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Ferrari Irene

( owner of the largest silicone bust in Russia)

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Biography Ferrari Irene
photo Ferrari Irene
Irene Ferrari - the "silicone" Women of Russia. It is called Russian Lola Ferrari - she does not think so, considering their own forms not significant. In order to start a new life, Irene has completely changed the appearance of. Happy Does it now?

- Do you, as far as I know, done about 5 plastic surgeries?

- One, two, three (counts). Like 5. Maybe more, but certainly not least. The first operation was, of course, breast augmentation. I know her virtually no. First get the size of some 3rd. But it seemed to me that is not enough and I went back under the surgeon's knife. Radically change their lives and appearance, I decided to because of unrequited love. Parted with a beloved man and very much wanted to make sure that he was sorry about. Before you put the implants, I told my mother: 'He will still be begging me to come back when I made myself so a chest'. And showed his hands on two meters ahead. My mother was horrified asked: 'How's Nonna Mordyukova? " I replied: 'More Mama, more'. And so it was - the man wanted me back, but it was too late.
Already after the first operation, I realized that was very interesting to the opposite sex. Which would not say shit about me, but if I'm sitting in the company, then all the men look only at my chest. I see that they want me. But I always say: do not want to have a - after all this unhappy love made me a bitch.

- So in the end, what do you currently own size?

- Currently the largest of the existing bra - 7 sizes, small to me. I sew clothes for order. Perhaps now the size of 9-th. I went to my chest now so accustomed that I do not think it is great. So I plan to make it more.

- Where do something more like a porn star Lola Ferrari, whose breasts weighed 7 kilograms?

- I respect this girl. Our stories are similar, I too come from a small village, quite obscure, in which 26 homes and 2 farms. But I'm not for anything would not want to end his life as Lola, 30 years, hanged himself his chest in his sleep.

- By the way, how do you sleep?

- I can only sleep on their backs. Because of this the first time I have very severe pain in the spine. Inverted can be safely and chest did not bubbling, as some claim. Another thing that is physically difficult to turn with this volume - in fact my breasts now weighs more than 3 kilograms.

- You in the eye called the Silicon woman, unless you like it better?

- Yes, I have silicone, and do not see anything wrong. It is beautiful! Well, and that I had such huge boobs? Yes, I have made ass made waist. But I, unlike many women, it is nice to undress and look at myself in the mirror! Maybe my proportions more than necessary, but it draws attention. Breast - this is my business card. It was much easier to live with such dimensions.

'And then I had jewel'

- You're not just silicone breasts, but the buttocks, and lips, besides, you - the only one in Russia on those who dared to gruesome surgery to remove the edges.

- I asked the doctors to give me your buttocks, like Jennifer Lopez and her waist like Dita Von Teese, the wife of Marilyn Manson. Remove the ribs were not the worst. Yes, broken bones, pulling them out of me, but I did not see. I was then put on a corset, and I walked up to him until all healed. Set in breast implants, such as me, much more dangerous than the rib rack. After all, they are just huge! When I did the nose, too, breaking bones. After surgery, he looked at me so scared that I cried hysterically for medical staff: 'I'll be thrown out the window! " They had to put me back plaster on his nose until the swelling had not slept. But the nose, I once again reinvented, because the first time was not satisfied with the result. Even my 21 body piercings. Here I am now with you is difficult to talk - prevents the bolt with a diamond in the language.

- And what did you there?

- Just imagine, I'm sitting talking to a man about abstract things, and so casually licking his lips. And he sees that I have in the language of the diamond sparkles. All. After that, he is my.

- Usually use men?

- Yes, I use. Men provide me, and I'm not ashamed to talk about. Before communicating with one, now with the other. In my life men have been and will be a lot. Breast done its job. Of course, I dream that I have had a happy love. But I think it will remain my dream. I decided not marry ever, because I know too well the behavior of men.

For me as a caring one prominent MP, gave the 'Bentley'. But I did not answer his feelings. He's known people, everywhere in public embraced his wife, says he loves her, and himself on one of the presentations, he saw me, walked over and grabbed her breast. For that and got a slap. I'm not enough men for the causal place when they see it! That's why I do not want to connect their lives with someone who I know for sure, will not be faithful to me. And men are polygamous. Maybe some of Ivan Uryupinsk and would only love me. But I do not want this, Ivan. The only things I do not refuse - it is to have a baby.

- You are such proportions, and you are so in themselves are not sure:

- Burnt child once, hard to have someone to believe. Maybe I need a psychologist for this. Now I live with a man, but bind to it does not want. And you are wrong - before I was much diffident. Here I look at their photos to operations - pretty, but downtrodden girl. I weighed more then 80 kg, was in my lawyer in St. Petersburg University, and was not even thinking that life could change so. It was terribly shy. I was afraid to talk with men. And now, after surgery, gained an absolute confidence in their appearance.

We have a great show tolstushek. A very charming woman, they are self-sufficient, and they do not need no surgery. I was always shy. And let in order to get rid of this oppression took many operations - it was worth it. Now I have no doubt that is beautiful and I like. I feel like a million, because I really put in your body about a million dollars.

- You yourself admit that you were a great many men, because there were also well-known people. They said about a famous director, several actors and politicians.

- I do not want anyone to expose, I will only say that the men I like Fyodor Bondarchuk, brutal Grisha Leps and yet I adore Vladimir Zhirinovsky Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

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Ferrari Irene, photo, biography
Ferrari Irene, photo, biography Ferrari Irene  owner of the largest silicone bust in Russia, photo, biography
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