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Zhokote Alize Alizee

( Singer)

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Biography Zhokote Alize Alizee
The singer was born August 21, 1984 on the island of Corsica, in the town Eyatstsio. From early childhood, she began to show their artistic abilities. In four years, she began to take dance lessons. At 11 years old Alize won the regional competition of youth creativity and win a trip to the Maldives.

In 2000 Myl?ne Farmer selects performers for soy new song "Moi ... Lolita ". Alize was the one who was looking Milen. Released soon received a single big success - in France alone has sold over one million titles. On the approach was the debut album "Gourmandises". Myl?ne Farmer became the author of all the songs, harmonizing their texts with the wishes of Alize. Along with the album in his second single "L'Alize", which was sold in France in more than 500 thousand copies.

. Alize received awards as the best young singer at the festivals M6 Music Awards, and NRJ Music Awards.

. Childhood

. Alize was born in Ajaccio (Fr
. Ajaccio), on the coast of the French island of Corsica (fr. Corse). Her father - a computer specialist, a mother - an entrepreneur, as well as from Alize has a younger brother Johann (under the age of four years). The origin of its name associated with the French translation of the word 'trade wind' (fr. aliz?).

From his early years, the young were Alize passion for music and dance. For four years she danced well, and soon began to study dance in the Corsican dance school, fr. Ecole du Spectacle Monique Mufraggi.

In 1995, at the age of eleven, Alize participated in the contest, organized by the former French airline Air Outre Mer (now Swissair). It was necessary to draw a picture on the body of the aircraft depicted on the special form. Alize won in this competition, and in addition won her trip to the Maldives, its image depicted on this plane in the full amount, and the aircraft was called by her name.

. In December 1999, Alize first participated in a televised musical competition called 'begin Star' (fr
. Graines de Star), held on the French TV channel 'M6' (fr. M?tropole 6). Alize Originally conceived to address the competition with a dance number, but after learning that in this nomination may participate only group decided to participate in the vocal part of the contest and sang a song in English. Not passed to the next stage of the competition, Alize returned to the scene 'starting star' in a month, sang a song of French singer Axel Red (fr. Axelle Red), entitled 'My Prayer' (fr. Ma Pri?re) and won the competition. Moreover, Alize had her first music award 'Meilleure Graine', as the most promising young singer.
Early career

Her victory in the competition has not gone unnoticed, and soon the famous French singer Mylene Farmer (fr. Myl?ne Farmer) and composer Laurent Bouton (fr. Laurent Boutonnat), which sought the young talent with a beautiful voice to create a joint project, proposed to begin Alize vocal career. Alize agreed to work in new creative team, and after a few studio plays Alize started his career as a singer.
. Life

. At that time, as Alize after his first album in her creative way are brought to the public as a Lolita with sexual appearance and clothing in the caller, in fact, Alize was 'a modest and quiet personality of the usual urban teens'
. The timid and shy Alize loved to be the focus of their fans. Gradually, the older, as well as the release of their second album, Alize changed its 'image of Lolita' to 'image matured girls', and the meaning of the songs became more 'adult'.

. Alize continues to dance, in particular, it has excellent skills of classical dance, jazz dance, ballet and flamenco
. She is keen on football and even root for a football club AC Ajaccio. Also, Alize is engaged in Thai boxing, but not for boxing experience, and to support its physical form.

. Also, Alize is engaged in charity, comprise the group of celebrities under the name 'Les Enfoir?s' ( 'stupid')
. This group gives charity concerts each year, and income from gigs goes to 'Les Restaurants du Coeur' ( 'Eating the Heart') - Fund assistance to the poor (money goes to feed poor people). Alize participated in these concerts in 2001 and 2002.

Alize is married to Jeremy chatelaine (fr. J?r?my Ch?telain), whom she met at the Service Awards 'Eurobest' in 2003. J?r?my Ch?telain - a graduate of the popular French TV show 'Star Academy' ( 'The Academy of stars'). Their wedding was held in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) November 6, 2003.

April 29, 2005 Alize had a daughter, whose wife was named Annili (fr. Annily).

Currently the family lives on the Champs Elysees in Paris.
Chronographia career

Alize first single for the song 'Moi: Lolita' ( 'I: Lolita') appeared on May 19 and July 26 she released her first music video for this song. The music video for one of her most popular songs was withdrawn under the leadership of Laurent Bouton just a few days of the clip took place in a Paris nightclub called 'Les Bains Douches' and in a place called Senlis (fr. Senlis). Alize appears as a seductive Lolita (Lolita - the heroine of the same novel by Vladimir Nabokov), a country girl, falls in the big city. Later single Alize used in advertising video of the British film 'A Good Year', released in 2006. Clip immediately brought glory to the singer, is firmly entrenched in the Top Ten hits on the best charts and not leaving them in six months, a copy of the single were sold over a million copies.

