan. There he participated in the league masked wrestler, where he took third place. 19th December, he defeated Minoru Fujita and won the British title at light heavyweight. Returning to America, Daniels prnyal the tournament ECWA, and won his 26th February 2000-th year, defeating Skuta Andrews in the finals. Then Daniels got a test match in WCW, and he has shown himself well. From Daniels initially wanted to make a dark teacher Vampiro, . but his debut is constantly delayed and Daniels returned to the indie wrestling, . the very beginning a career in WCPW, . then UPW, . where he fought with Kurt Angle, . and later became a champion in the heavyweight, . as well as Daniels won the tournament "King of Indie" in APW.,

. Daniels returned to WCW in early 2001-th year, fought with Mike Modest to a draw
. It was the 23rd of January, then, if unsuccessful lunar Salt Daniels almost broke his neck, but in the end of the match in the ring, Scott Steiner ran out and beat both participants. Soon Daniels was cut from the roster, and WWE bought WCW. Summer of 2001-th year Daniels several times vytsupal to show WWE Jakked speaking in the ring with Jerry Lynn, Skutom Andrews Such Michinoku and Funaki. Christopher Daniels returned to the indie. He teamed up with the Rhine, and together they became the champions in the pair battle MCW. Soon, he lost the fight Hey. Jay. Stiles on the show in honor of 53 years of ex NWA, but FIHM lost the tournament "King of Indie" in the APW. After Daniels won the championship in the heavyweight division in the ECWA, UPW and NWA Florida, 26th June 2002-th year, he signed a contract with a new wrestling federation of NWA - TNA, and began appearing there for some shows. Then he spoke more in RoH, where he was the heavyweight champion in the pair battles. In October 2002-th year Daniels once again went to Japan, where the Gimmicks Kyurri Maine. He then traveled and Europe, where he became the champion in the FWA Heavyweight.

Then, in TNA Vince Russo created a grouping SEX, and it was then Daniels and returned to TNA. After a little time after the debut, on March 12, the 2003rd year, Daniels and NWA Loki became champions in the pair battle, defeated Chris Harris and James Storm. The following titles have been in 2 months, when Daniels defeated Jerry Lynn is one and the magnificent Red in the match two to one. Elix Skipper teamed up with Daniels and the so-formed team of Triple X, which was part of Loki.

After the loss of titles Daniels not long gone from TNA, and returned to the 30th of July, attacking Jeff Jarrett. Here then was the birth Gimmicks fallen angel. Then, the summer 2004th year Daniels was in command NWA, during the tournament for the cup X. In addition to Daniels in the team were Jerry Lynn, Elix Skipper and Chris Seybin. This team won and won the cup in a stunning show. A second festival TNA, Triple X lost a match in the six-cell Chris Harris and James Storm, and the terms of the match, never performed together.

On a holiday TNA Destination X Daniels defeated Hey. Jay. Stiles, Ron Killingza and Elix Skipper, and thus became the new champion in TNA X-Division. In the following months, he defended his title against Stiles, Skipper and the Shocker, have not yet come feast Unbreakable, where Daniels met in a trilateral match against Ei. Jay. Styles and Samoa Joe.

On holiday Genesis Daniels and Joe were one team and won, but after the match, Joe beat his partner, sending to the hospital. On a holiday Turning Point, after his match, Joe wanted to do the same and with Stiles, but then returned and attacked Daniels Samoan. In the following months, this trio had a lot of Three way match, each of which was on his good, and one even won awards TNA, as the best match of the year.

Then Daniels teamed up with Hey. Jay. Stiles and they won Harris and Storm, becoming the champions of the NWA in the pair battles. Then they fought with LAX in stunning games - Ultimate X match and in the cell. In the final they lost tiutly LAX for the second time and began to speak one by one. Soon Stiles, and Chris Daniels Seybin participated in the tripartite match for the championship title in the TNA X-Division, which belonged to Stiles. The ring out Christian Cage, who took up Styles and Daniels pinned Seybina and became a champion. After that Stiles is no longer speaking with Daniels, and he began fyud with rhinoceros. Daniels, being the champion began fyud Seybinom with Chris and Jerry Linn.

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Christopher Daniels, photo, biography
Christopher Daniels, photo, biography Christopher Daniels  Wrestler, photo, biography
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