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Anders Thomas

( German pop singer)

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Biography Anders Thomas
photo Anders Thomas
Thomas was born in the town Munstermaifeld near Koblenz. His father was the mayor and encouraged his son music lessons. Thomas sang in the church choir, almost ten years, took piano lessons and he learned to play guitar. After leaving school he studied Germanic (German language and literature) and musicology in Mainz. In 1979 he became the winner of the contest Radio Luxembourg. In 1980 he released his first single, Judy. That's when the record company to take the Council, Bernd pseudonym Thomas Anders, with whom he goes to the big stage. After releasing the single Thomas with other young performers made a 15-day tour of Germany. In 1981 saw the debut on TV in the show Michaela Schanz. In 1983, recording a cover version of the song FRDavid, with rising producer and composer Dieter Bohlen. This is followed by several more joint work in German, and English composition Catch Me I'm Falling (cover song on vesiya Australian band Real Life), published as a draft Headliner. Single Wovon Traumst Du Denn reaches 16 th place in the German charts.

In October 1984, Thomas and Dieter were united in the duo Modern Talking, and released the single 'You're My Heart, You're My Soul', which became number one in Europe. The single stayed six months in the European list of popular. Over the next three years Modern Talking recorded 6 albums and 9 singles, 5 of which were number one in charts. The duo has sold over 60 million sound carriers, which have received 40 'platinum' and more than 200 'gold' awards. In 1987 Modern Talking ceased to exist in connection with the expiration of the contract and the reluctance of both parties to extend. Thomas as the 'Thomas Anders show' goes on a world tour that took a big success.

. After the collapse of the duo (in 1987), Thomas works with a trio of MAN-X, supporting the artist during a world tour, and produces, together with his wife Nora (Nora Isabelle Balling), their singles Wating So Long, and I Believe
. In 1988, Anders co-authored with Marc Cassandra (Marc Cassandra) and under the guidance of producer Jack White (Jack White), . wrote for the famous singer Engelbert Humperdinck (Engelbert Humperdink) to the track I Can Never Let Me Go, . which is included in his album In Liebe.,

. In 1989, Anders released his first solo album, Different, producer and director of sound which is Dadzheon Gus (Gus Dudgeon), known to work with David Bowie and Paul McCartney.

. In 1990, Anders (with SBK Music Publishing) creates its own music publishing 'Thomas Anders Music', . which in January 2000 with the participation of the two partners, Thomas Christian Geller and Guido Karp converted to a music publishing KA.GB Music GmbH, . cooperating with the SONY / ATV Music Publishing (Germany) GmbH.,

. In 1991 in London, Anders, along with producers Maggletonom Paul (Paul Muggleton) and Mike Paksmanom (Mike Paxman), . known for his work with Nick Kamen, . began work on their second album 'Whispers', . which was published in Germany, . France, . Taiwan, . Korea, . South Africa and others,
. countries. Backing vocals on the album were performed by British singer Judy Ttsuke (Judie Tzuke). The first single from that album, 'The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye', was donated by Anders duo Roxette; second single, 'Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)', was recorded in both English and Spanish.

. In 1992, Anders moved to the record company POLYDOR (now Universal) and recorded the album in the United States 'Down On Sunset' with renowned producer - Christian de Walden (Amanda Lear) and Ralf Stemmann (Ricky Martin)
. One of the songs included in the book, Thomas sang a duet with Glenn Medeiros (Glenn Medeiros), known for his cover of 'Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You'.

. In 1993, Anders has acquired a new experience, playing a role in the Swedish film 'Stockholm Marathon'
. He also wrote the title song for this film.

For the next album manager, presented Thomas popular seventies hit 'When Will I See You Again' by THE THREE DEGREES. This song and led the new album, giving him his name. The musicians have decided to invite her original artists. Thus, the twentieth anniversary of the lyrics Thomas Anders sang anew timeless hit 'When Will I See You Again', along with THE THREE DEGREES. This short-term project developed into further cooperation. Thomas gave the 'Three degrees' a new beginning, having written several songs for their album 'Out The Past Into The Future', has become quite popular.