. Such a successful career did not leave young Alize without winning
. November 17 Alize won her first musical award in the category 'Breakthrough of the Year' for the version of the TV channel 'M6'.

. November 28 released their first official album under the name Alize 'Gourmandises' ( 'Goodies'), . received a huge success in France, . and later throughout Europe and some countries in East Asia, . largely due to the same hit single 'Moi: lolita', . submitted to the public as Lolita Alize, . 'able to melt the hearts of many men',
. Album instantly gained such popularity that within 3 months after the release went platinum, and the number of sold copies of the album in France has exceeded 1 million 300 thousand. Lyrically, the album and the music was light, composed in molozhezhnom style, and accompanied by beautiful vocal singer. Alize has gained popularity, however, she gave a short interview and had not participated in any photo shoots.

. Then, on November 28, to support the album was released another single called 'L'Aliz?' ( 'Passat'), and on December 6 was first shown a video clip, 'L'Aliz?', filmed by director Pierre Stino (fr
. Pierre Stine). Impressions undoubtedly contributed to increased sales of the album, although the content of the clip was bezhitrostnym: Alize singing about himself among the flying everywhere bubbles against the backdrop of a beautiful environment, done in bright colors.
. 2001-2002 year

. 2001 began for the Alize with a happy note: January 20, up past 2000, she was awarded second in his life of professional awards - the popular music award of the French radio station 'NRJ' in the category 'Breakthrough of the Year'.

. April 24 released their third single Alize called 'Parler tout bas' ( 'to speak very quietly'), and April 25 - self-titled music video, filmed under the leadership of Laurent Bouton
. The lyrical words of this song written in slow music, and action clips are even more bleak: Alize singing in an environment of living dolls, and the end of burying one of them, thereby as it bids farewell to childhood. The video was very ambiguous adopted viewers France, so he is not the most successful music video of the singer.

Summer 2001 only heightened the popularity of foreign Alize. In May, the regional offices of the company Universal Music in the Netherlands, Israel and Japan have released localized versions of the album 'Gourmandises', the total number of sold albums worldwide previsilo 4 million copies.

. On the singer's popularity gradually began to learn and in Russia
. Thus, on 17 April, the phone interview Alize broadcast Russia's radio 'Europe Plus', and on June 1 Alize arrived in Russia to speak at the ceremony music awards' Stopudoviy hit', organized by Russia's radio station "Hit-FM '. Alize has also participated in press conferences, and on June 3 gave an interview to air music channel 'MTV-Russia'.

July 25 was released a video titled 'Gourmandises', shot on the same name of a song from the album Alize. Directed by Nicholas Hidiroglu clip shot clip, thereby continuing a series of clips Alize, performed in a youth style. Actions clip deployed outside the city (clip was filmed in the suburbs of Paris), where Alize with friends is leaving for a picnic. The video was shot in the shortest possible time - in one day.

Next Alize continues its performances on the music scene. March 6, 2002 she received another loud award - a prize 'World Music Award' ( 'World Music Award') at a ceremony held in Monte Carlo. Then Alize away for an extended vacation.
. 2003

. On January 7, 2003 on many radio stations began to sound a new song called Alize 'J'en Ai Marre' ( 'I've had enough', . Japanese song known as 'Mon Bain de Mousse', . English version of the song - 'I'm Fed Up!'), . Alize and often began to appear on television with the new interview,
. Notes on the return Alize began to appear in the press.

February 19 on TV channels 'M6' and 'MCM' video for the song appeared 'J'en Ai Marre'. The video was filmed under the direction of Olivier Megaton (fr. Olivier Megaton) within two days. The shooting took place in Paris in two versions: French and English. Actions clip deployed in a large aquarium filled with water, inside which there is Alize, performing the role of 'golden fish'.

. February 25 Alize out single for the song 'J'en Ai Marre', which stayed on the top lines of the charts just about a week
. Himself did not found a single, high popularity, but a video presentation of a new single on the TV show 'Hit Machine' is one of the most popular unofficial video of the performance of Alize.

