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Biography Sisters Olsen
photo Sisters Olsen
They have an older brother Trent and younger sister Elizabeth (Lizzie). Their parents, Zharnet (Zharni) and Dave Olsen, divorced in March 1995. Later, Dave marries Mackenzie Taylor, and they have a son and a daughter, half sister and half brother of Mary-Kate and Ashley. Now twins live with her mother in southern California. When my sister was only at 9 months, their choice for the role of Michelle Tanner in the comedy series "Full House" on channel ABC.

Their popularity instantly increases to the limit, only Bill Kosbin rating is slightly higher than that of twins. In 1991, Dave Olsen twins and dismisses the manager hires his friend, Robert Thorne. Thorne founded the company Dualstar Intertainment Group, owners of which are Mary-Kate and Ashley. This makes them the youngest producers in Hollywood history. In the same year he published video with CD-ROM entitled "For sale brother" (Brother for Sale) and I - the most likable "(I'm the Cute One). All of them were awarded with gold plates. The first 90 minutes of the film "Hide! Grandma, we're going" (To Grandmother's house we go), with the twins starring knalu were shown on ABC on Christmas Day 1992. In 1993, the twins start their detective series "The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley" (The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley). Movie, "The Mystery of the high seas", was based on this series. In Halloween in the same year twins release another movie: The Passion-cheeky "(Double Double, Toil & Trouble). In mid-1993 they released their first video, which is well named" Our first video ". It consisted of 7 music videos, which were more like a 5-minute films. From the movie went to big profits and their manager, Robert Thorne, the girls decided to spin. The following was withdrawn several filom with the names of "The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen", "You are invited to ...", but it's all the little clips. Finally they were invited to weigh in this movie, titled "Hide! Grandma, we're going, they were both 4 years and the movie made a huge success. Then came films "Little restless," "The Passion-cheeky," In 1994, the "Happy Days at the Wild West" and "Little fraudsters" (Little Rascals). In 1995, for Mary-Kate and Ashley almost all changes. Divorce of their parents and the fact that the display of the series "Full House" (Full House) was canceled, forcing critics to assume that the career twins zakonchena.No company Dualstar proves the antithesis. It produces a new series, beginning with: "You are invited to the party, Mary-Kate and Ashley" (You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Sleepover Party). 17 November release of the first widescreen movie, "Two: I and my shadow" (It Takes Two). This film is not popular in the cinema (some critics to joke that only two tickets had been sold), but out of this film on video, literally, created a sensation both in America and in Russia. This is the film "opens" the way the rest of the film in Russia. Year 1996 and 1997 are easy to twins. It appears only a few interviews, . Several new video (the last cassette with the continuation of the series "The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley" was released in 1996, . Thorne felt, . that the twins were "too old", . to play detective), . new CD and several books,
. However, quite significant for the sisters becomes 1998. They released two new CD-ROM, a few new video "with the parties" and "Our music video" (Our Music Video). November 9, 1998 on video goes one more feature film "Daddy with the posters" (Billboard Dad). But the most significant is output series "Two of a kind" (Two of a Kind) on ABC every Friday. Company Dualstar good guess with the release of this series. Twins was 12 years old, when the beginning of this comedy series, although most of the "child star" (actor-children) in this age become totally unpopular. By issuing series "Two of a kind", the twins could easily step over these "dangerous" years, but, unfortunately, after the first season episode, ceases to exist due to lack of funds for its running. But this does not stop Mary-Kate and Ashley. In 1999, came films "Boots" and "Passport to Paris" (shot in France), "Olympic Secret" (already in Australia). When they were 14 they appeared in the film "Winning London", the shooting of which were just there. Now in America series is titled "So Little Time". Gemini also write books, their huge klichestvo, я¦п¦п+я-

MI successful were "The New Adventures of MC-A, which are written to this day. Also, the girls have already written a memoir. And they already think about future careers. Mary-Kate carried away by leaps and Ashley decided to take direction.

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Sisters Olsen, photo, biography
Sisters Olsen, photo, biography Sisters Olsen  Actresses, photo, biography
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