. In 1994, Anders released the album in the United States 'Barcos de Cristal' in Spanish, destined for the Latin American market
. In Argentina, the album topped charts; Thomas also wrote the title song for the Argentine TV series and the track 'Tal Vez' for Marta Sanchez (Marta Sц¦nchez), which became a hit number one in Mexico.

. While working in the United States, Thomas met with producer Peter Wolf (Peter Wolf), known for his work with Frank Zappa, and in 1995 they recorded and released the album 'Souled', which included a duet with POINTER SISTERS.

. In 1996, Thomas Anders, . hiding under the pseudonym 'Phantomas', . Thomas took part in the eponymous dance project and together with producer Ramon Zenker (FRAGMA), . Andreas Schneider (KOSMONOVA) and Olaf Dieckmann (AQUAGEN), . recorded two singles: 'Our House' (a cover of the hit group MADNESS), . and 'No Doubt About It'.,

. Another dance project, which was attended by Thomas Anders, called CHAIN REACTION
. The only single, 'Every Word You Said' was published in 1997 in collaboration with producer Axel Breitungen (DJ BOBO).

. After the success of 'Stockholm Marathon' Thomas has played in the short-lived German film 'phantom pain' (Phantomschmerz) and sang a song for this film.

. Developing as a musician and creative person, Thomas Anders has found for himself an additional stimulus to creativity, performing jazz
. In early 1997, he released 'live' album, which performed the well-known jazz standards.

In the spring of 1998, there was a sudden revival of the duo Modern Talking, disintegrated over ten years ago. Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen recorded a remix album and old hits set (Back For Good), and together go on tour. However, after 5 years (in 2003) the history of the duo once again stopped at least unexpected.

. During the existence of the revived Modern Talking Thomas continues to work and on projects with other stars, for whom he wrote songs and is involved in producing their
. Among them are the co-operation with the No Angels, T-Seven (former draft popular soloist in the mid 90-ies of the last century Mr collective. President), Marta Sanchez, Isabel Varell, It G! Rls.

. Life as a singer is not standing still - made after Christmas in 1999, offers 15 July 2000 in Shtromburge Thomas Anders to marry Claudia Hess (Claudia Hess)
. Two years later, Anders is the father - June 27, 2002 had a son, Alexander, Mick Weidung.

. May 31 and June 1, 2003, Thomas was first given two concerts in the USA (Atlantic City, New Jersey and Chicago), and in September of 2003 is in conjunction with the band 'Scorpions' played a grandiose concert in Moscow on Red Square.

. In 2004 came the 19 th on the solo album of Anders 'This time', which brought him the highest places in the charts in the history of her solo career
. With the first single 'Independent Girl' Thomas immediately took 17 th place on the charts in Germany and 6-th - in Russia. By recording the album, Thomas drew to cooperate with the international production team, had previously worked with Britney Spears.

Thomas Anders wrote the official anthem for the Ice Ballet 'Holiday On Ice', entered in Guinness Book of Records. The Ballad of Thomas 'Just Dream' has become the main musical theme of the two programs - 'Fantasia' and 'diamond dream', which were included in the 'Dream Tour 2004-2005'.

. 16 and 17 April 2005 Thomas Anders gave two concerts in the U.S. (in New York and Chicago) and from 27 to 29 October 2006 - three more: in Chicago, Irvington (New Jersey) and New Britain.

. In March 2006, Thomas realized his long-held dream and recorded an acoustic album in the orchestral accompaniment, inviting for this purpose, the Warsaw Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestra of Babelsberg film studios
. The album 'Songs Forever', documentary produced by Peter Rice (N'Sync), were collected the most popular songs of the eighties, arranged anew in the style of 'swing'. And in April saw the light of a collection of 'The DVD Collection', released in the footsteps of 'Songs Forever'; in this DVD includes twenty videotapes Thomas shot his whole career.

At the moment, Thomas Anders is working on a new solo album.

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Anders Thomas, photo, biography
Anders Thomas, photo, biography Anders Thomas  German pop singer, photo, biography
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