. March 18 released the second official album called Alize 'Mes Courants ?lectriques' ( 'My electric shocks'), producers of which were still the same Myl?ne Farmer and Laurent Bouton
. The album received no less than a huge success than the previous album, with the single 'J'en Ai Marre'. The French version of the album contains 11 songs (later, on April 15 released an international version of the album, in which the original 11 tracks were added four songs in English). Sales of their second album is not so high compared with the first album Alize, in France it is equal to 700 thousand copies, and worldwide sales of the disc reached the mark in 2,000,000 copies.

. At the end of March 2003 Alize took part in the ceremony of awarding the 'Eurobest', which brought together the winners of music competitions from nine European countries
. At the ceremony, she sang the song 'Moi: Lolita'.

May 21 was released the next video Alize called 'J'ai Pas Vingt Ans' ( 'I'm not twenty years'). Clip filmed under the guidance of Laurent Bouton. In this clip, Alize shows the excellent choreography, dancing on stage with a group of dancers under the rhythmic dance music with electric. Single on the same song came out a little later, on June 3.

Autumn began the first concert tour Alize. August 26, she gave seven concerts in the concert hall of Paris 'Olympia', then went on tour throughout France, and then gave concerts in Belgium and Switzerland.

. Meanwhile, on Oct. 1 was withdrawn by another video Alize called ' Contre-courant' ( 'counter-flow')
. This clip was filmed by director clip 'L'Aliz?' Pierre Stino in the Belgian city Binchy (Binche) for two days. The shooting took place at an abandoned factory, with the participation of this circus acrobat who performs a variety of rooms on the rope. As usual, after the clip, October 7, and single out the singer on this song.

. Shortly after the end of the concert tour, October 4, Alize has released a double album 'Gourmandises / Mes Courants ?lectriques', which included songs from two previously released albums.

. October 18, after long expectation of fans, live album Alize
. This CD-and DVD-collection of songs recorded live during a concert tour Alize 2003, entitled 'Aliz?e En Concert' ( 'Alize at the concert'). At the same time the single was released at the same time and a video clip entitled 'Amelie m'a dit' ( 'Amelie said to me') to another slow and lyrical songs Alize. Clip is made up of various fragments of speeches singer during her concerts.
. 2004

. January 17, 2004 Alize gave its final concert in the concert hall of Paris 'Le Zenith', staging colorful show and the audience singing seventeen songs from two albums.

. After the final concert, beginning with February 2004, Alize took a creative break for an indefinite period.
. 2005 - present

. Since then, as Alize suspended his musical activities in February 2004, there have been no official reports of her return
. Her official website is not functioning since the summer of 2005. During this time received a lot of news regarding the return of Alize and a career, most of which eventually proved to be false.

. However, April 3, 2006 webmaster of one of the fan sites she received a message, a handwritten and signed by Alize cases holding that the singer is working on her third album
. That translated into Russian language version of the message:

. Hello everyone!

. Just wanted to let you know that at the moment I'm in the studio ...

. The new songs are beautiful!

. Kisses to all and hope that soon you'll see!

. Promise
. Alize
. March 31, 2006

. July 7, 2006 held at the French TV channel 'Europe 2' show called 'Le JT de la musique' announced, . that Alize 'is no longer cooperating with her former producer and author of the words of her songs Myl?ne Farmer' and is currently working on a third album,
. It was also announced that the words for new songs wrote Jean-Fock (fr. Jean Faulques). J?r?my Ch?telain also associated with a new album, which he confirmed in an interview.

In September 2007, Alize has signed a contract with record label RCA Records / Sony BMG, and on Sept. 30 she released her new single 'Mademoiselle Juliette'. November 19 clip out this single.

3 December 2007 released their third studio album Alize Psych?d?lices. For 4 days it went gold, reaching sales of 80 000 copies. Meanwhile, the sales results more than disappointing: the album reached only the 16-th position in the French charts (for the first week sold approximately 11 000 copies), . today already sold 33 000 copies, . is much less than the planned studio RCA (100 000 copies),
. By the spring of 2008 it was sold about 500,000 copies of the album.

In the period from 23 to 28 January 2008, Alize took part in a charity concert "Stupid" (fr. Les Enfoir?s) which was held in Strasbourg in the hall Zenith. RCA also reports planned to speak in Mexico and France during 2008.

In March Alize first visited Mexico. On March 5 was designated autograph, but she canceled because of security problems. Alize performed in an impromptu press conference to apologize to his fans. I promised to fix it in the presence of such a possibility when you return to Mexico, the buyout will take place during a long tour.

Since May 18, 2008, Alize begins a long tour, called 'Psych?d?lices Tour'. The first point is that Moscow, after which in June followed by the Latin American countries. This concert includes 20 tracks.

Next tour, 'Le grand Rex' must begin from October 23, from Paris.

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